Injustice 2


lol, I first thought you were replying to my Enchantress review, so I was like “… What?” XD


This is what happens when you don’t keep up with a thread and it pops you right in where you left off. I didn’t notice the post date until after I posted. :stuck_out_tongue:


All enchantress abilities.

Nice to know her hood comes off


I’m enjoying Enchantress so far, I am surprised at how small her kit is compared to some other characters but what she has is very good for crippling or shutting down her opponents. I will be honest though, considering her playstyle I’m not really liking how her Vanish ability works compared to other parry-style abilities; yes she can use it to start up combos, but as someone who is used to moves like Batman’s Cape Parry (which actually ignores the opponent’s armor if they used an armor move to attack him) it’s way risker to use Vanish if the opponent knows what’s coming and uses armor to stuff her attempted counterattack. And I know she has the 2-1 combo that is similar to other parry moves, but that’s way slower and can be out-jabbed before she even gets to the parry part of the move (IMO it’s really more for trapping the opponent when they thought they it was safe to hit back).

Another detail I don’t like is that the hex curses don’t have any truly obvious indication of which curse is active, if you don’t know all the symbols by heart you just have to assume you didn’t get hit by the curse that damages you every time you use a special. Other than those details I actually like how Enchantress turned out, even if I don’t main her in the long run I can at least say I enjoyed her playstyle overall.


Ok so I have been play Enchantress for the last hour and I have to say I really like her! I love that she has an air dash! I love the parry which looks so awesome when you pull it off, especially if done on accident LOL
I like the Groot summon and how he can become a wall of protection or explode like Gargos.

The hexes are cool, but not cool that its random and you can t tell which one is active without really trying to focus on there life/meter bars.

She is definitely not a button mash character and needs a lot of planning and thought behind her game plan.

I do wish her Super was a bit more "Creepy witch " instead of a hologram somersault…but owell.

Give her a chance if you can… she is really cool!


Some of her interactions are just wonderful. Like with Hellboy where she uses his real name, or taunting Supergirl with her mom and Starfire with her planet. A much better representation than the Suicide Squad version.
And that story ending :open_mouth: (no spoilers).


I dont like her voice acting in the cut scenes. I think it could have been done better and the volume/ EQ is off too. The pitch shift isnt quite thick enough.
A minor nit pick though… besides that I had a lot of fun playing her tonight. I’ll continue with her Multiverse and Story tower tomorrow.


As usual, my gripe for characters- most are too’proper’, reading them off the script screen verbatim, (John Stewart, Enchantress, canary, etc)
Robert England is the only person who gets away with this.
I suppose it’s not the va s fault- they go to voice school with the intent of recording mouthwash commercials
Maybe they didn’t want kids to have nightmares over a real scary female voice lol

Her hair- ok but I’m sure glad they spent the most time on Starfire’s model.

Vixen, Enchantress Catwoman canary all their hair looks pasty and piece-y but minor details. Just wish they matched Starfire’s


I agree, she’s missing inflections in places to make her voice stand out. Though compared to the one placeholder Atom dialogue that hasn’t been fixed (the line where he says something about energy signatures has a distinct English/Aussie accent totally d8fferent from his normal voice), I’m ok with it.


Awesome now I have
demons dissolve
divinity spell
& split personality (gives me a mvc vibe)
still waiting on banishing blast


Voice sounds fine to me.


It has an odd EQ that isnt the same as the rest of the cast. The pitch shift in her voice to sound demonic isnt prominent enough either. IMO


Don’t use Split Personality against the computer. Doesn’t work against them. :confused:


So nobody’s gonna talk about how some of her intros mess up the frame rate?


I haven’t experienced it myself, but I have seen videos of the shadowy smoke effing up the framerate. Hopefully it’ll get patched.


I haven’t had any issues but then I’m using the Xbox One X. Maybe it’s because it’s so freakin’ powerful? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m playing on a regular PS4 without issues, so it’s not that.


It’s completey useless!!!

I’m waiting on the projectile I prefer XIlbabub anyway lol

What a waste of ability!


Hehe, I don’t know how useful it is against live opponents though, but against the computer it’s as you say… completely useless.


As the skill was meant for mindgames, it can do a lot against a live opponent depending on how well the player uses it to make themselves unpredictable. It does bother me it doesn’t work on the AI though, I always liked when games actually code the AI to actually be confused by invisibility or similar abilities as it makes the AI more organic (it also makes a more even playing field as the computer isn’t programmed to cheat like the boss AI opponents).