Ideas for new Orchid outfits 2016

What do you guys think of new costumes that someone could make, that would fit Orchid?

-spy catsuit (think black widow or kill bill)
-Joanna Dark inspired outfit
-covert ops (metal gear or Cassie Cage inspired)
-Shadow Orchid ultimate goddess outfit
-flower-based (think Evil-lyn?)
-jaguar type catsuit (think injustice Catwoman)

Pom poms
The original tonfa sticks from KI2

definitely new hairstyles please someone

There was a rumor that Orchid was being redesigned from the unrealistic proportions the 2014 model has, not sure if that was true or even if it’s planned, but it’s a great opportunity to right a lot of wrongs i.e. hair, facial animation, waist mechanics, and neck/ clavicle area (see loading image especially in alternate default outfit)


I agree with your first 3 choices. I’ve been wanting something more “Joanna Dark Mission Impossible” Since Day 1.


Yes! That was how I envisioned Orchid coming back with a Joanna dark look as opposed to dora the explorer/ Lara croft hybrid.

And wigs and outfits like Alias or the Wonder Woman cycling suit from TV

I think something like Emily Blunt wore in Edge of Tomorrow while training would fit Orchid perfectly


Well, the hairstyle could be added definitely

This costume please, atleast add the black & yellow classic.


A headset option for accessory, since someone’s talking to her over Bluetooth the whole fight on rebel outpost

Wish they would update her retro to something closer to the original in KI. A simple touch ups on her hair for both new and retro would do lots

I’ve heard from one of the forum member that they want to de-sexualize Orchid and Sadira. Less noticeable chest and buttocks.

They will be redesigning the body, at least that was what was said, because Orchid has an unnatural waist shape etc

Well I hope it’s just something with the waist that won’t affect her look and while they are at it maybe fixing her hair. :wink:

They said they weren’t going to do anything about her hair. It’s. Sad isn’t it.

I’d be happy if they would just fix the boots.
Make them more tapered/feminine/sleek like in these pictures

Not like something Elmer Fud would wear.

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Look how crazy the cosplayer looks trying to recreate that messy look. All those ■■■■■ packs and knee pan and goggles, editing is needed… Ugh the clawing greens and the midsection of a normal a female compared to Orchids.

Since the new Orchid is going for the Lara Croft type adventure look I don’t why they just didn’t give her knee high combat boots instead of the mismatched heel out doors boots as her primary.

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Since Shadow Jago is becoming a reality… Shadow Orchid. But a visual and audio difference only, not a moveset difference.

AND THEN we can start to beg for Shadow Orchid to get her own moveset and also complain about clones… I don’t care I want it!

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Or Orchids lead agent boss lady, sort of a Hera to Diana Prince

Seeing as how Rash is in KI, maybe Orchid could get a Dark Queen outfit. Probably would only happen with mods on the PC version though.
Did this up kinda quickly:


Being honest I actually think the dark queen outfit would suit Sadira allot better than Orchid since the dark queen is evil, wears a dark coloured revealing outfit and has a very seductive personality all traits found in Sadira.

Kameo would be a better fit for Orchid.


I wasn’t even thinking of sadira haha. Yeah it’d probs suit her better