I forgot why I stopped playing this game online

And you got T-bagged, so what? People are ■■■■■■■■.

Find a friends around xbox live that are at your skill level.

You’ll experience these @ssholes in any competitive fighting game.

Do you know who PaulB is? He is one of the greatest, saltiest KI players around. He T-bags and taunts just to communicate that he’s had a good game with you. If he doesn’t Tea Bag you, that means he didn’t find you or your gameplay remarkable at all. And he still loses a good amount of his matches.

You should watch his streams. He’s not a complete ■■■■ and he’s entertaining. You’ll understand its not done just to rub it in.

Or you could watch Maximillian. He’s a respectable player that has a lot of hype in his streams. A lot of people watch him just because he’s so likable. See both sides.

This is nice advice, I’m gonna try it. Gootecks once said in one of his videos that when things get intense you revert to your basic level of training, so maybe I just need to train more.

I believe we are around 200ms of latency apart rs.

I’ll add and invite anyway, KI netcode is so good it might actually work.

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Who cares about being teabagged? even if it would happen to me after getting totally destroyed who cares? next match.

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Well, TC basically wrote the reasons why I don’t play anything online at all. Not because of the douchebags (I couldn’t care less about those) but because, as a working man, I simply don’t have the time or energies to invest in a game like those kids online do. I enjoy playing at a leisurely pace, and online never provides that.

Oh, and Maximilian is a really cool dude.

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Man, ignore it, just play the game. Teabag is something normal in this game. Dont let it so serious.

I do. I care. Random teabaggers are douchebags of the highest order…

Same reason I don’t play ranked or exhibition against randoms online anymore and every time I tried to jump back in the first person I’d play would be a taunting/teabagging ■■■■■■■.

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even if they are, im a gonna stop living my life how i want and stop doing what i want to do because i might encounter some random person that is trying to upset me? Sure not.

I’m in the same boat i go into combo training turn off notifications and i can guess the strength but i always get locked out i don’t even know the new ui regarding the lock outs and timers. But i am holding back on my atrox 90 percent of the time down back and i still get destoryed by block strings or pressure for example buddy mine who i torr up last week with my tj vs his cinder this week hes throwing thr sticky bombs dashing all over me netural jumping meatys jumping alot i dant get to him. Then hes finally learned the limb burning he pissed me off so bad i quit on him. I could use a guy helping me with match ups and slowly doing say cross ups and pressuring me with same thing till i figure out what im doing wrong or you point out the best time\ way to punish. I want to get better as i wanna do twitch and yt with fighting games and fifa. My gt is dism3mberment if anyone wants to add me and help me out im down i want out of the silver scrub clan. I think i need to learn someone other then tj

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I’m just going to have to be harsh and say, suck it up. Every fighting game has had people who do this, and it has been around for freaking years. Why must we behave like we have skin made of toilet paper?

I didn’t say to stop doing what you love; I just happen to think there are reasonable expectations for how people should treat others. :wink:

but OP clearly does it if he doesnt play for that reason.

You kind of missed my point but it’s okay.

Its not just about loosing once and being salty, its a recurring thing. This community tends to treat its lessors like complete and utter garbage.

As a Killer, I treat everyone with respect. Unless you’ve tea-bagged or taunted me. You’re getting a ■■■■■■■ whooping when I see that ■■■■. I pull out all the stops and start doing hard knockdown enders to taunt and tea-bag you.

Yeah, I didn’t even have a chance. I got off a few moves and the rest of the time I was being destroyed no-contest, then I was treated to ■■■■-talk and teabagging as if that victory was well deserved.

I’ve been there. Sadly, the best thing you could do, if you actually want to get better, is just trudge along and keep learning. It definitely sucks, but those are the kinds of people who rarely get better than they are. Eventually, you could be the one delivering the beatdown on these d-bags.

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Man I’ve tried to learn I just don’t have it in me.

Its like my brain just doesn’t click with the timing and the reactions that are needed to up my game. I’ve spent days in practice trying to manual and I just can’t get it down, I’ve been stuck on the final dojo lesson for TWO YEARS because I just can’t chain those combos together. I can’t memorize the animations for auto doubles like everyone else seems to be able to do and if you can’t the elite just talk ■■■■ because you “guess break” and belittle you even more. As sad as it sounds I’m not sure I can do any better and that’s not for a lack of trying, I’ve watched all the guides we’ve got for the game I just can’t do it. >__<

To be honest, I still haven’t completed the dojo. I’m moving through it slowly and doing the lessons over and over again to write a section of the community guide with as much accuracy as possible.

Also, I know manuals seem important (and they are), but it’s more likely something else is holding you back. For example, I can manual on Hisako and Riptor. Give me any other character and it will take me weeks, if not months, to consistently manual. I can still pick up a character and do well in Killer with them.

More likely, you have bad habits, or rely on the same pattern. I still have problems switching things up on the fly. You could also have poor defense or problems in neutral.

I don’t remember if I have you on my friends list, but if you’re up for some exhibition, and can take criticism, hit me up.

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