Ideas for new Orchid outfits 2016

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I’m not ashamed to admit I’m OK with sexualized costumes. Why is sex wrong all of a sudden? Give her a thong. There’s already the default for the Amish SJW PC conservative prudes out there.


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Did some photoshopping…


I can see the glowing trim surging like Maya’s space outfit!!!


Wow great job and it actually suits her very well.


I know this won’t ever happen but in a better world orchid would have had that more satisfying futuristic slant for retro costumes had she been revealed later in seasons rather than the goofy s1 accessory choices. Leg warmers/ cowboy hat should have been replaced with references to fifth element/ blade runner/ Star Wars. I don’t need the swimsuit portion cutouts, (maybe only the waist circles like KI 2 outfit) but I’d love the punk/ rave colors and sleek full suit with closer KI 1 hairstyle. Or new roxy rave skin


I think the new default did a good job of keeping aspects of the old character while actually making her look more like a secret agent. In the future, I’d like to see them build on that with more high tech/spy options.


Outfit from ki2 please… cmon microsoft… let us see some ASSassins girls…


agreed a thong is normal attire .

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Bumping this up because I just saw it and I want it in multiple colors (matching batons, obviously).


Dunno who that girl is but damn! Looks hot as hell.


There is a new underworld trailer for 2017
Selene has a look that’s awesome for orchid


Just add the batons lol

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What about something post apocalyptic mad max style?


I especially like the last one

@developers please give orchid a post-apocalyptic mad max ponytail rugged meets sexy look

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is Black Orchid.

Ill be drawing her in this pose/ hair

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This is actually godlike.


Not enough skin showing but cool :slight_smile:


Idk if this was posted before