Ideas for new Orchid outfits 2016



Better yet the new Gal Gadot outfit would be amazing as a redesigned bustier / leather skirt combo

on orchid

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Jill got it right

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How exactly? What’s better about this outfit compared to Orchid’s current one?


Bb, like myself, just like full-body spysuits. They’re just cool, is all. ^^
It’s a personal preference though, has nothing to do whether it is “better” than the others. It’s all in the eyes of the beholder.

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Exactly, thanks incubus

And, it’s about expanding and deciding what’s the direction SHOULD her look take, if there is another costume made.

No one said delete the default…




and mostly see how the idea of a ‘swimsuit’ is implied but tastefully done as color blocking on a full bodysuit. No cleavage, skin or butt cheeks needed- Just genius imo

Really hope a future orchid alt costume incorporates this aesthetic



I can get behind the idea of a full on suit for Orchid like others have illustrated.


Who is that and wheres’s that from? :o


The marvel iOS game contest of champions

She is quake, a mutant who can control the earth forces


She looks like a brunette version of Black Widow. XD


The artists in the iOS game are awesome storm looks good all the females and general aesthetic of design. Is awesome-the stages are amazing very detailed and lore specific-
just waiting for Psylocke to be added! They get you by having a casino like lottery spin for characters

and I MUST have my fave. Recently they added captain marvel Phoenix rogue she hulk black widow and upcoming I see images of elektra and others but Psylocke is sure to come soon

The only drawback is the gameplay. It’s a tap tap swipe format that’s horrible. The vocals are mostly grunts and every female has the same lines(they all sound like she hulk) lol but hey it looks awesome.

If they were to modify this and give them specials along with a deeper combo system it would be a hit

That being said each character has about 3 power level specific specials that are awesome It has potential to be an official marvel fighting game

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She’s on the agents of shield tv show. Kicks slot of ■■■.

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■■■■ dude… that would have been an awesome futuristic redesign for Orchid. I would have even forgiven the goggles with that design. Its sexy yet subtle, its Marvel’s but still… ■■■■… just ■■■■ :’(


Looks like I’ll be downloading Contest of Champions so that I can main Orchid… I mean Quake.

How, does this character look more like Orchid than Orchid!!!.. SOME ONE EXPLAIN IT TO ME!!!


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Yes I just feeel that if DH had given her the angled bob with lower boots it’d been a more acceptable retro rather than a mix.

She does look more orchid than DH Orchid lol

Let’s hope that an upcoming accessory pack/ costume choice is a bad a zz
Design to rival all others!!!

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