How would you improve KI's gameplay going forward?

I’m not trying to start a rant thread here, I want to be clear on that.

This is more of a “let’s say there’s a season 4 rebalance” and they really want to improve the overall gameplay experience" type of deal.

What are some of the issues you currently see with the gameplay and what are some SOLUTIONS as to how you’d want to see those issues resolved? Or simply, what aspects you’d want to see improved, big or small? Be as general or as specific as you want. Focus on a particular character’s gameplay if that’s what you want to bring to the table.

I bring this up because there seems to be a sentiment coming from some members of the competitive scene that some are unhappy, some are leaving, and some still love playing the game casually, but not competitively as much anymore.

Some of that could certainly be normal attrition, no question, people get burnt out. Obviously this isn’t coming from the whole scene either. It’s anecdotal at best.

But I’m curious as to what practical ways people, casual and competitive alike would want to see aspects of the gameplay tweaked or even overhauled in order to make the game even better going forward.

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Jago no longer gets nerfs. The end lol

But in all seriousness, If there’s something on that LCD video that I agree with to an extent (sans having a bigger budget) is that I would like to a bit more cohesion between the more straightforward characters and the crazier ones.


How do you think that should be accomplished? Any ideas?

Not trying to put you on the spot, I’m just curious. I think it sounds like a good idea in theory, I’m just not sure how the specifics of that would work. On the one hand, I love the way some of the more straight forward characters play. But some of the crazier characters are among my favorites.

Is it a matter of trying to put more characters out that are kinda in-between straight forward and crazy and maybe giving existing characters on both side a little of what the other one has or removing something here or there to move all of them a little further toward the center of the spectrum, or is it a matter of finding more ways for the characters on one side of the spectrum to deal with characters on the other side? How does that get accomplished and CAN it be accomplished without hurting the game’s balance?

Sorry but as of right now It’s kinda difficult for me really pinpoint the specifics. However, I you’re on to something about finding more ways for one side to deal with the other. Also imo, honestly if they do add more characters in the future, I would like to see more characters that can be both straightforward and crazy. That way there would be something for both sides

i’m not sure the game really needs anything to “improve” the play at this point. all the mechanics are really solid and balanced. maybe the only change that i would make is making the lockout icons appear immediately, rather than having startup animation, because it can sometimes make it difficult for me to tell where the timing actually is on a break because the icons are very slightly laggy between the lockout “action” and and the lockout “display.” and even then, that’s really more of a personal thing than anything else, since the UI and the action aren’t necessarily bound to each other.

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Nerf the AI in half on local games.

Yesterday I was labbing a bit and I was in party with my boyfriend, who was playing ranked matches. He didn’t see LCD’s videos AT ALL. He faced a TJ Combo and he started complaining (screaming) about how the character played (special move special move, etc). He complained about the gamestyle this game has, he’s not enjoying it anymore. Then he played against a Shin Hisako that would do a full screen shadow, caught him and beat him with a comeback because the full screen attack you can’t easily react.

I don’t know…I wanted to play him after that but he was so mad with the game that he just left. I don’t think he wants to play this game anymore. It’s sad because we got to know each other because of the game. He likes to play more footsies style, he will probably go to SFV more.
It’s not that special move after special move is new to KI, but the variation between characters playstyle might play a big part in the way this game is played.

About the game:

*I would honestly take the juggling game out of the game. KI was never about juggling (that’s because they introduced Sadira and she had a lot to do with this too).
*The combo breaker system…That’s a hard one. Since this game allows a more diverse way to make your combos it’s not that easy to balance that. Maybe going back to check on KI2 system and get some ideas from it. Not talking about carbon copies.
*Give the crazy characters other tools to play neutral better and make some tools more punisheable, so they have a balanced risk reward game (don’t let them go free and make safe something that should not).
*Seeying two characters in a fighting game that just would play very far from each other throwing things it’s not cool or entertaining to watch, but the character you may use it’s supposed to play like that. So you have a kind of boring match full of special effects, vortex stuff and finally crazyness that is far , again, from what KI used to be.
*Does the size of the screen have something to do with this? When I played SFV I felt like I couldn’t go far enough from the opponent. I’m so used to KI where I can get away a little farther. This actually, I don’t mind much. The originals had this as well.

  • KI has really some cool stuff as a fighter and like every fighter it will have it’s problems. I wish they could have more resources to work on the game, polish bugs and a bigget budget for art and everything else.
  • Not fan of flipout leading to high ammounts of damage and resets.
  • Not fan of staggers that much either. But I think flip outs are worst. Staggers aren’t that bad, but why some characters have more? (Tusk)
  • In between rounds, characters should go back to neutral like the old ones
  • When the round finishes just go straight to the animation pose or whatever so the tea…ing will drecrease and people won’t feel so salty XD
  • No need for triple Ultra . It’s kind of boring. Better have one Stylish Ultra with some nice and cool effects and no characters moving after the match ended. Make the Ultra cool again! =D Combining cinematics and things like that we could get a very nice motion to watch.

Am I the only person who is overall satisfied with this game?


You’re not. I’m satisfied with it too.


I remember juggling a lot in KI Gold lol. The had an option where you can turn infinite juggling on and it was a blast.

This game is practically finished, but I would just suggest those things I wrote above for another one. If there’s one.


I remember juggling a lot in KI Gold lol. The had an option where you can turn infinite juggling on and it was a blast.

I didn’t play KIGold much. I only liked KI1 and KI2. Gold was a big dissapointment to me =/ But it’s cool if you liked it of course XD

Jago 3.8 leak…

He gets deleted.


Doesn’t KI 2 = KI Gold?

Did I miss one?

No, they are different. KIGold is KI2 adaptation, but it’s different. For instance, scenarios won’t enlarge when playing KI2.

I used to have a hard time with flip outs too, but then I learned how to deal with them. I can understand a beginner being frustrated with by Omen, wulf, or Riptor flipping them out all the time and mixing them up. But that is just the nature of fighting games. A big hint I could give is to just hold up if you anticipate a mixup at the beginner level.

Beginner? You want to play? Even the competitive pros may not like flip outs.


I’m not a beginner. I’m a very good casual player. But we can play anytime. Send me an invite later. I hope to be on but I’m playing Smash with the squad later tonight.

I dunno man, I’ve played KI heavily in all 3 seasons and I really think the game is the best it’s ever been right now. I’m confused at the complaints people have about the changes, as they’ve made the game faster paced, easier to understand, and ultimately more enjoyable to watch.


I’m super satisfied with the game


You know, KI used to be praised for its subtle sound design when fighting. For instance people can figure out what level to break just by listening to the impacts of a hit during an AD.

Maybe we need that for flip outs? What if the announcer yelled “FLIPOUT!” everytime a flipout was executed? That way the beginners can understand what is going on more easily.