Gold Gargos Skin

I’m not sure if this has already been discussed or not, but I want to know everyone else’s opinion. With the Definitive Edition of KI, a new skin for Gargos is being released, and I personally think it’s horse c***. With the game’s seasons each costing about the price of a full game, and fans like me paying for each one individually, Gold Gargos being exclusive to Definitive Edition owners seems like a slap in the face. We didn’t get anything special for supporting the game over the last 3 seasons, and people who come in and pay a minimal amount for all 3 seasons get an exclusive skin and other bonuses? I find this to be quite unpleasing. A good example of a definitive edition of a game is MKXL, because everything that came with the definitive edition can be earned or bought in the original game, while in KI’s definitive edition it is impossible to get exclusive bonuses like Gold Gargos.

So, what do you all think? Do you think it’s fair to have exclusive items in the definitive edition like Gold Gargos, or do you feel betrayed?

This has been talked about in another thread, I would move this there.

Could you link me to this thread?

Thanks! I appreciate it.

No problem.