I am livid about the definitive edition

I feel absolutely screwed right now, the supreme edition was one thing, but this is a slap in the face to the people who payed 40 dollars for just season 3, not to mention that exclusive skin, is the only way to get that going to be to shell out another 40 bucks for stuff I already own? I am livid right now. I hope you guys at iron galaxy find some way to make this right by the people who have supported you guys since the launch of this game, because if not, thats just messed up.

Yeah I already payed for the ultra edition of each season plus the shadow jago community fund so for me to pay another $40 for essentially two skins and some soundtracks is kinda of dumb. Hopefully we can get a discount or be able to purchase the gold skin separately.


I agree with the Skin but not the pricing. You paid to play the game earlier. It was fairly obvious the game would have a complete edition based on the model of the game.


There shouldn’t be a discount, new players aren’t having to pay any extra for the skin, so why should people who actually supported the game have to?

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When I said discount I meant it for the extra stuff that comes with it like the skins, soundtrack and concept art if not oh well.

I guess I worded stuff wrong, while the price is very low, its normal for this to happen, what isn’t normal is for the price to be lower, and include stuff that the only way to get it is to buy the game again.

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If you already own the entire game, you should get the gold skin for free. The difference though is that game is a Disc, Id ont want the disc…I cant stand inserting disc when I want to change games.

But thats the price to pay if you own a digital game and then a disc version comes out. All you really want is the packaging and the skin. You can get the sound track separately and you should already have the classic games.

Not a big deal. Its just a case and a skin.


They already said the skin is exclusive, it might not be a big deal, but its not right either.

Meh, it’s a skin. Big deal, they can get away with that. A small minor bonus to those who want to pick up KI for the first time. Big deal, the skin is ugly though so…meh.

There isn’t any reason for there to be a bonus, the bonus is getting 3 games for 40 bucks. That is just my opinion.


I have all the skins as I bought all the figures. I would also like to have the Gold Gargos skin. Maybe they will pull an Ultimate source and offer the skin to Ultra edition owners…lets hope so.

But I dont see myself buying the entire game over again when I already have it and the sound tracks. Id be paying 40$ for a skin.

i could buy it, take out the skin and then resale it? I would like to have it for my collection, hmmmmm… Ive even nearly bought the Combo breaker edition for the case alone but never pulled the trigger.

Im not sure what they are up to and why that make these decisions? Supreme edition Ultra edition, definitive edition… why do we need so many damn editions??


Not livid but a little pissed off by the fact that I bought the Supreme Edition on Pc, which is the same thing of this at a higher price but without Shago. It’s not the higher price but the fact that they offered us an incomplete experience while a complete one was an option and was in their plans, too. Not a big deal but it is annoying nonetheless…

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So they threw in a harmless skin for fun. I’d even argue that they get the shaft because the skin is just bad alround. They got jipped with free stuff.

I bought the supreme edition when I started 2 months ago. Do I feel like I’ve been screwed? Of course not. I already got 100 hours of entertainment and enjoyment out of those extra $20 I payed. I typical night out with my GF would be around $50, and that’s about 4-5 hours of time. People, please have some perspective before complaining.


What he said…

That said, I can imagine some people wanting all skins available to a game, and there should be an option for loyal customers to get that gold skin. Especially for the people that are completionists.


This is why I keep telling people not to buy the game the second it releases as we live in an age where games and movies always seem to get “better” editions over time.

Yeah but then when you do buy the game you’re already way behind everyone else. It’s an investment to some. I mean $70 over the span of 3 years? That’s penny change…

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Thing is if everyone stopped buying the second a company mentions a game then you’d see a lot less of this type of marketing. Companies will keep doing this because people keep buying, the way to stop it is keep your hands out of your wallet

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I am cool with it. I actually made a thread a while back asking if this was going to happen because I really want a disc version.

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Then how are they gona put out games? There’s also nothing wrong with this type of marketing. You get content little by little as opposed to one big gulp then demand more and then host complaints.