Ideas for new Orchid outfits 2016


Hmmm kameo skin and hair for orchid I like that.
Maybe 3 different skins for each, and they could make money by having bundles like netherrealm.

Do you guys think the artists can handle such programming tho lol


A black widow type suit or skin tight agent suit would be sick perhaps also street clothes would be cool to see

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Sticking with Lara

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Those are THE SAME


Agreed. I think when we asked DH for a more futuristic alt for her they either stiffed us or dropped the ball with… Whatever it was they gave us in the heavy armor thing they made. We wanted Black Widow in avengers and they gave us a weird Master Chief thing.

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I wouldn’t mind a futuristic alt like these


Yeah, not bad. The second one looks very Metroidesk and I have to say, I like it.

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For default color options, I gotta stand by my requests that are 2 years old at this point :slight_smile:



Blue outfit with purple/ pink hair
pink outfit with purple hair

all would be cool-

Any new hair!


she needs her ki2 costume


I wouldn’t mind seeing a futuristic alt based on Orchid’s KI2 costume


Or a full bodysuit ( CatWoman or Batgirl from Injustice) or Black Widow

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Edgy shorter hair
Black costume
Shoulder pads
Disavowed Military style


I dunno I’m not keen on it going with the picture you posted.


I listed four things


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  • KI 2 costume or KI2 accesories for her classic

KI2 Orchid

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agreed it was a teen game and she had a thong. thongs are every where.