I am very disappointed U made me wait 8 months for just 4 launch characters

Guys i am not happy at all with just 4 characters for season 3 launch, u guys mean u prioritize the lighting of stages over making and releasing more KI characters, this is the most disappointing news , I love u guys so much, i am just extremely disappointed that u guys do not know what KI priorities should be at this time, The roster is barebones, Dropping more characters should be ur focus not lighting up already existing stages no one ask u to do that. .

How long will we have to wait for the remaining 4 characters ??? wait wait wait i am tired of waiting , why do we always have to wait
??? am very sad but happy that Tusk feels like my old tusk.

seriously guys, u prioritise lighting stages over dropping characters to add to lacklustred KI roster. really guys, really??

I am so mad right now , and i cant even get mad at the team cuz their work and end product is super smooth. Guys make characters characters characters. stop with all the 3 stages , re-lighting stages, thing, its meaningless to me, , its gettin into my head. focus on what is important, Increase the killer instinct lacklustred roster! and quick too.

Your thoughts?

Your post seems a little forward, maybe even entitled; perhaps you could try a more suggestion or opinion-based style next time?

I understand that you would like them to focus more on characters than anything else but, unfortunately, they have to balance not only your desires, but their own, those of other players, bosses, executives, share-holders, co-workers, not to mention time and budget.

In the end, I think we can all safely say that we would like ALL the graphic updates, characters, stages, modes, costumes, and accessories to be available right now, but development takes time, like all good things in life do. Sometimes the wait makes things that much sweeter :slightly_smiling:


You seem to have forgotten or never experienced the launch window of season 2. One character a month over the course of a very long year, plus a big window of time before we ever got to play with the community funded Shadow Jago as well. One character + stage a month, and started with only one character at launch, and a new interface.

Now we are getting a UI overhaul, a lighting overhaul, the PC port, 4 new characters, 3 new stages, new game mechanics. This is a huge way to launch the season in comparison to season 2, giving a giant content update all at once instead of little morsels. It hardly feels “barebones” especially compared to the previous season.

That said, give them time. The rest of season 3 is definitely going to be worth the wait, but rolling out features before they are ready is a bad risk.

Also, why such a dependence on characters? I feel like Street Fighter 4 suffered a lot in regards to its behemoth cast of characters, and was a balance nightmare to keep track. Over 40 characters with so many matchup combinations, it just couldn’t be done efficiently. There were several characters who would be under-represented within the community of that game.

More characters isn’t a promise a fighting game should always make, because at some point, the overabundance of characters burdens the players with needless matchup experiences. 50+ characters isn’t an experience. More modest fighters with a cast of around 20+ is actually a fairly decent game. Even with KI sitting at 18 right now feels a lot better than some of the games with many more to them. Most of them won’t have the number of stages ours has as well, with 17 already existing, and 3 more on the way. No fighting game has ever had more stages than that I don’t think.

I believe when we see Season 3 launch, it’s going to be real good. IG has done everything to make this upcoming experience to be an impressive jump from its previous iteration. I don’t feel in any way they have short-changed the experience.

Of course, this is all speculation until the actual season launches, and we can experience everything for ourselves, but I have faith in the KI experience based on past success. I don’t have a lot of reason to doubt them.


In addtion to everything @IronFlame said: how can you say that the KI roster is lackluster? We have 18 characters and every single one of them was played at KI World Cup Top32. Every single one. I don’t believe that’s ever happened in any fighting game and is testament to an awesome and balanced roster. Also, four characters at launch of S3 is two more than we could reasonably have expected; S2 only had two of them, and then you had to get one every once in a while. Not to mention that I think this is a good model and lets everyone get familiar with the character and matchups before moving on to the next one.


18 completely unique characters is bare bones?!

We knew it would launch with more than Season 2 had, so I expected 3 at launch, but 4 is s fantastic!
It gives us time to learn them well before adding more to the roster. Dragging out character releases also keeps the news coming and the game feeling fresh. If they blew their load all at once, there would be nothing to look forward to or get excited about.

I’m just curious, after playing KI for the last few years, what made you think all characters would drop at once? I’m surprised that you’re surprised is all.


First of all, its NOT IG’s choice. Talk to MS.

Second, The new lighting is a HUGE upgrade. Looks like next gen graphics (and faaaaaar better than SF5)

Third, Adding Cross Play w PC is no easy task. I don’t know about you, but I want our community to grow; I like having ppl to play against.

Fourth, many unknown features coming.

Fifth, Its Season 3!!! How many games get this much continued support from their developers and fans??? We even have TWO MORE YEARS of the KILLER INSTINCT WORLD KUP.

Sixth, its always easier to say something negative rather than positive, isn’t it?


4 new characters at launch is an amazing start. But a point has been brought up:

In the past, we’ve had a launch of one new character a month, giving a short but reasonable time between character debuts to learn new matchups and experiences in the online play. With 4 new characters being available right away, the online is going to be more chaotic with MANY new matchups to play, not just one vs. every previous character and a mirror.

This isn’t a bad thing, and in fact, this could be very good for the game, given there are many possible matchups to learn and increases the learning window you will need to understand character strengths and weaknesses, which in turn increases the window of time you will want to expend learning to play a character/s.

And with 4 characters out the gate, instead of one every month, it doesn’t feel like the season will drag on unnecessarily longer than it has. Basically, more substantial updates, but a little less frequently, so we don’t have to relearn the game or new character changes every month, granting better windows of stability for the game.

Didn’t Season 1 launch with just 4 characters, those being Jago, Sabrewulf, Thunder and Glacius? I believe it was. And how many characters did Season 2 launch with… wasn’t it just TJ and Maya? I can’t quite recall, to be honest.

I’m not sure why people suddenly expect something else with Season 3.


Season 1 was 6 characters at launch but I think they’re adding a lot of changes to begin season 3 with. I was only expecting 3 to start.

In regards to the op it comes of as a tad entitled


4 all new characters at one time is not bad at all, and you know you are getting 4 more sometime down the line. I don’t really see what the issue is. We could have gotten nothing at all. I am just happy that we are getting 8 more characters…8! That is great news IMO.

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Ah alright, thank you. ^^
I wasn’t entirely sure.

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I’m not gonna post anything that would tell you how to feel or how to reason. I’m not going to tell you that SE3 launch will be great, cause I’m worried about game stability myself. every patch in SE2 broke something and now we are getting basically a redone game without extensive testing. it might be a lot to fix if bugs are found and that potentially can hurt the game.

I will say however take emotion out of the conversation completely and listen to some of these posters.

everyone wants different things and we all have to share the pie .

Is it sad that when I saw the title, I immediately assumed this post was created by MoonlightNinja… :stuck_out_tongue:

I can understand that it can be frustrating having to wait. None of us like waiting, but that is life. IG has to work within constraints of budget, man power, and resources…

Firstly, they HAVE to update the old stages, if the new ones look far superior. They are wanting to give you a cohesive feel to their game. They were also porting their game to the PC. This isn’t simple. There are hurdles they have to conquer.

Believe me when I tell you this, most game developers would like to get their stuff into your hands as quickly as possible. They don’t want you to wait, but at the same time, they want to make sure that what they give you is something you’re gonna enjoy.

So take a breather, as the wait is almost over.

Rants --> off-topic.


God… What is with the negativity around here? Season one launched with 6. Season 2 launched with 2. Season 3’s launching with 4. What’s the big deal? How is this disappointing? What are you “so mad about” huh? We’re still going to end up with the same number of characters for the season.

I get it. You want it all and you want it all right this instant or you’ll hold your breath until you pass out. Congratulations, you’ve been heard. Feel better now that you got it off your chest? Oh, and lacklustred isn’t a word. Not putting you down or being a grammar snob. Just letting you know.

Also, not for nothing, but while the relighting might be meaningless to you, I think the stages look ten times better.


So much negativity in a criticism post…what did you expect smarty-pants?

C’mon man. You know that people can criticize and not be so negative. People give constructive criticism around here all the time, myself included. What I’m seeing more lately is people that sound like they’re just screaming in to the void. I think there’s a substantial difference between the two.

Thanks for calling me smarty pants though, I kinda liked it lol.

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Season 2 launched with two characters, and we waited all year.

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Didn’t we only get two characters at launch? One of which was somewhat in a beta state.

I normally would find a reason to see the logic behind posts like this but it’s just another post based on being entirely negative and heavily one-sided in terms of reason, but I just can’t I’ve done it too much with fellow members that it has been tiresome.

Enjoy the characters as they come, you aren’t the only one waiting and the decisions are questionable but well warranted.

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I know right? Its getting so old…Im just not even going to read these threads anymore…its making my head hurt.