I would like to know where the KI Forum members are from. Tell us!

I’m from Connecticut, where you can experience all four seasons in a single day.


Northern Virginia, not too far from Washington DC. There may be a local scene here, but if there is I’m not part of it.

Memphis, Tennessee

oklahoma here!!


Chicago, Illinois, the Windy City! Iron Galaxy’s stomping grounds. Well, to be specific, I live in the western suburbs of Chicago… So “stomping ground adjacent” is probably more accurate. :smile:


Colorado! Home of the… heheh whut?

Just wanted to put this out there, I started a discussion about coming closer as a community by telling us about yourself.

I urge everyone to participate or at least give it a look :smile:

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I… I just… no… dear god no. :scream:


They are indeed called ajis over here (pronounced Ah-hees). Pretty cool that you know that :smile:


Fielding, New Zealand

Thanks man and in fact, I happened to considered myself overall a bona-fide CHILEHEAD. At the same time I gotta have AND need my spice in my life :sunglasses: Plus I VERY MUCH enjoy eating hot peppers and garlic as well as onions and leeks :yum:

Toronto, Ontario, Canada…and the Blue Jays got ultra combo’d by Kansas City last night :frowning:

Just as long as you don’t try those death reaper peppers. A battle buddy told me about them during field time. They are a crossbreed of ghost chili peppers and another pepper species I can’t recall, and if one even takes a bite from it, you would die with a burning mouth


Crossbreeding Ghost Peppers? For what reason would people need a hotter pepper? Lol. Good to know.


Lol seriously! :cry:

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Thanks very much for the details AND infos you provided me there. Much appreciated too. Now I REALLY TRULY WANT to try and at the same time eat those EXTREMELY hot peppers you told me about there :grinning: :smiley: :grin: :smile: :yum:

BTW are you referring to the Carolina Reaper, currently the hottest pepper in the world/the world’s hottest pepper? Or are you talking about an ENTIRELY NEW species/type of hot pepper?

I won a hot sauce contest @ work a few years back. In the final round, we were doing shots of Mongoose and Black Mamba (Mongoose is 4 million scoville and Black Mamba is 3).

I want to get some Carolina Reapers and Trinidad Scorpions :slight_smile:

I cook with various ‘super hots’ here. get them via ebay :smile:

Hottest i have done was dipped a preztel into The Source and had that… over 7 million. It didn’t bother my mouth but an hour later the cramps started, but after 15 min of that, all was well :smile:

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That’s what it’s called, and believe me, you don’t want to try those peppers. I may not have tried it, but I don’t want to test that out

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Nice to see some fellow Okies on here! Another from Oklahoma USA here.

@JEFFRON27 @jsapp2383

GravityoXo what part of oklahoma you in? Im in Elk City

Heya :smiley: how about this weather eh? lots of freakingly annoying rain!

I’m from the Lawton area in Oklahoma