If they HAD to make a second Shadow Character

So I’ll always be against having Eagle return to the cast because as far as i’m concerned his brain is inside of Fulgore. With that said I know we’ve discussed how cool a frankensteins monster made by ultratech with eagles brainless corpse would be, but after some thinking the other night i thought hey Omens looking for a new body so that he can feel things again, what if he got into ultratechs meat locker and found himself a nice eagle to inhabit? Shadow Eagle imo would be pretty awesome vs having someone remade into a shaodw.

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Hopefully there won’t be another “Shadow” version of an already existing character. That said, I wouldn’t mind seeing Eagle make an appearance in the game as a bonus character, showing how he was pre-Fulgorication.


I thought that was the idea

Well, Eagle is already kinda an existing character on the roster. At least partly. :stuck_out_tongue:

What about a character that takes moves from other character but with a unique instinct and combat trait

Omen possessing eagle and becoming shadow eagle would be awesome.


Yes they could even give him thunders old projectile! I’d love to hear someone shout out PHOENIX!


I’m with you on that one!

@TempusChaoti This needs to happen.

what are the characters we know but arent apart of the story

So to recap…

Eagle’s body
Possessed by Omen
Called Shadow Eagle
Has Thunder’s Phoenix projectile


If we have to have a shadow character, Eagle, perhaps with some head scars that give a bit of a Frankenstein look, Thunder’s Phoenix, and perhaps a command normal nod to Fulgore like his back HP and perhaps he releases the Phoenix like Omen releases his Rashokuken. But other than that, he’d be completely Eagle and completely unique.

Great ideas, OP!


How about “Dark Eagle”? I think Dark Eagle is better name than “shadow”!

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How about we get a shadow character that isn’t influenced by another existing character?

Like how about we get a creature made of shadow energy? Kind of like Omen, but a beast or animal instead of humanoid.

Or Storm Crow, since he is really no longer eagle and possessed by omen who has wings.

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I would be fine with an Eagle character with a gameplay that emphasizes both Wrestling and Boxing-- perhaps with something extra that doesn’t make him a “TJ Combo + Chief Thunder” amalgam.

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If they did an Eagle/Fulgore (Eegor?) "shadow, it’d be cool if they made him a mix of Thunder’s/Fulgore’s movesets…like leave out Fulgore’s reactor-stopping moves, maybe no command grabs or tomahawk moves. Give him Thunder’s older call of sky, only make it a satelite laser strike instead. Also, I don’t know how PC it would be, what with him being in the same predicament as Thunder on Nez Pearce authenticity, but if they did show him all RoboMurphy’d out, maybe his ponytail could be redone into an orange mowhawk with some work done on his eyes similar to the crappy version of deadpool from the wolverine movie (then again, he wouldn’t have eye lasers if you took out all reactor burning moves…but I think you see what I’m doing here).

I’m mostly spitballing here, but I think it’d be a neat way to go with a “shadow” character.

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+1 I agree.