I still think Joanna would have been the "perfect" guest choice

Character-wise maybe. But what about potential gameplay? That could end up being very unique.

Then only the gameplay would be unique but the look would be similar, in this scenario you have the Ken/Ryu debate from SF going on. When Adam talks about unique diversity I would interpret that as everything about the character being unique, not just one thing or another.

They could always come up with a whole new outfit to make her not look like Orchid. Everyone’s assuming that her current outfit is the one they would instantly make default. Even Rash’s current costume is called his Retro.

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Even if they did her character is still similar to Orchid as in tough secret agent type person

You could say the same thing about Jago and Kim Wu. Jago’s a tiger warrior and Kim Wu’s a dragon warrior. They even play in a similar way.

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In KI2 maybe but who’s to say Kim will be similar in this incarnation?

Yeah, kind of like a Ken/Ryu or Yang/Yun kind of dynamic.

For that matter, who’s to say she won’t be?

Because that would directly conflict with what Adam Isgreen said he wanted for this new KI, diverse character designs and gameplay styles.

I’m not so sure that JD having a similar clothing style and occupation would compromise that paradigm.

Then in that instance she would be redesigned I imagine, but then would it still be JD after such changes? Adam made a comment about SFV and how some characters seemed similar to others, he mentioned KI had truly unique characters and designs.

You could argue many of these are conceptually unique to each other, however looking at what JD represents she would surely be an alternate Orchid like character similar in relation to say Yun/Yang from SF. However once again that conflicts directly with Isgreen, would be interesting to bring him in on this conversation maybe @TempusChaoti care to help?

Woman, part of a resistance move against Ultratech, maybe under a government’s orders, fights with tonfas/batons, uses “magic”(light jaguar), wears green clothes(few)

Woman, works for a private agency, favors government but does not work directly for it, fights with guns and long range weaponry, only uses technology, wears dark blue clothes(covers all body)

Seems different enough for me. Gameplay wise, you can differentiate both in many ways. ARIA and Fulgore are both “robots”, and are very different


Well for starters, she has a dragon head on her nunchucks. Still a dragon warrior.

Many warriors had animal heads on their weapons, doesn’t mean she is affiliated with a particular group.

indeed he did.

Unique aspects to a character. Joanna could have all these things in her game play style,

yes Dayu0 totally agree

And so you make everyone’s case for them. What’s to say that Joanna, a well-known shooter character, is not going to play the same way as Orchid?

So she has a similar job description. That means nothing. It’s semantics. You could argue that everyone in the game are fighters, therefore they’re all the same.


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And so you make everyone’s case for them. What’s to say that Joanna, a well-known shooter character, is not going to play the same way as Orchid?

OMG @Sanguithal is preaching!

This is what i mean! shes a blank canvas with a familiar feel and they share ALLOT of Ki DNA

I deffo think she suits the KI universe with the whole private company thing.

And it’s those similarities that could work for an alliance or a rivalry in the story.

She might end up fitting too well. Hold on, did Rare make up Joanna and then give her a stand alone game because it was so strong a story?



Joanna it’s Ultratech secret weapon. She already stopped an invasion before!

well Kevin Bayliss was the lead on both games.

i agree with you!

@Dayv0 check my science bit:

we know in KI that there is more than one super company arming and producing weapons for the mass market. We know that the fulgore and Riptor programs were made to take over thoes companies and seize power.

We also know that DataDyne instead of geting into robotics and biology are more focused on aliens (PD1) and enchanted weapons (PD0). We know that some of the board of members at dD are aliens themselves with their own agenda.

Tying all the above into together and mixing it with the KI lore that Aria hates aliens demons and monsters then u get two very agreesive and dominant companies both at a secret war. DataDyne could easilly be that other company.

And if thet are then Aria would stop it nothing to rip out its alien core and seize total power

i see Jo in the middle of all this. dD on one side and Ultra Tech on the other.