Shadow Eagle (Poll)

Plenty of good ideas for a possible shadow character in this thread:

Would you like this to happen?

  • Yes, make shadow eagle happen
  • No, I prefer a diiferent idea
  • No more shadow characters
  • I don’t mind

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Comment down below if you have a different suggestion.

Please stop these polls and rather play the game. There are already too much of these on the threads

Okay 2 things:

  1. I’m sick and tired of the shadow characters idea going around. It’s bad enough we’ve got 1 evil doppleganger, even though he’s now a real boy.
  2. We’ve already got relations with Maya and Mira and Jago and Orchid - the last thing I want is for this whole game to turn into some big family feud by adding Eagle alongside Thunder, especially as a shadow character. It’s 1 of the many reasons I don’t like playing MKX and I don’t want KI to go down that wholly predictable and boring path. I would prefer that it stayed interesting.

In regards to TV shows, my brother said it best - “if you watch a TV show long enough, the characters, their individual stories, and the plots all entertwine in such a way that it basically becomes so ludicrous to the point of not being able to easily expain the entire show to a newcomer. You simply have to look as far as shows like Grey’s Anatomy or Arrow - they’re all the girlfriend of the guy who slept with the sister who is now dead, but is actually alive, and agh! Everything is now a frigging soap opera!” Yeah, I love my bro. He has an excellent way of putting things.

I don’t want that to happen in video games, much less KI, and I feel like that’s what’ll happen if we add more shadow characters or family relations. So, please, don’t pass the soap. We don’t need that kind of opera.

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The main reason I brought this up is because from what ive been able to tell it looks like we are on a crash course with another shadow. While I love shadow jago I do not want another rehash of an existing character. I also didnt want eagle back as his brain is inside fulgore. Now, as I stated in my first thread if its inevidable that we will be gettting another shaodw again I stress IF then you can kill two birds with one stone in a way that kind of makes sense without taking away from an existing character. Eagle is already in the game his name is now fulgore so the whole family thing bro, its already there. This wouldnt add a single new sibling. its eagles dead body, because eagles mind lives, with omens essence powering it.

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Not before Eyedol, BUT if we HAVE to have another shadow character, I would take this over some of the other shadow characters people have been throwing around like Shorchid. I like this idea in particular because it could make sense as explained, while still allowing Fulgore to exist in his current form.

Hmm… I have no idea what should I vote which… Because I don’t want another shadow characters in future KI. But I really want to see Eagle become playable.

  1. I’d prefer original characters and/or Eyedoll over a slightly altered version of another character.

  2. Fulgore is Eagle.

We know. But I think they’re talking about Eagle’s body. Not soul.

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Yep the unused corpse. Id imagine ultratech would save the body of a specimen able to win a ki tourney for experimentation.

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I’d rather they just have Eagle in the game, not necessarily a ‘Shadow’ version of him. It’s easily explainable too, they could simply say Eagle’s consciousness was downloaded to power Fulgore but he’s still ‘in-tact’, he was never dead but being held in stasis at Ultratech and finally broke out or something similar to that.