Injustice 2


Enchantress wallpaper.


I was pleasantly surprised by the Enchantress stream. I remember being worried by the FP3 trailer where she shot a beam at Atom since I thought she would just be a zoner, but they went far and above my expectations by making her an anti-zoner instead with all those crazy tools she has. She also has some really nice animations like her intro, her throw, her losing pose, etc.

Hopefully I can make something of her gameplay mechanics, I couldn’t get into Atom’s gameplay due to how technical he was (I’m mainly a fundamentals-based player, focusing more on neutral play over advanced setups).


Love her gear abilities!!!
That clone magic move and glad her shaders change her power color.

I will buy her electrum shader- gorgeous

She also moves beautifully- I love how they seem to use a professional dancer for certain moves for a lot of the magical ladies

F it UP, June Moon!!!


Enchantress may be one of the best designed characters in this entire game.



I don’t care what people say, that movie ROCKED!


I’ve seen it at least 7 times. The movie and story in itself is really bad… the writing is nothing to brag about. But it has some great moments in it and I like the characters (well, most).

I like cheesy B-movies though, if they have some awesome elements to it. Especially most superhero movies (even Catwoman and Elektra) and fighting game movies (Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Dead or Alive).


OMG Halle Berry’s Catwoman lol

I just finished Suicide Squad today.
I cannot withstand Will Smith but I feel Margot shone amongst a lot of bland performances- the plot seemed odd at times just seems like they pitched the fight / special effects scenes first, then built dialogue around it.

Cara was good, and I loved her many forms


I know, it’s so bad, but it’s just so good!!!


I love that these devs really delve deep into details.

One of her taunts is her signature “lil kim” pose

And who can forget Starfire’s starlight, starbright taunt


It didn’t help that Suicide Squad was constantly being re-written as it was being made; I remember hearing that the main villain was supposed to someone completely different in earlier versions of the script, and it was changed at the last moment. Also yeah, Margot Robbie was the shining star of that movie, I wouldn’t be surprised if her script and character got the least amount of changes since she felt so consistent compared to everyone else.

Also in the case of Enchantress in Injustice 2, I’m surprised we didn’t get a reference to the “hand reaching up” transformation scene from Suicide Squad in the game, as it was a really cool sequence (though we got something similar with her intro).


I did like that part!
When Amanda Waller introduced Enchantress


So I guess after work tonight I shall level up Enchantress. Seems she’s available on Xbox if you do the region change thingy to Australia.


Cool! Ive done that before…might give it a go later but definitely will play her tomorrow. She looks super cool!


Isn’t she another anti-zoner…if so…rip my Deadshot and Fate. She looks amazing though


Which, like Kim Wu or any defensive player I love to turn into a rushdown-zoner :trophy::scream::sunglasses::star2:

My first task??? Get that darn projectile


honestly, i really like Enchantress and how she plays, but I can’t get excited for her because ONE MONTH UNTIL TMNT!!!

I is excitebike


Her intros are currently buggy right now. Often time, the game loads way more of her dark aura particle effect than it should, so the framerate craps out. You can see it quite a bit in this video:


Almost at level 20 with Enchantress now. Damn, she’s fun to play as! I do kinda feel like she is lacking in offensive special moves, only having one on her main moveset, but she plays wonderfully otherwise. I have some real trouble pulling off Vanish though, as I’m just not fast enough, but I’ll keep practising. Been using the Demon shader for her which just fits perfectly! I love that it turns her magic red and most of her outfit black with some crimson tones. :heart:

So far, she has the potential to being my new main. Like in Mortal Kombat X where I couldn’t settle with a main from the main roster (as my fave character Jade was no where to be found), Tanya came in as DLC and took that spot… So have Enchantress done the same for me in Injustice 2, now that Nightwing isn’t in the game.

Not to mention, the intro dialogues with her and June are just hilarious! I love how she is also emotionally possessive of June (“Only I can talk to June like that!”) and that she has a good sense of humour (“Don’t you know I’m an evil hag?!”). I never really knew about Enchantress before the Suicide Squad movie, and that wasn’t really the best source material to draw from, so it’s nice to see this representation of her. I’ve been reading up on her online as well and she’s one of the very few non-Batmanverse characters in the DCU I have grown to like.

Good job, NRS!


He’s quickly become my fav character in Gotham.