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So with the most recent patch, a 0/8 now appears over Enchantress’s slot in the character tutorial section, so just like with Atom she will probably release in the next few weeks or so (also for some reason they changed the Injustice 2 thumbnail to a completely different picture).

With that said, does anyone have any interest or hopes for Enchantress? Even since her reveal I’ve seen people say she’ll just be another zoner, but considering how much I ended up liking Starfire (which people also said similar things about) I’m more hopeful that even if Enchantress is a zoner she’ll have some crazy stuff that will make her stand out from the rest of the roster.


I really hope she has some nice spells and not just fireballs. There’s really no point in adding her with just simple zoning.


For enchantress I imagine containment, evasion, & drain mechanics an evolution / variation of dr fate specials

Check out this awesome sculpt of momoa aquaman


Alrighty then…


I had a really good set with a guy the other day. Despite him pounding me into the dirt.




Finally another female. Hope she shakes up the monotony


yoo, IncubusLord?? Like, the one from Reddit?


Yeah, I’m called the same on reddit as well. ^^


Enchantress stream Friday


Stream before trailer huh. Interesting.


Yes June Moon! Is she licking her lips? Lol mileena-inspired?

Enchantress Trailer coming on Jan. 5th!

We haven't forgotten about her! Enchantress Trailer coming on Jan. 5th!

Posted by Injustice on Thursday, January 4, 2018


She’s shushing. :stuck_out_tongue:


Enchantress has a bad design, as usual in this game. The clothes are stuck on the body. They look like they have melt on it. Nothing floats, nothing breaths. Another GIJoe figurine. Fast made game.



WOW! That out of body grab was sick! I like what I see! THey do such a great job at making trailers. Prob the best in the business IMO


I’m just excited because…

TMNT next month!!!:hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:


I called it.

She’s an awesome foil to the deadshots black Adams spammy laser supergirl/man garbage players.

Still wish they’d chosen any other color hue than starfire’s Power signature. A smoky lavender would’ve been awesome.

Almost expected raven as a premier with the demon activity going on.

Can’t wait to see her gear loadouts later!


I am both very excited about Enchantress’ gameplay, and also slightly disappointed…

I’m very happy she is so unique and have a lot of tools to handle zoning, and it’s cool that she has moves deriving from both Quan Chi (Trance) and Shinnok (Summon Hand), because it fits with her theme.

However, the playstyle is not one I usually prefer. I would have to adjust heavily to be able to play as her. But I am definitely going to give it a solid go once she’s out!

Great job, NRS!