Ideas for *potential* Eyedol backstory

IMO this could be a intro for Season 4. During uneasy alliance between Good Guys and Ultratech Gargos is defeated and Earth is saved. But during these fights all around the world Good Guys discover a giant two headed Cyclop-Minotaur creature in hibernation state at one of Ultratech bases and this creates conflict between Good Guys and Ultratech.

It turns out this creature was ARIA`s ace in hole in her quest for strenghtening humanity, bla bla bla, Good Guys get mad over that, Eyedol somehow wakes up from his stasis and Good Guys vs Ultratech conflict relives itself.

  1. Eyedol is stuck in dimension ___ just like Gargos was and Ultratech retrieves him to battle Gargos as their “trump card” if the war wages on to long and they can’t handle Gargos. (A throwback to the KI1 story)

  2. Eyedol is Gargos’ second in command, looking to usurp his master and take the mantle of a god. (Preserves the backstory of their rivalry in past games)


But if eyedol is UT’s trump card…then someone else has to be in charge of UT then. You really think ARIA would let a shadow lord side with humanity? I don’t think so…

In KI1 UT made Eyedol obey their orders, ARIA could do it too.

He was somewhat reluctant to do so in the past. No what would happen is ARIA would destroy him right then and there. You’re better off just have him come from the astral plane like gargos.

If eyedol wasn’t weakened after his battle with gargos then he would have denied UT the offer.

The other reason is too…he’s about as smart as a brick wall.

Sometimes I do think gargos could’ve had a better rival someone…smarter.

I’ve seen a couple of pictures on some other threads of what eyedol could be and one one of them stuck out to me what if he was a robot? What if eyedol was the next model of the fulgore units like a giant twin headed robot that was created by aria to combat gargos. He would be like the giant fulgore from the original KI but without guns and be melee oriented, this way he’s not some monster locked locked up in arias basement waiting to contradict what she’s been fighting for.

Gathering all backstory involving the ancient king of babylon, the similarities with Aganos in terms of gameplay (yes, the ancient king is the true and only Aganos master) and how he used to curse its people i presume the ancient king is indeed Eyedol. All curses has turned against him as an evil bad karma. The amount of curses he has deployed on his enemies and traitors has open the path of the dephts of limbo and a demon in particular shape, with satyr legs, two heads has taken over his corrupted mind and soul. Day by day, the king body was changing into something horrific.

This could a big drama for Aganos and a nice backstory for all.


^^^ or that, that works too.

But then original fans would be all “BUT…he’s a SHADOW LORD LIKE GARGOS WHY IS HE NOT A SHADOW LORD!!!”

Then something something something about him not being like he used to be and yada yada yada so on and so fourth.

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I have to accept Cinder as an ex-military while in classic KI he was a thug. Haters gonna hate. Deal with the new. Leave windows 7 behind LOL


Hey it’s not me. I don’t lose anything from eyedol’s inclusion or exclusion.


There’s 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse. We could suggestively show that the Shadow Lords are basically them and that Gargos is 1 of them (likely war) and Eyedol yet another. Then that would leave room for 2 more, which would really help expand the lore to places it has never even been. :slight_smile:

Eyedol could be an alien warlord this time around instead of a demi god.

from a post i made a while back on predicting may happen

ARIA will use any means she has to in order to accomplish her goals, do you really think using one of the shadow beings to fight Gargos would be out of the question? She’ll do whatever it takes and then some.

This is kinda suitable for Gargos since he comes from an unknown dimension. Enough with the aliens. We have 3 already. Glacius, Arbiter and RAAM.

Raam’s not an alien.

nope? Thats good to hear :sweat_smile:

Yeah if anything he’s a super mutant from underground.

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“For years Ultratech had claimed that the company was actually run by the artificial intelligence program known as ARIA; but Maya had always thought that this was merely a ploy—a smokescreen for a cabal of men and women working behind the scenes. Humans could be tried for human rights violations and white collar crimes. But what could the courts—or even the government—do to punish a program? Nothing.”