Ideas for *potential* Eyedol backstory

“Came out of a portal” is good enough for just about anything.

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People will definitely complain. Heck even if he has the exact same story as he did in classic KI, someone will probably say that IG wasn’t being creative and just copycatting the old games. I’m cool if IG does either…

Personally I’ve always kinda pictured a backstory where Eyedol is this ancient ultimate weapon of Earth Dimension that no one knows about. A being of unspeakable power who is maybe released due to Gargos’s meddling, or any meddling from other powerful dimensional beings. He rises from the darkness to annihilate enemies that threaten our dimension/universe and just as easily disappears afterwards. He has no interest in politics or humanity’s survival. He is simply there to keep the balance.

Actually now that I type it, kinda like Godzilla from the new movie. Big badass that is there to keep everyone in line. When the balance is restored he takes off.

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Haha yeah just animate him into the back of Rash’s intro, sneaking out of his portal while no one is looking. Could be an Easter egg for Season 4 lol

Chud, Mole-men, or Fraggles?

I like the idea of Eyedol being on earth in hibernation, but I think keeping the connection between him and UT is a mistake.

IMO when Gargos invades Earth, the battle/corruption should awaken Eyedol, and either Eyedol is the one to take on Gargos, or once Gargos is taken out Eyedol makes his move.

I like the OG story of Gargos and Eyedol fighting over earth in the distant past, and I think that should come back, but UT playing any part other than observing him, or waking him up accidentally, would be bad IMO.

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I thought he was an astral being. O_o

Good ideas guys!

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