I still think Joanna would have been the "perfect" guest choice

Me too!!! To be fair the ivy vlade is the besy weapon ever created. …

Can someone please jusy guest that hahah

HAHAHA Sounds like a ■■■■■■■ nightmare.

This has been mentioned and I still agree she would be a great guest character. I agree she does feel like Orchid but I believe it is very possible to have two female agent type characters in the game. Kitana and Mileena are the same body types but very different characters. Obviously Joanna would not have tigers and batons. I am sure the team could generate a totally awesome move-set and style for her.

I just think she appears to similar to Orchid. Gun play or not. Plus as much as she would fit i just don’t see any appeal in adding anything from Perfect Dark. Is anyone even interested in that series anymore?

I personally believe that the only reason to add guest characters in to bring in outside interest. MKX adding Predator was huge. Can’t imagine Joanna Dark will have a similar impact. Even though i don’t want it to happen, adding some one from Gears or Halo would be infinitely bigger. That’ll bring in casual players to the game. “I love gears, Oh look they added a locust in to KI and it’s free to download, I’ll give it a try”

We could have said the same thing about Killer Instinct before 2013. But I do see your reasoning for a more well established character from a MS IP.

People think too much about what fits in or not. It’s all fiction, by that rule, they all fit. Crazy crossovers are quite successful. Look at the Marvel vs Capcom games and Kingdom Hearts franchises. Disney characters next to Final Fantasy people? People cringed at the though and now it’s one of its most beloved series.

As for guest characters, nobody that plays MK got bummed out that Freddy, Jason and Predator showed up. If anything, people want more. And non “fit” in a way, lol. As long as they’re fun and actually good, that’s all that should really matter, not if they fit or not.

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I don’t think having a couple of Rareware or Microsoft exclusive characters makes the game like Smash Bros. It would be more like what MK has done with a few unique guests that have never been in fighting games.

I certainly did. I literally hated it because they have at least 10 original characters from previous games that I would like to be in the game and they were not and instead we got guest characters.

Too late :confused: We have a toad, now we must have Ms Dark


If they can put a freaking TOAD in Killer Instinct, Joanna Dark and Kameo definitely upstage that decision.

JOANNA DARK and KAMEO for guest characters


if you dont mind throwing the charm out of the ■■■■■■■ window. if i launched into a match and picked spinal and saw that im fighting ■■■■■■■ marcus fenix or master chief the entire charm of KI is gone. you can make rash fit well. ■■■■ you can make joanna dark fit well enough, although i dont think she would fit very well at all. but you cant explain why the ■■■■ master chief, marcus fenix, general raam, or to branch into rare territory, banjo and kazooie, or conker is there fighting. i couldnt care less that KI is tongue in cheek. they cant fit well without having a complete disregard to the style season 1 and 2 has built.

they have to make sure that when they consider another guest character they have to think ‘does he look like he belongs?’ cause jason, freddy, the predator, and kratos dont ■■■■■■■ belong in MK. they looks so out of place it hurts.

Lol seriously there is nothing similar about those characters at all.

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Exactly +10 on this

Did u just say mk guest characters look out of place? Lol so dumb to say at least there not super corny like you know who smgdh, the guests in mk fit so well u sound super biased, everyone I showed rash to thats new to KI think he’s terrible and a wanna be ninja turtle. As for new ppl coming to jason or predator in MKX they think it’s sick as ■■■■. Think about it a toad for KI and legendary mass murderers for mk I think we know who wins when it comes to that decision

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they look super out of place. the predator and jason less so that freddy or kratos, but still out of place.

Wait until they bring in KAZOOIE.

Now imagine kazooie doing a faction kill! LOL

Anyway. The gunslinger chick. Joanna pls!

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I think Jo is a no brainier for a guest character…such as if she’s not one of the guests, whoever made the decision to leave her out has no brains.

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Thank you it’s like KI going to turn into a PG game I’m betting banjo or Conker is next we never get nothing M rated or serious smh I’m thinking abt going back to my old community tbh

Joanna is a perfect fit for KI simply because she has ties to the “near future”/“cyberpunk” kind of feel that KI had as well as being diverse enough to be her own character, rather than continuously being judged as standing in Orchids shadow.

Agent, operative, spy, what does that matter? She’s British, witty, thinks on her feet and has a shedload of gadgets at her disposal. Not only that, but both PD games have her kitted out in multiple outfits, making customization a very potent factor. For me her main costume would be the iconic racing biker type costume with the shiny metal armour plates.

Orchid stands out from Joanna anyway, because she has mystical powers. I mean, she turns into, and summons, fire cats for God’s sake.

Guns though would have to be the thing that separates her from being “too much like Orchid”. I think Iron Galaxy are up to the task of getting it right.

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