I think Jago can be more than a fighting game character

I think Jago can be more than fighting game character if you’d try him in a brand new adventure game bcs from his story line he has alot to tell with this omen possessing him and all that

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Mortal Kombat tried that very same thing several times and none of those titles were really successful.

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Ki developers are different from MK and I think they can succeed

Adventure game is all about good graphics, great story line and in-game upgrade like weapons and gears

A lot of that had to do more with the MK team just not making a good games outside of MK in general… not to mention up until MK9 most of the MK games were pretty mediocre as well, just they had really good storytelling and the shock value of seeing all the various fatalities. I mean, if you start with a lousy game engine and then put MK over the top of it, yeah you’re going to end up with a lousy MK game.

The Transformers franchise has had this issue as well up until Hasbro gave High Moon Studious a crack at it. One of the things they explicitly said in several interviews was that when they made the Cybertron games, they initially started making sure they made a fun game, and then they layered the Transformers brand over the top.

MK did the exact opposite. They started with the MK story they wanted to tell, and then built some semblance of a game around that.

If in the case of a KI spin-off game, if they focused on making the game fun first, and then put KI characters into the mix, a spin-off would likely be a fun game.

That’s exactly what I was talking about, the team has done very well with the characters and stages that proves they’re up to the task all they need is a good storyline starting with JAGO and then introduce few characters based on the storyline

MK Shaolin Monks was legit fire. Even my brother who is a total gaming ignorant (he is the type of dude who asks for directions in max payne), enjoyed it a lot.


I think Jago is kinda overrated for a KI character. I do like him, but he’s rather basic, not to mention so many other characters are much more interesting.

A KI adventure game would be cool, but I wouldn’t want it to be based on Jago.

Even though MK Mythologies was a bad game it has one of the most hilarious death animations:

Bullsh!t. Shoalin Monks was an AMAZING beat-em-up.

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I really enjoyed Shaolin Monks, it would let me enjoy MK story and world :smile:

However I think KI is not as rich as MK when it comes to story and characters charisma. There’s a lot to explore and gaming is a business ,they don’t like risking if the numbers aren’t what they expect.

Jago + Ninja Gaiden

Nuff said


It isn’t that they were all bad games… except… Special Forces of which was trash. Shaolin Monks actually received average to above average reviews, however, it didn’t sell that well, at least not in compare to the traditional MK games.

Shaolin Monks was the only good adventure game coming from the MK team. Neither Mythologies or Special Forces were any good… and that said, Shaolin Monks had some atrocious storytelling and script. The gameplay was good though.

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You know where am getting to, but a bit advance and KI style though they need some improvement in their character graphics

Yeah, that game was horrendous. I could be wrong, but I think it had a lot to do with why John Tobias left Midway.

I think the reviews were largely in the 8 / 10 range. While I know there’s not a lot of competition for “best 3D brawler,” I’d still say it’s the best one out there and I’d put it up against most games in the brawler genre in general.

But as you say, it didn’t sell as well as traditional MK games, but honestly, I don’t know if that’s the proper bar to set for a spinoff game in a genre that was far more niche then even fighting games are nowadays. I don’t know what Midway was expecting to make off of the game or how close it came to meeting or exceeding those expectations. What I do know is that it’s a very capable, competent, and just flat out fun game and I still see people begging Boon for a sequel to it on Twitter, even though I think Midway or the MK team farmed it out to a different studio back then to begin with.

I’d say it was pretty campy in places, but then again, MK’s always been a bit campier than I’d like it to be. The friendships and babalities, the gore being so over the top that it’s ridiculous, all the realms and monster races and what not… It’s kinda hard to tell a high level, dramatic story without a script that makes one cringe a little when you pour all of that in to the pot and stir it up with what the rest of the game has going for it.

Even the newer games, which really lean in to the storytelling aspects have logical inconsistencies and characters making decisions that make them seem utterly brain dead. Plus there’s still a level of camp in there, from sarcastic one-liners, dad jokes, and making characters try and seem normal with super powers and crazy events going on all around them, but then again, I find a lot of the modern super hero to be rather campy as well, but maybe that’s just me.

I’d be really curious to see what a “good” script with really compelling storytelling would look like in an MK game. Like how would they really nail those aspects with the universe and characters they’ve created over the years? Is it really possible (or rather… likely) at this point?

Who would you base it on? Just curious. I’m not entirely sure myself. Might have to think on it a bit.

That was honestly one of the coolest things about the game for me. You see these backgrounds in MK1 and MK2, but then to actually be able to go exploring in them in Shaolin Monks? That was so cool to me!

I think that some of the charisma comes from the way MK tells its story now and has always leaned in to the story aspects in the past, so it has all of familiarity built up with the fanbase. I think that KI has compelling characters, but the unique opportunity they’d have here is to be able to expand their lore and really build it up for those unfamiliar with KI. Of course, the game itself would have to be a compelling vehicle for players to see that story in. I think KI would have slightly more of an uphill climb than MK would.

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Rather an overall KI story with several playable characters, rather than “Jago’s story”…

That makes sense. So how would you do it? I mean, I’m not asking for a deep dive in to the creative process, but would you rather have a group of protagonists and you’re forced through story means to switch between them at various points in time, would you let the player choose between them, or would it be more like a chapter approach where the player goes from Wulf’s chapter to Sadira’s chapter etc, almost like a brawler version of MK and Injustice’s story modes? Again, just curious.

Well, gameplay-wise, I’d like for it to be kinda like Shaolin Monks and the Marvel Superheroes series, where you can be up to 4 characters on the screen and run around in big areas, fighting goons and bosses that are both villains from the game, but also all-new ones, like someone from Mira’s organisation or huge monster that UltraTech has created… or maybe even that huge spider from Sadira’s stage… though I’d not want that one specifically, as I’m arachnophobic. XD

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Agreed…he has been either mute or saying " Your path ends hear" FOREVER! Not enough dialogue for a great lead character.