I still think Joanna would have been the "perfect" guest choice

Female gunslinger? I’m down.

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If they do add Joanna I hope it is original design and not the Zero one. I want her to look like how she does in those Perfect Dark renders for xbla.

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Banjo Kazooie would be best. Shoot an egg from kazooies behind it bounce slowly like a hail. Shoot from her mouth its fastest projectile in game and goes straight ahead. In instinct kazooie flies Banjo all over the screen. Sounds great doesnt it.

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All orchid has is a grenade she doesn’t have guns

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Shadow jago / jago lol

Just saying. …

KI is not super smash bros^^. No johana, no guest.

Thats like saying MK10 is smash because it has predator in it…


Hmmm… She’s just so similar to Orchid’s concept. Maybe just give Orchid a Joanna Dark outfit and hairstyle?

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whats going to be the difference between kim wu and jago?

no they are not the same! they arnt EVEN close! shes form a FPS, shes looks nothing like orchid, shes british, Orchid is a freedom fighter and a rebel i this KI and Joanna is a professional spy she has access to MUCH more tech than orchid ! lol

so if they are both women they both have tech then they are the same? lol no

thats like saying Cammy and Chun li are the same… just because they are both women and they are both fast? come on guys think a little deeper.

to anyone who says Joanna and Orchid are the same PLEASE dont DL shadow Jago lol


Kameo would be an amazing choice. There’s so much you could with her.

While I think Joanna would look great and work well in the KI-verse, I’d rather see Kameo.

i love Kameo but i dont want to see her turn into pummel weed! lool

hahahaha no. Kameo is a terrible character

You are right about the zoning thing. She doesn’t need to be a zoner.

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+1 :laughing: Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat can have cookies but no cookies for KI… Not fare!

They have far more in common than just gender. They’re both high tech deadly agents of similar disposition.

Vela from Jetforce Gemini would be a more distinct choice in my opinion. We already tread the path of cartoon characters for guest fighters.

Then Joanna is a Spy? Then she could be unique in the game since Orchid is a Special Agent/Soldier :smiley:
Maybe its not a Bad Idea… :smile:

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I would love Joanna Dark to be the second guest. Perfect Dark Zero Joanna as default and Perfect Dark Joanna as Retro :wink:


This. This is all I want. Well that and Spawn as guest character :smile:

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Hahaha back to them soul calibur days ah?

Haha yeah, I only ever played the GC version tho so I never got to play as Spawn… Got to play as Link tho :stuck_out_tongue: I just feel like Spawn would be cool in KI.