I think Jago can be more than a fighting game character

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That’s not really what I meant. A character can have great character development and awesome story without having to say a single word, or overall not talk much. Like Samurai Jack. There’s not a lot of dialogue in that show, yet it’s incredibly awesome.

it will be repetition of shaolin monks,we need at least something different ,something like a leading character who get aid from the other characters at a point in time and in time too switching character based on the storyline…but there should be a leding character

Do you know how many adventure games who have this? And you’re afraid it would be a repetition of MKSM…

“Are you alright?” - Liu Kang.

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all adventure games follow a certain trait but you’re soo bend on this MKSM,that i think should change at least for a change or you want all of them to be like that…allow room for change

Yeah I’m arachnophobic as well, so I’d probably fight that boss while screaming the whole time lol. I’d also love a format like that though. Shaolin Monks style with multiple characters, tag team moves, learning new moves and powering them up and what not. I think that there could be a ton of content based on the villains, as well as several subplots that could take players down branching pathways with other characters.

Yeah, if we’re talking about a group dynamic, I could easily see Jago being the sort of “wise stoic” of the group that doesn’t talk a whole lot, perhaps knows more than the others due to history with the villain, etc. Jago could fill a sort of role like Auron from Final Fantasy X, perhaps.

I wonder who else might be in that group?

I meant to comment on this earlier. I dunno, I think that MK games have had some really fun systems over the years. I think the 3D era gets a lot of flak, but I enjoyed them, even if the new character designs in Deception and Armageddon didn’t really do it for me. As for the series as a whole prior to MK9, maybe they’re not as smooth or as fluid as some other series, but they’re still buttressed by other aspects of the game that enhance the overall enjoyment that I get from playing; aspects both within the gameplay and outside of it, but that’s just me.

I could see the game functioning well with a group of characters provided the roles and backstories are well defined. I mean, if you want to make a Jago game, I could see it being more Ninja Gaiden than Shaolin Monks. If that’s what you prefer, that’s fine. :slight_smile:

Also when Kitana kicks Liu Kang in the head, he then goes “You’re beautiful.”


I think Kim Wu would be the best choice…

But I’d also want an Arkham Asylum style game featuring Wulf.

Yeah. That’s what there’s where orphan Jago serve and train in Kim Wu’s grandpa dojo. The game start with completing a series of combo in the dojo as in the KI Gold whereby you’ll be granted a special weapon if you’re able to complete all… But all the same you can Skip the session and Skip the weapon also

Jago wouldn’t be my first choice but it is certainly possible to take the character and make an awesome game out of his story. Many worse stories than his have been in good or even great games. My problem is that it isn’t the way to bet. The majority of these type of games are not very good. They cheap out by ramming assets from the original game into an inappropriate context (mythologies) or they take too many mechanics from the fighting game and jam them into a different type of game (Tekken Force mode).

I have no doubt that a talented team adequately resourced could make any number of awesome games out of the KI source material. But I don’t see it happening.

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I’ve been saying this for a while now, and someone just said it earlier.

Make Jago a protagonist of his own game like a Ninja Gaiden style action slash game. Ryu Hayabusa pulls double duty with both Ninja Gaiden and DoA, I believe Jago has the same potential. Besides, the fact that Jago doesn’t say much in KI shouldn’t be an elimanating factor. The truth is, none of the characters in KI get a chance to talk much beyond some cutscenes and in between lore other than the opening cinematics before and after fights.

I could see Jago as a flagship character if correctly used. You would have to have a good developer that can make great action games, and nothing Dark Souls-ish, that’s been done too much lately, with every game coming out now trying to copy it’s gameplay style. You don’t really see much fast paced stuff like the original Xbox Ninja Gaiden games anymore that balance difficulty and challenge so well.

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:+1: , that’s what I’m trying to pull out

Ayane shows up in the Ninja Garden games too, although it’s tough to argue they are really the same characters in light of the thin plot for DoA. Nevertheless things like this can be done. But as I think @WrathOfFulgore said above in regards to transformers games - they need to set out to make a good game and then work the KI story into it. They can’t just start out saying “let’s make a KI brawler.” For lots of reasons those games don’t turn out well.

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My pipe dream is a Mass Effect-styled game based on the Alliance of Worlds. It would be so fascinating to get a closer look at Glacius’ culture, plus all of the other races that they work with! Limitless potential and avenue for creativity when you build all the races, technology, and culture from the ground up. And it’d just be cool to see how stuff functions outside our little pocket of the universe, and to get to establish a rapport/friendship/relationship with all of these fantastic beings.

That being said, there’s a ton of lore to work with already inside that little pocket… so I’d take any expansion to the series, however unlikely it might be!

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Not bad more of galactic fun

i hope it to be earthly battle with beings from other dimension(demons,skeleton,ghost) where Ultratech base their technology on science and dark magic from ancient ruin and tombs.That’s why i think Jago will be the best suit to begin with