If Eyedol,Gargos make a comeback it would be big mistake

Gargos was boring and he was a big, purple, barney looking ,…just NO gosh no,please no! I mean the worst character in game is omen and the wings and lame projectiles with street fighter ripoffs ,tropes or whatever you call em just make for a boring and slow fighter ,we need new characters not bosses that were lame, & Eyedol swung a club and these characters would be bigger and im sorry Omen is not the worst, its Aganos amd Omen because of the slow,slow speed on the auto doubles.(Aganos) Tusk-yes Kim wu -yes but bring some freash new ideas to the table. Its time to to go away from the old tropes and make up something new

my ideas for new fighters
rule number one though don’t copy other fighting games like street fighter(OMEN)'s kicks etc.

  1. We need some mythological fighters Zues, Medusa ,omg Medusa would be awesome,bow and arrows and snakes and turning peeps into stone
  2. Military type,black faceless masks black armor & with the ability to draw different types of weapons but ya know ,omage to the U.S military machine
  3. A samurai type,maybe a jet li,bruce lee,or paui mei ,the little old man from kill bill ,the white lotus master.
  4. we need a holy warrior to combat omen.

Too bad, Gargos is coming


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I thought that was Jagos job, isn’t that what it says in his new backstory?

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Gargos is ok IMO, Eyedol is a joke of a character though.

But I love Omen… :cry:


Well, okay yeah, by today’s standards he’s a bit less than intimidating. But a big, brutish, gargoyle type? Try and picture what a modern version of that might look like in KI. I think IG will have some great ideas on how to bring him along in to the next generation of KI.

I mean think about it. There’s not going to be a ton that’ll carry over from his old move set. Maybe the ability to fly? Who knows, but if you’re looking for something new, I’m sure that there will be plenty new with this character. I get the idea of not liking what he was, but maybe see what they do with him before you decide that he doesn’t have a place in this game.

As for Eyedol, I know the community and probably the devs are somewhat divided on him. I’d say if there’s a way to bring him back as the 9th, bonus character… I suggested something like having him be ultra pack exclusive, where he’s in “beta” form, and then when season 3’s over, he’s available for everyone to purchase for $5, but if you bought the ultra pack, he’s free for you and already on your roster from the start of the season.

See this kinda confuses me, as Eyedol is based off of a hodge-podge of greek myths and the old Clash of the Titans style of animation and what not. He IS a mythological fighter. The Medusa idea could work too though. Not sure I’d want a full on “god” in the game, but if they took one from the right mythology and did it well enough, it could be cool, no doubt.

I wouldn’t mind it too much depending on how this character turned out, but to me that just sounds like having a faceless Call of Duty grunt in KI. Not sure why that would be all that compelling.

We already have one in Jago.

Well, none of Bruce Li, Jet Li, Pai Mei or the white lotus master are samurais, but I’m in full agreement that we need an older “sage” type of character. I’ve always enjoyed that type in fighting games, from Shun Di in VF to Gen Fu in DOA to Wang Jinrei in Tekken and so on and so forth. It’d be cool if the good guys had a sort of mystical guide.

I actually never liked Gargos either. But it will be interesting to see what they do with him.

Otherwise, I agree that a medusa character would be great. But for a combo heavy game like KI, the idea of freezing someone or turning them to stone is tough to handle from a gameplay perspective…

Yeah, hopefully IG can make him awesome. I think he’s got a fairly good shot at being a LOT better than he was in KI2.

As for the “turning someone to stone” part, I could see it working if it were sort of an “in combo” move or part of a special attack where in each case, the opponent would be turned to stone and then shattered out of it automatically before the move or combo ended. Otherwise, I’d find it a bit hard to see a character having that type of ability in this game in and of itself.

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the game needs fresh fighters and knowing that they are so non creative in their venture that all they have to do just redesign exsisting ,old ,crappy bosses and these big and slow charcaters as they were as bosses tended to be back in the old days of arcades,im petrified that we are gonna get another aganos, I can deal with omen because their is some speed but his projectiles still look awful but im just really disappointed that their just settling because of their lack of creativity,come on guys who actually thinks Aganos’s fits in this game ??? his speed is awful and I thought IG (adam) saying that his auto doubles were actually as fast as jago’s was just a down right lie in agano’s tender moments. No disrespect but there were some big mistakes in S2.

My point guys guys was just we need more season 1 speed. medium to smaller fighters that have speed and that have cool animations,

  1. T.J has grown on me but he still could be faster
  2. Maya was designed great buy her moves are clunky and slow
    3 kan-ra is cool but hes a cheap character in the wrong hands
  3. Aganos is terrible because of his lack of Speed ,uggggg hes terrible
    5 Omen was thrown together and not refined,his animations are sloppy and his trope was copied from boss Shago s1.
    6 Riptor hands down is the best IG made from s2 ,great ,fast ,just great fighter
  4. Aria is dynamic but still a little slow
  5. Cinder I like but doesn’t do enough damage,the chip damage get old
    9.hisako is created well but another IG character that people can just sit back and counter all day


  1. jago awesome ,fast
    2 saberwulf awesome fast
    3 orchid awesome fast
    4 spinal awesome fast ,best looking toon in game
    5 fulgore awesome fast they nerfed him a bit
    6 sadira great fighter fast as heck

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Man your so wrong…even though these are all opinions… Im pretty sure your alone in a lot of your opinions about characters being boring and lame. Im sure there will be a few that think SHAGO is boring and lame and a copy of Evil Ryu…I dont think that…but what Im getting at is that if you dont like something in the game…just keep it to yourself…no need purring things down and making negative comments on someone else’s hard work

OMEN does not suck an is no more a copy of SF than Jago or Glacius

Gargos will not be boring

EYEDOL will not be lame

How do you even know…they haven’t been released???

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So your majesty you think eyedol is an integral character to Ki and that I don’t care about Ki,when they 1st announced KI for the xbox one I had to have it because I loved ki one but according to you,your ashamed of me because I want faster fighters not big purple,grimus characaters that have wings ,omen has wings. Eyedol stomped on the ground and ran towards the opponent smashing him with a club ,that was his moveset, Gargos slapped fighters . im just saying the magic number seems to be 8 fighters that r usually added .

1 kim wu
2 tusk
3 shadow jago
4 eyedol
5 gargos
6 rash

so that leaves 2 fighters left 4 them to develop

ORIGINALITY is the magic word

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Why can’t there be a variety when it comes to speed? You knock them for being uncreative, yet you seem to have this very narrow vision of what fits KI and apparently that means every character has to be super fast. Sorry, but that’s more than just a little hypocritical.

Fighting games are not meant to be filled with characters that play the exact same way. Street Fighter isn’t filled with medium sized, speedy characters. It also has big, lumbering power characters and zoners and super fast characters and what not. There’s variety. King in Tekken plays nothing like Marshall Law, who plays nothing like Zafina and so on.

So you might find some characters that you like and some maybe not as much. It doesn’t mean that they’re “uggggg terrible” just because they don’t fit your personal preferences.

I think that Aganos is an awesome character. I think a golem fits KI perfectly and I love some of the stuff that he can do and the rules that he breaks. I also enjoy the fact that he adds some variety to the roster in terms of size and speed.

Honestly, your gripes with season two characters feel a bit nit-picky and seem to be informed solely by what appears to be your overall opinion of season two; ie that it’s slower and therefore not as good. Your posts read like you’re trying to find reasons to hate characters in season two, where as season one seems to be perfect in your eyes. That’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it, but I whole-heartedly disagree.

If you hadn’t noticed, we’re pretty close to being done with the old characters, so there will likely be a good number of fresh fighters. I don’t see why that’s even an issue in your mind. Again, no fighting game should have a full roster of characters that you absolutely love. If there’s one out there, they’re probably not doing a fantastic job when it comes to character variety.

As for calling them non-creative, maybe take that rhetoric down a notch or two. Again, your opinion, but I think that the characters they came up with and the reinventions of classics in season two were incredibly creative.

They didn’t just slap a pretty coat of paint on Cinder and give him only that which he did way back in the original KI. They came up with new ideas to not only fit him in to modern KI but to give him a new look and feel; they made their own vision of the character, which is what they did with Riptor, TJ and Maya as well and I commend them for it. They could’ve played it safe, but they didn’t.

Also, people WANT these “old crappy bosses” as you call them. It’s not as if IG’s saying “well, we have no ideas of our own, let’s just redo the old bosses.” We also don’t even know if Eyedol’s going to be in the game.

Seriously? Do you honestly think that IG will just leave those moves in and have that be all that they do? Do you really believe that because these characters weren’t all that great twenty years ago, that they’ll just bring them back with only a minor change or two?

Looking at what they did with Cinder, Riptor, TJ and Maya, it’s honestly baffling that you could even use the past versions of Gargos and Eyedol and how “slow” they were as reasons for not thinking they should return when the evidence more than supports the idea that they’ll likely receive major retooling from looks to moves.

I can respect the fact that you didn’t like them back in the day. You’re not alone in that regard. But again, wait and see what they actually do before you call what they haven’t even done yet a mistake. Maybe Gargos will be awesome. Maybe Eyedol won’t even make the cut. We just don’t know yet.

Shago’s part of season one. Also, each season has had nine characters so far (eight plus a bonus), so even if Eyedol makes the cut, and that’s by no means definite at this point, we’re looking at four original characters, not two.


shago is part of season 1 cast.

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