I am livid about the definitive edition

Yeah I agree with this. I paid for all the Ultra editions and got all the content with it. Once Season 3 Launched it was an awesome deal for those who have not got into to get it! Now it has been a journey and the game is getting the Killer deal of 40$ for everything we got over the years… Plus more.

I am not too concerned about the skin but the behind the scenes content would be really nice to have as a veteran for the last few years. And that soundtrack? Come on, tracks are hype af and it would be nice to own them as well. Recognition of the content I have paid for over the years to get said extras would be nice. I know it is possible.

What planet are you people complaining about this from? Have you ever actually watched a game be marketed before? This is a very predictable development and it should be expected unless you are living under a rock. Over time, the price of a game declines and it’s pretty normal to see deluxe editions released with extra stuff thrown in and for a reduced price. How many “game of the year” edition games have you seen. Hell, how many people did you hear complaining when Halo: The Master Chief Collection came out “hey, I paid $60 for each of those games at retail. This isn’t fair!” ROFL.

I’m sorry, I know I’m being an ■■■■■■■ here, but EVERY SINGLE TIME the game gets a discount or a bundle or a price reduction people start this nonsense. If you’re really that desperate for the gold skin buy the disc. Or, wait a year and buy the disc for $19.99. That’s how it goes with games. The price goes down over time. I swear, every time there is a sale people lose their ■■■■.


It is how marketing goes, but with so much games doing it their are forms of compensation as well. Definitive editions are being offered free to those who already paid for their titles, or if the game is going in a different direction bring back all the content you had like the brand new Evolve F2P is doing.

I own the entirety of this game and the bonuses it had prior. All I want is that extra compensation for the few things they are trickling in. That is all not to pay for 40 for it. This is coming from me as the consumer I just want to voice how I feel and the amount I paid for is all. It is up to the devs to take the feedback and see if it is worth compensation or just to continue what they’re doing.

Glad to see you missing the point, the fact that its cheaper doesn’t bug me, the fact that it has exclusive content that day 1 buyers are getting screwed out of does. Most GOTY or complete editions don’t have extras exclusive to that version, because it would be stupid, just like its stupid now.

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They aren’t getting “screwed” out of it. You can get it if you buy the disc, just like everyone else. When you bought the game in whatever version you bought it, they told you exactly what you were getting for your money. You got that. You aren’t magically entitled to any future content they put out. Stop sayin you are being screwed.


Yeah it is mostly the DLC’s that were with the game… This is a fighting game though so it is odd having this side content not offered prior. I know the soundtrack is offered on iTunes but if it is getting offered within the game, I do not find it fair that all my editions do not add up the same inclusions.

I will keep saying it, because its going to keep being true.

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Okay. So I guess when MS released Xbox One the screwed their loyal 360 customers by not offering them a free upgrade. And when the next iPhone releases with a better camera then Apple is screwing their customers by “locking them out” of those additional megapixels.

Your only argument is that you see something you want and apparently you don’t have $40. The rest is all just rationalization.

EDIT: the reason I keep arguing with you is because you are completely abdicating your own power as a consumer. When you decide to buy something you should look at what you are getting and what you are being asked to pay. If it’s worth it to you then buy it. But when you buy something you don’t get some sort of presumptive rights to future products.

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Completely different. The fact that the model for “upgraded” versions of GAMES exist now is different from hardware, software etc. I still bought the new Xbox because it was the latest hardware and next best thing. Thats how that works. Games are starting to offer so many versions of itself that they are bundling it and making promotional compensation and or upgraded versions.

In the end no matter how much we complain and moan, it is the companies decision to offer said upgrade. If it is available then cool but they wont know if their is not a demand or suggestion for it first. Even then it can be easily shrugged off and this can all still just be disc only.

We won’t know unless we can ask first.

Exactly, it doesn’t hurt to ask to offer a way to get this skin without having to rebuy everything we already have. People brought up the statues, I think that is pretty foolish too, but at least with the statues, you are getting a collectible out of it, with this, you get content that you already own


This is the last thing I am going to say to your ignorance. Why not allow the people that have already purchased everything anohter way to get that skin, even if that means I have to pay a few bucks for it, there isn’t any good reason to be asking people who have already spent almost 120 dollars on this to shell out 40 more for one skin, that is not a smart thing to do with your money, and its not right to expect people to do that. If they don’t want to give the skin away for free, fine, but one skin isn’t worth 40 dollars for people that already have everything else.

It’s not different at all. I bought a second Xbox One a few months ago. Now they have lowered the price and are releasing the S version. “What do I get for my loyalty? Why are they rewarding late adopters with 4K video? I hope they find a way to offer 4K video to their loyal customers otherwise they are screwing me by locking me out of that content.”

They actually are rewarding early adopters, if you have the xbox one s, xbox one and a kinect with serial numbers, you get the adapter for free. THATS A REWARD FOR BEING LOYAL TO THE PRODUCT. so your argument kind of fails.

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No one expects you to do that. You have a choice about how you spend your money. If it’s not worth it then don’t buy it. But stop spamming the thread with lies about how you are being screwed.

They need to offer for loyal customers, that is all I am saying.

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It is a completely different model and if you feel that way you can trade it in and make it cheaper. That is how Microsoft promotes the new consoles. Trade your old one in towards the new one and you get a discounted price. Like I said already, two different promotional models. You said it yourself, it is marketing. Marketing is different in all categories and they find different ways to promote, and advertise new things.

This is a game and with the new marketing model of “upgraded” versions I made my argument and I as the consumer who happily invested all my money into this game just asked for some compensation for the loose content they added to the disc version. That is all. I have nothing more to add. I just hope to see a response to this issue of how people feel about the new content.

I am willing to bet they aren’t going to respond about it, because people are like "Its not a big deal."Which in reality, it isn’t, but why shouldn’t we be able to get that content too, I am willing to pay for the extras if its reasonably priced, but I won’t shell out 40 dollars for 95% content I already own and 5% new stuff.

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Yoooo I’ve also recently ALMOST bought the season 1 combo breaker for the box :joy:

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They definitely do think about the loyal members. Iron Galaxy has great PR. I am sure if the voice of this issue get’s louder they will give us a response. For now just mentioning it is all we can do at the moment. And yeah I feel ya, discounted price? Sure I will do that. But two copies of the game for just a few extra things? I love KI but I spent my personal savings on season 3 already not ready to double that for non game changing content haha.

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Yeah, I hope they do something, I want to think they are smart enough to realize this

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