Speculation i wanted to share

This is just my 2 cents on what they plan to do in the near future of whenever they get to it, so really just take it with a grain of salt.

So i was catching up on some anime and watching some Toradora (Romance Comedy) where the main characters have animal motifs, a dragon and a tiger (who names are also related to said animals). So the Tiger vs Dragon is a very well known ideology in the east that follows yin and yang, i dont need to explain here for the sake of not rambling.

Then it hit me, what is the animal motif for Jago? A tiger. What is something dragon related that came out this season? Kim Wu. Which she has a Dragon spirit. What gave grief and guilt to Jago? When the tiger spirit turned out to be Gargos.

So my theory goes like this, the dragon spirit is actually Eyedol. There may be a Shadow Kim Wu, and a herald for Eyedol like Omen for Gargos.


I Might like something like that, if done right, however it feels kind of contrary to the Kim-Wu novella chapters in how she and the Dragon communicate and how her family has been the keepers of the dragon etc…

Might explain though why the dragon likes a cocky girl…

That was unexpected. Why would the Tiger spirit be eyedol?

Reverse that.

waaaaat theres an official novella? imma read that in a bit

not the tiger spirit, thats already explained that the tiger spirit was gargos, i explained its the dragon spirit in kim wu is eyedol

Could’ve sworn the tiger spirit was David…

In all seriousness, I second this motion.

so after a few days i’ve read all of it, but reread kim wu novella portion many many times. Honestly i sense the potential cause theres such a heavy connection between kim wu and jago, thats like really noticable.

and about the communication thing, i’m not sure wat the argument is about, can you expand that if you can? I mean her family is the keepers of the dragon, but really eyedol could just be pulling strings the whole time when its comes to kim wu’s family. Molding the family to his perfence to find the perfect host