I forgot why I stopped playing this game online

I couldnt agree more with you Andy…and on the Star wars…Im having the same problem…i cant even get out of spawn without being sniped or shop from behind… so annoying! lol

It’s ok, @xCrimsonLegendx . We can be Silver Scrubs together! :smiley:
This is the part where I try to give advice that winds up doing more harm than good, and then I feel smug and try to play the game online myself…and then go back to singles because I’m bad at video games :crying_cat_face:
(well, I’m mediocre at fighting games, anyway. I can go shooty bang pew pew just fine)


To me, and this is just how I intrepret things, but Ranked really seems to be more of a hardcore haven, and part of the culture in FGs can sometimes (but not always) involve trying to induce salty behavior as a tactic or simply being salty and a poor sport in general (the latter is true in many genres thanks to the anonymity of the internet) and it can be very difficult distinguishing between the two behaviors and sometimes it’s really not even worth trying, because any of it makes you, as a player, feel slightly worse for having experienced it.

But I think Andy hit on it, CL. You have to enjoy the game on your terms. I totally get what you’re saying in that it’s not about losing, it’s about the way some people feel the need to interact with you online.

Believe, I’ve been there, and it’s why I don’t play KI online anymore. I had enough bad experiences in season one using Glacius and trying to play a zoning game, where I got so much vitriol for it and teabagging and what not, that I just made the determination that it wasn’t worth it. Think I tried the new version of Ranked once. Had a similar experience to what I’d had before, so that was enough for me.

That said, I know that that there are some amazing KI fans and I did have some great experiences playing some matches with people of varying levels. Trust me, this community, both on this site and in general, has a good number of quality people in it. Much more so than some other games I can think of, but won’t mention.

So don’t let some bad online experiences like this ruin your view of the community at large and definitely not the game as a whole. If you enjoy the gameplay and the characters and the story and all that stuff… If it’s a fun game for you at it’s heart, then focus on the aspects that you enjoy.

I LOVE survival mode. I love leveling up my characters and unlocking new stuff for them, and I play because I love the way the game plays and how each character works and what not. I also enjoy what they’re doing with the story mode and I’m hopeful that they’ll add some more single player modes in season 3, but even if they don’t, I have more than enough to keep me entertained, as I’ve barely put this game down since it first launched.

As Andy said, build a pool of friends. Feel free to add me too. Make the experience your own and I guarantee you’ll have a better time with it. That’s been the case for me, anyways, so hopefully that’ll work for you too. :grin:


I wonder which C88 that was…I’d like to say the majority of us aren’t like that, but then again, I can only speak for myself, and for the ones I’ve actually played games with, sorry for the bad experience bruh. Again, as someone else said, we can’t really stop anybody from changing their GT, sadly. The only teabagging I’ve done is if it was done to me first, or if I know the person, I myself would NEVER intentionally disrespect another player. As most have said, a high level player worthy of being called such wouldn’t showcase that sorta behavior, and are always interested in helping folks level up their own game.

However, I feel your pain, even within the top level players, there are some that just seem to revel in that sorta toxic play, when I’m only out to better myself and learn from my loss, not feel humiliated for it. You can add me, same name as on here (with no spaces) for some decent games.


This is why you should just play with friends or exhibition if you are learning a new character. I didn’t have that choice last night since none of my friends had the update, and the three matches on ranked were people I could beat, but all three were kinda bad and I only struggled because Shago is hard to win with due to his damage.

Jerks will always exist online, don’t dwell on your loses and just practice outside of it if you need to.


I may be all for fierce competition but I’m also a guy who believes in sportsmanship with trash-talking on remaining to just joking around and not as an intention to insult =U shrug it off my freind, you’ll hopefully find people with better attitudes. I rarely run into people like the one you mentioned.

Also to be fair Shago just came out, so it’s gonna take awhile for people to master him. I just discovered some little tricks myself. He’s really fun to play.

Hey maybe you can add me to your freinds list and sometime I can fire up a lobby. Honestly it’s always better to play against freinds or people who will respect you. That way your online experience won’t be such a jargon.

Mirroring the suggestions above, I’d like to add - I believe, for a player still honing basic to intermediate skill (such as OP or Myself or anyone who feels this description suits them), there is more value inherent in Exhibition matches and sets with friends than there is in grinding ranked. I feel that I’ve learned far more about my own tendencies, pattern recognition, and reading the opponent from longer sets and FT5s in Exhibition.

And I definitely suggest playing some sets with forum members when/if possible. I’ve had nothing but great experiences with that thus far (thanks to all gracious enough to give me the time) and some of these cats are pretty knowledgable… lots to learn if you’re preparing to turn the inner voice off and sponge-it-up for a while.

Oh, I nearly forgot - @xCrimsonLegendx, feel free to add me as well, I’d be happy to play a set with you. :smile:

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Your situation mirrors mine exactly. I got my console day one and KI was the first game I bought. At the time I learned the game quickly (because I like fighting games and because I played KI on SNES back in the day) and did fairly well online, but S2 came and the game became “pros only” and left me behind.

I still struggle to get good. I don’t mind the occasional teabagging or trash talking but I do mind the fact that on a match where the opponent completely destroyed me I learned nothing new.

I also know I have lots to learn. I go into practice, train things like execution, combos and such but the truth is I must not be practicing enough because as soon as I enter a match I get nervous and start panicking and mashing my way to defeat. To make things worse I live in Brazil and although we have a small community here I don’t have RL friends to play with, so my capacity to train and get better is somewhat limited.

I still haven’t abandoned KI or ranked, I still have hopes that one day all will just fall into place and I’ll finally start improving again. I just wish I finally learned what I’m doing wrong because I read all the blogs and watch all the videos and still I’m convinced I’m just one of those guys who can’t learn.

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@TheKeits is there any way to set up actual clans with tags that are exclusive domain? That way C88 could protect their brand. I’ve been wishing for a while there was some way to add (NT) or the equivalent to my name to tell people I don’t taunt, teabag or triple ultra, and I’d love the ability to create or be a part of a group where everyone in it would pledge not to do that ■■■■ at risk of expulsion. You could then tell right off the bat if you were getting a legit opponent or some middle schooler. I know it’s probably a Microsoft thing, but maybe they’d listen if they could make a profit - I’d certainly pay an extra few bucks a year to never sit through a triple ultra again.

For a while Xbox live had you identify your “zone” to indicate whether you were hardcore competitive, in it for fun, achievement hunting etc. don’t think this ever turned out to do much but it was a similar idea.

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We’re only 3 hours apart in time zone; if you feel like playing some sets, free of taunts and “:arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down:”, add me up and send me an invite if you see me online!

This is true - I admit, I had not considered this possibilty. It’s a slim 1 I think, but certainly entirely possible and easily doable if they didn’t like the C88s enough and wanted to discredit them…

Kinda sounds like a plot fixture in an old Kung Fu movie!

“I’ll dress up like one of the Shin clan, and act afool in town square to cast shadows upon their honor!”

[quote=“GalacticGeek, post:33, topic:3080, full:true”]

This is true - I admit, I had not considered this possibilty. It’s a slim 1 I think, but certainly entirely possible and easily doable if they didn’t like the C88s enough and wanted to discredit them…
[/quote]I had thought the same so I did some research on their gamertag and they’re on several MK sites, I’d say that they’re the real McCoy.

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience TC, but in my experience there are far more “nice” people and good sports out there, even in Ranked. Most people just want to play and move on to their next match. But it (running into jerks) happens to everyone at some point. I actually found myself on the receiving end of a triple ultra in exhibition yesterday - honestly didn’t know whether to be annoyed or amused (it was the very first match after all :laughing:). But it happens to everyone at some point, so I wouldn’t sweat it.

And no, I’m not particularly noble - I teabagged that guy furiously for the remainder of the set as I pounded his Wulf into the dirt. :smirk:

But in all seriousness, I would probably recommend making friends with some of the people here at the forums. I’ve had nothing but good experiences playing with these guys, and it might help you better “screen” your matches so that you’re fighting people of roughly the same skill as you.

Again, I’d recommend running a couple long sets with the people here. Some of us are pretty knowledgeable, and can probably do at least a little coaching with you to try and figure out what are some of the things that are bringing you down.

For the mashing thing specifically, I’d recommend forcing yourself to not break anything for a collection of matches, just so you get out of the habit of pressing buttons whenever you get hit.

Hah! I wish I were a fly on the wall for that set. :smiling_imp:

This is golden advice. We mash compulsively, and what we want instead is to break deliberately. Ceasing breaks for a stretch will help to curtail those compulsive actions.

Sorry to hear about your issues with ranked, but I get exactly what you mean near enough. I, being a player with no vision whatsoever, have to deal with everything on reaction pretty much (unless I know the opponent/character well enough, which sometimes happens). However, when people open me up with things I (quite literally) haven’t seen before, that can, given the right circumstances, frustrate me no end.

I agree with you about the ranked achievements, I did in fact, in one of my first posts back in the season 2 forums, state my feelings as to those. I believe that those achievements shouldn’t be set to “win 20 ranked matches with Shadow Jago” for example, but instead to “complete 20 ranked matches with Shadow Jago”. That way at least it feels like you’re earning something even if you’re getting bodied.

I’m a gold tier player trying to work my way into Killer (even just for the reputation to say “I got the Killer achievement with no sight”). Whilst I’m one for trash talk and general casual insults (all in the name of entertainment of course), if I do a double ultra via instinct cancel and you ask me to end it early, I would (unless I’m trying to get a recapture or practice a new piece of ultra continuing tech, which I would try to tell you about in advance).

Point is, if you want to play against me, I’ll be happy to fight you at some point. Just find me on Xbox Live and send me a message to arrange a set, a match, etc. I’m nowhere near as knowledgable as others on here, @GalacticGeek and @Marbledecker, in addition to @Ziarist (and other players whose names I can’t remember right now) have tought me many different aspects of the game, through numerous exhibition sets. There are also players like @TheNinjaOstrich and @MasterZenek who are, in my opinion, players who will most certainly teach what they know and battle you regardless of whether they know anything newcompared to you, kind of like myself really.

Who knows. If I know it’s you I’m running into on ranked, we could have an entertaining match just talking strategies etc whilst playing.

In the words of the announcer, “fight on”.


dude, even the best fighters lose a lot. That’s how they get better.

Just have fun and enjoy the game.

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I get the feeling you really didn’t read the thread but I can’t expect you to.

It’s not about taking a loss.