Injustice 2


Psylocke mvc2 clone super was lovely in that whatever button chose the corresponding clone that attacks.
I’m still obsessed with that aspect of utility, so I don’t think the Injustice2 clone ability is for me. I don’t use online ranked anyhow- but it would be useless…

What is more importantthan what is does, is that it replaces imo the superior summoned demon as a character Power- I prefer keeping the demon in character Power it’s much more useful in my style of combat rather than producing a 3 character vision field that disappears momentarily- once I gain the projectile the standard character power is a lovely blend for my fighting style. It’ll be interesting to see how many Enchantress users love the clone ability over the demon summon ability :slight_smile:

That’s the beauty of abilities helping shape the characters, I really hope devs of future fighting games take note of this defining factor for the win


If only it worked like that, yeah.


Is there a max level for your profile in this game?


The max level is 500. It takes over 1,000,000,000 XP to get. One had it because of the old glitch.


HOLYFUCK! No one in their right mind would play ANY game THAT much!


Come on. You know some would just so they could brag that they are lv 500. I wouldn’t be suprised at all over people reaching that level. I am not saying that it is not insane to devote the kind of time that would take to do it. You would need to be some crazy shut in with zero friends to do it.

Disclaimer: I am not making fun of shut ins or people with zero friends. No matter how sad it is.


Pretty sure a lot of people have put in the time in KI to reach that kinda level by now. I saw level 100s in Ranked when I was playing a couple months ago, its not unfair to assume that plenty have been grinding it out.


They are SO wrong for this lol
I leveled up joker overnight just so I could transform Starfire epic arms lol


aight bois, now we finally get to see the TMNT in about 3, 2 weeks? tmnt


Can’t wait. The characters in this pack have been awesome.


Do you think that the different styles will be gear abilities?
How did triborg work?

It will be interesting to say the least.

Are they keeping some crazy secret with a final premier skin or stage addition???


Triborg worked because Mortal Kombat x had 3 different versions of every character you could select at the screen. Injustice 2 has no such mechanic. They could be Gear, but i’m Betting on it being their character trait, combining a tag-team and stance swap mechanic. Leonardo dose say that they fight as a team in the trailer, which I believe was NetherRealm clueing us into the mechanic while still being able to keep it “secret” till the trailer. If it was Gear, then every other turtle would become the staff of Grayson. I don’t think anyone would be happy about that.


I just have this picture in my head that there is 1 turtle guy who starts out with a blue headband and two katanas. And then when you press the trait button, he just takes his headband off and puts on another headband in another colour and then changes his weapons. XD


Triborg was basically this: You picked a variation and that determined your moveset (so if you picked the Sektor variation you play as Sektor’s moveset, Cyrax variation had Cyrax’s moves, etc.). Contrary to what people may remember there was no team aspect to Triborg outside of Fatalities and one of the Brutalities (it was jokingly called Friendship if I recall), so if you picked Sektor you were just Sektor with no assists of any kind. Honestly Alien in Konjurer variation was more of a teamwork character than Triborg because it could at least call drones and facehuggers to attack people mid-fight.

In the case of TMNT, ever since they were announced I just assumed they would be like ARIA in KI where their trait would switch out to each turtle and they would each have their own health bar. The only other way I could see it was that all the turtles are on-screen at once and the trait switches who’s being controlled by the player, and the others act as AI strikers that do team attacks with the point character (basically imagine if all 3 ARIA drones were fighting you at the same time at all times). That last idea may be too crazy but I heard sometime back NRS was saying TMNT would be like no other tag-team character, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they at least tried to do this in the concept phase.


Yo @VergoVan, the dream is happening!


I’m surprised that not many people are talking about how he showed how the Ninja Turtles look on the character select screen.


That was taken from the FP3 trailer, not an actual character select screen. If you notice, Grodd is the highlighted character.


Oh yeah. I forgot that I even noticed how Enchantress wasn’t even unlocked when i first saw this too lol


I know I’m dredgin this up two weeks later but I’ve been super busy and haven’t kept up with the thread.

I just wanted to point out that the voice actors can and could do the voices any and every way you can imagine them. The performance they deliver and the lines that end up in the game are determined by the director. If the director wanted it scarier or deeper or more threatening or whatever then the VA would deliver it. People act like these performances just happened where the VA came in, read the lines into a tape recorder and went home. That’s not the case and, again, it’s the director who determines how the session goes.

This may sound trivial but it’s a pet peeve of mine. When Destiny came out and everyone was crapping all over Peter Dinklage’s performance as the robot companion no one ever mentioned that Bungie asked him to do it a certain way. If they weren’t happy with it they shouldn’t have put it in the game. They never defended him at all when he just did what they asked him to do.


That was my point- when I said ‘they’ it’s whomever devs that signed off and asked these actors to enunciate the way they are heard in- game.
I’m not sure if you were referring to me when you say people assume the voice actors can’t enunciate how they want- but you included my post from the thread.:face_with_monocle:

If so, My point was I dread that most of the final audio sounds unlike what the character should sound to me, personally, IMO -

Whether Ed Boon himself wanted the Enchantress VA to sound like a Midwest housewife she still sounds bland to me, in comparison to her character design🤔

The voice actors for The Gorgon/ Sisters of Fate in God of War are great examples of a fearful video game character voice. Didn’t sound at all like someone asked her to evoke car insurance adverts

no big deal just small cringe moments I personally never played Destiny​:crazy_face::sunglasses: