Ideas for NEW season 3 characters ,throw the ideas around guys,pics etc

Ive always supported the new visions of new character fighters from IG ,kan-ra has grown on me quite a bit and so fourth but we need like a new samurai type fighter and maybe a dual gun/pistol wielding miliatant merc type fighter like the pic ive posted here,its just a cool pic I saw on the net thinking that would be a cool idea for a fighter on Ki S3 and or an Angelic type bird winged humanoid type ,kinda Holy warrior inspired. The pics that inspired these ideas are here.

Merc type dual pistol wielding or heck give him lots of guns, Call him like General Ortillary,lol like ordanace and artillery,lol! and or course we don’t have a samurai ,like maybe even an old pau mei from kill bill inspired samurai or lotus warrior
the Angel fighter something along the lines of this is a good idea

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That’s all I got


We need a sentai character, Power Rangers were super 90’s and would fit right in.



More demonic based creatures basically: Some of the generals from Gargos’ army.

this cocnept of mine is old and was meant to be a suggestion for a final boss, but it could be a decent suggestion. My apologies as it’s very old art :U


HA! Oh man it would be super weird to have El Santo, el enmascarado de plata in KI lol. Honestly though I don’t know how I feel about a luchador in KI.

This is a fun idea lol I think id like it as an accessory set or something though rather than a character that looks like that by default. Or maybe a retro outfit like that for someone.

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I posted on the old season 2 forums I would like an Angel also a knight so having an angel knight would be killing two birds with one stone.

Some kind of alien insect would be awesome.

Also a vampire warrior kind of like Dracula in Castlevania.


A vampire character. I made a really in-depth theoretical one {here}, but never got feedback on it or how people would want such a character to play. Come on guys! There’s more to characters than just looks :open_mouth:


frankenstein contortionist (voldo) like :heartpulse:


I have an idea for a true water based character, sorta bring in a classic universal monster in like Saberwulf. The character would take inspiration from the creature from the black lagoon and mer man.

Haven’t quite thought of a name for the character but I have thought of stage and story.

•Story- Back when the warlords of ancient times fought for control of the Earth. A civilization was caught in between the great war, that civilization was Alantis. The city was below the oceans hidden from the warlords sight. The Alantians over time grew and adapted to their new environment. Once was human were now monsters and creatures. Present day, the return of an ancient enemy(Gargos) has brought the attention of the Alantians. A lone soldier in the Alantian army is elected to aid Earth’s greatest fighters in the time of the new invasion.

•Stage- Of course it’s Alantis. A perfect setting for a KI battle to happen in. It would take place in a closed oxygen filed room out looking the underwater city.

I think this and a vampire would be killer for Killer instinct season 3.


Your character is amazing! Creature from the black lagoon is my favorite classic horror of all time!

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Thanks bro, need to come up with a name though.

YES THAT IT! No shark crap monster! We need this for a water character.

Put this + a vampire + a frankenstein and we finish the " classic monster" crowd!

Why??? :frowning:

I’d like to see any of the following:

Half man / half demon: Or half woman / half demon. Basically, a character that has certain powers as a human and then alters his/her form in instinct and gains some cooler versions of those powers.

I’d like to see them as someone that’s been brought in to our world by Gargos, but you find out that they’re a less than willing servant, as they’re just trying to regain their humanity. Perhaps forms a kinship with Sabrewulf over this.

Old Sage: I love this archetype, and I’d be curious to see where IG could take it. Someone looks frail and feeble, but is actually quick, elusive and agile. Perhaps someone that could be in Jago’s storyline?

Perhaps the use of a walking stick and some sort of mystical powers that they harness. The type of character that can turn an opponents moves against them would be cool. I’d love to say drunken kung fu, but almost feel that’s been too overdone. If there were a way to incorporate some of that sort of deceptive power and style without needing the drunken trope, I’d be all for it.

MMA Fighter: I shadowy rival for TJ Combo. A counter/grappler character who could actually do breakable throw combos as autos using strikes, jointlocks, etc. Not sure if this could actually be done, but if this could be pulled off well in KI, I think it could look awesome.

Maybe TJ defeated this guy back in his metal arms days and crippled him, but he fought his way back to seek vengeance even though TJ’s a good guy now, so he’s working for Ultratech and perhaps has some cybernetics of his own, like a robotic arm perhaps.

Vampire: Others have said this, and I tend to agree. KI could use a vampire. Someone that’s a bit of a cross between Gary Oldman’s Dracula and Symphony of the Night’s Alucard. A style and flair, with a slight lean toward steam punk, but someone that could somewhat appear as though they could pass in modern times. An eclectic mix that makes it feel like IG’s unique take on the character.

They’d have to have a blood suck type of move that regenerates health, maybe in their throw. Perhaps a “thrall” type of move to control or confuse the opponent briefly." Maybe even the use of a minion or two that appear on screen for special moves. A mist type of counter move would be cool, as well as the ability to morph in to bats for their dash and perhaps a special moves as well.

Kunoichi: A female ninja. Use of throwing a throwing star projectile or perhaps explosive kunai. A teleport move where she disappears in a smoke cloud and falls from the sky in various places depending on LP, MP or FP would be cool. Perhaps a sort of grappling hook type gadget for her throw and a special move, and two jutes or small swords that she spins in her hands during combos ala Omega Red in X-Men Children of the Atom.

Perhaps a rival for Kim Wu and/or Sadira. She could come from her own clan with a specific purpose; a loner type perhaps. Face concealed, except for her eyes. The top of her head concealed except for a long braid that tumbles down her back between the folds of her head-gear/mask.

FYI, sorry, I wish I could post pics for these ideas, but can’t do that at work. :disappointed:

Psychic: Something on the lines of Psylocke & Rose. Either a psychic kunoichi or a bellydancer.

Wrestler: An evil wrestler. A rival for TJ Combo.

totally on the alien insect monster!

… Not sure on what the underwater character should be but I believe we can find it by working backwards by imagining the stage.

In a cave or in a throne room, something else? Definitely dripping water but how?? Even on a ship or in a swamp, there can be dripping water that can be influenced by the actions of the characters.

Pools of water that grow to splash in?

Rising water to cover the ground completely in water for added particle effects after a health bar or 2 is depleted?

I’d figure that, since Ultratech might be involved in its creation, a slowly deteriorating underwater lab with sea life in the background which begins to flood during an ultra as predators begin to swarm outside

Hate to double post, but I’ve had another awesome idea: For a heavy hitting rushdown character, how about a 6’6", leather-clad barbarian chick wielding swords akimbo?

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