How would you handle a Killer Instinct sequel?

  1. First & foremost, Arcade ladder is a must. Intro, set of fights, boss, ending. Everybody. Every season. No exceptions.
  2. Have a mix of new and returning characters. I feel like KI 2013 is comparable to MK Trillogy or MK 9 in the sense of bringing together the cast of different games making a “complete” roster. From here on I’d be fine if they dropped a few (coughorchidcough) in favor of new blood similar to MK4 or X. But of the old guard that stays, keep them similar enough to current versions in terms of move sets that they feel more like a balance update than what they did between KI 1 & 2. Which brings me to
  3. Keep the core gameplay the same. Similar to Street Fighter iterations up until SF5, have it to where at least on the casual level it doesn’t appear wildly different from KI3. If someone knows how to throw down a rudimentary opener->linker->ender with Jago, they’ll be able to pull the same off in KI4 no problem.
  4. Expanded story/ Shadow Lords mode. Push the mode further, give it some story meat, better cut scenes, etc.
  5. More cosmetic stuff. Add tons more options here so you can
  6. Give players full control over pallets instead of having to buy or unlock new colors.
  7. Keep the T rating, but put more effort into Ultimates & Stage Ultras. That way there won’t be as much backlash as there was with the ones that were tacked on at the end of KI3. I mean considering that KI3 was built to have only 1 Ultimate on 1 stage and they managed to tweak Aria’s Instinct effect to add in more is nothing short of inspired, but it did obviously have its drawbacks (i.e. hiding the blood effects). Making stages more suitable for dynamic angles would definitely be the way to go. Also add toggles to turn blood effects off if the player so desires.
  8. Perhaps build online tournaments into the game itself. And not only for use with traditional ones…perhaps even have a system set up like how we had the WTF tournament where you can set the amount of time opponents have to connect and have their match whether it be a few minutes, an hour, to a week or 2.

I think that’s about it for now.

I’d certainly hope that they’ve seen what kind of quality can be done with the budget they had before and hope that it would indicate to them that they can do something even better with more of an investment, but sometimes it doesn’t work that way. Still, I’d love to see that happen.

As far as exclusivity, I really don’t see the wisdom of giving it up when virtually no other first party games do this. Do you think Sony would put Uncharted on Xbox just to sell some more games? Because that would be their only motivation to do this.

I know, fighting games are a more niche genre and they should reach as many people as possible to have as big of a community as possible, but Nintendo doesn’t do this with Smash and they didn’t do it with ARMS. Sony didn’t do this with SFV and there are other fighting game exclusives such as Blazblue and Guilty Gear that do just fine as exclusives.

Sure, KI doesn’t have the profile that many of those games have with the FGC, but MS has put out one KI game. Why can’t they just grow their fighter on Xbox and PC the way Sony and Nintendo have tried to grow theirs and still have it be a reason to specifically join their ecosystem?

That’d be a good idea. I’d like to see that happen. Maybe a KI character appears in MK11 and an MK character appears in the next KI. Maybe even two characters per game.

A 2020 release on next gen would be pretty great. What type of bonuses would you like to see?

If they release it as one complete game and not have seasons, then I don’t see why they can’t start out in the high 20’s and have all of the characters from the last game (minus the guests and perhaps Gargos and Omen or something like that) and also have new characters, with more characters to follow via DLC.

But if they were to start with 16 characters, I’d still want some of the new blood in there on the starting roster like Kan Ra, Mira, Sadira, Hisako, etc. I don’t mind having to wait on some of the originals and if anything, it gives me more to look forward to, and MS has proven that they can deliver on the promise of future content.

But that’s just me.

Wow, 500K? Seems awfully ambitious for a game that was done on a lower budget, but I’d love to see them really go all in and get the game more exposure in the FGC. I know you’d want the game being on Sony’s platform to add to that exposure, but short of them willfully giving up an exclusive to get people to buy their hardware or bring them in to their ecosystem, I think this would be a good way to bring in some fans, as this game is really fun to watch.

I don’t know if MS would ever do this, but if they can have all the gore that they have in the Gears series, I don’t see why it would be a problem in KI. I think that’s more of a preference of people like Adam Isgreen and others, but I could be mistaken. I don’t think it needs to be MK levels of gore, but having it be a little darker as far as the themes, the blood, and the violence would be pretty cool to me so long as it wasn’t laughably gratuitous.

Well, if you’re starting out with 16 characters, then you’re probably going to have DLC patches and it wouldn’t shock me if they were once a month. I personally don’t want to wait a whole lot longer than that for DLC characters to drop, but hopefully they can strike a good balance between what they add and what they change.

WAT. That’s not cool. It almost sounds like you’re putting conditions on what would be acceptable for them to do a sequel. Honestly, if they make a game that’s half as fun as this one, then they can do whatever they want as far as platforms, guests, release date, launch lineup, tourney pots, rating and patches as far as I’m concerned.

I’m sure a lot of that stuff means a lot to you and that’s totally fine, if that’s the case. We all have our preferences. But none of those things seem important enough to me to say “that’s not in? Well then don’t bother. I’d rather have nothing than a sequel” even when combined together. But again, that’s just me.

Yeah I agree here. As much as I liked that MS, DH and IG tried different methods to bring the story to us, aiming higher, with more ambition along the way, I think there was a bit of a divide that happened between seasons, where some characters got a lot of focus and some barely got any.

Having an arcade mode as a sort of central story hub where all of the characters get involved and all have something valuable to contribute plot-wise would really help streamline the balance in terms of character focus.

I mean, I’ve suggested before that this arcade mode comes in the form of a tournament mode, where you see a 32 man bracket and you move through the bracket as you win, and story elements play out either before, after or even during matches, but really what I’m describing is just a dressed up arcade mode with intro, fights, boss and canon ending with a healthy dose of story throughout.

Now, I don’t personally think that this has to be the only way to provide story. I’d love to see a deep Shadowlords mode that provides canon story elements to supplement the arcade/tournament mode and really helps connect dots and form a cohesive narrative. I think it can be done and if done well enough, could really help flesh out the characters, the main plotline as well as many subplots and events.

Dropping Orchid? Sadface lol. Right now there are 27 characters. If they drop the guests, the main boss Gargos due to plot reasons, keep only one version of Hisako, keep one version of Jago, drop Aganos for story reasons and drop Omen for story reasons (since he’s so connected to Gargos), you’re already down to 18 characters, so you can add ten more new characters or even twelve and still have kind of a standard fighting game roster size.

Granted, that’s not to say that every character has to return or that every character has to come back exactly as they were before. Perhaps story events could change some characters significantly. Maybe Maya’s been made in to a vampire and Mira doesn’t need to return, maybe Cinder’s lost his fire and he’s back to being the mercenary Ben Farris, and maybe those changes drastically effect their movelists.

Either way, I wouldn’t want them to drastically alter the roster just for the sake of it. I think there are plenty of characters that can be cut, leaving plenty of room for new characters, though I’ll certainly concede that if they ever do a game after the next theoretical game, some characters we all know and love from 2013 and the first two games will likely have to sit out. I’m just not sure we’re necessarily there yet, or that we need to be, but who knows.

Agree 110%. In fact, I’d also keep combo breakers, counter breakers, shadow moves, shadow counters and instinct. Keep a lot of the mechanics the same, but maybe tweak some of them to improve gameplay even more, like perhaps making counter breakers a little less risky or adding a second instinct to each character so one’s more of a passive buff and the other’s more of an offensive weapon.

I’d also lose flipout and stagger and maybe try and find some new stuff along those lines like grounded combos, throw combos, counter throws, etc. I’d also think strongly about changing every character’s unique combo trait to help freshen up the characters a bit.

Agree 110%. For one thing, there should be far more story-based missions for every character that either involve cutscenes or dialog that’s all canon. I also think that dossiers should be limited to story that’s happening and that they should drop in order. They should be story dependent as well. Playing through Shadow Lords with every character should tell the player a substantial story of that character’s journey through the events of the game.

I’d also limit all background information to separate dossiers, perhaps called Lore Dossiers that could be acquired through non-story missions that help flesh out who the character is (general bio info, historical background), where the character was and what they did during the events of the previous game and following those events leading up to the current game’s timeline, etc. I wouldn’t want story dossiers and lore dossiers to get mixed together.

I’d also like to see even more match types, character buffs and debuffs during matches, as well as a lot more items that players can find and use. Perhaps more quest items, more guardians, etc as well. I loved a lot of this stuff in Shadowlords and would love to see this expanded upon.

I mentioned this before, perhaps in this thread (?), but it’d be awesome if players could get a color editor once they max out a character’s level. But yeah, more outfits, more accessories, more DLC stuff, more skins, more everything. I’ll pay for this stuff if I have to, but more options at both the beginning and more options that can be unlocked through playing would be amazing. As with Shadowlords, I think that this is a great idea that I’d like to see pushed even further in a sequel.

I get the feeling that the game wasn’t really built with these elements in mind, so hopefully that’ll happen with the next one. I appreciate that they tried to placate fans that wanted this stuff, but yeah it’d be really great if they could go the extra mile and really incorporate these elements in to a future game in the best ways possible.

Why would you have to drop anyone for plot reasons. The actual vs fighting mode is non-cannon anyway, so why not have characters on the roster that aren’t part of the plot. I wouldn’t mind.

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We don’t need a new ki, we need this one finished, it’s halfway done. Finish it and it will last another 15 years strong. Don’t count on ms giving a ■■■■ though, they’d rather buy new studios than use the ones they have to maintain their games or make new ones. Fans always falling for that new shiny stuff when there is already plenty currently and in ms history (exclusives) to work with. We don’t need a new ki we need this one finished.

Yeah, that seems about fair, and that looks like it’d about do the trick, though personally I’d like to keep Aganos myself.
Orchid… *sigh *…I never really got the appeal. Not for KI 1, Not for KI 2, And not for KI 2013. I mean I get the whole “she’s got chest and booty” concept, but I just never have really liked her, character or otherwise. She was KI’s token girl before they added in better girls.
Of course this is coming from someone that’s been married for 17 years, not from a single early-mid 20-year-old. The whole relationship with girls category of my life has been more than taken care of, so CG T&A just really doesn’t do it for me. But whatever, to each their own.

As far as breakers, counters, shadows, etc…for sure leave them in. IMHO Instincts could be entirely changed out for something new considering it is simply a temporary buff. Then again that already happened over the course of 2013’s lifetime, so I guess that would just be business as usual. :sweat_smile:

It really wasn’t. Shadow Jago’s Ultimate was originally one Double Helix made for Jago and left on the cutting room floor in the prototype stage of development. After the Amazon buyout happened they quickly slap-dashed a “boss” for Season 1 out of Shago and made a copy of Jago’s temple with a side area somewhere on the stage map to do the aerial slice in his Ultimate and called it a day.

While I won’t argue that KI 2013 would be nice if features we though should have been in there by the end of S3 were suddenly added in a near future patch, I think for the sake of attention and marketing it would be better to draw a line in the sand, call 2013 done and start up a new iteration. It’s the difference between KI being front page news again and a quick footnote “btw, that one game that came out 5 years ago got another update”.

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  1. All the characters from KI-1 and KI-2 return.
  2. Mira, Shin Hisako, Aganos and Kan-Ra return
  3. Everyone gets an ultimate
  4. Humiliations return
  5. Customization expands more.
  6. Cut scenes and a very compelling story would be added.
  7. Retro and new stages return
  8. Any characters that do not return will be DLC
  9. Stage Ultra’s return
  10. Retro Costumes return
  11. New characters include a Naga, Sharkman, elder fighter, to name a few.
  12. Add a ladder mode
  13. Release on Steam and Xbox.

Honestly after this playing this game for about 4 years, I can’t imagine finding heavy violence very fitting. Watching these characters get impaled on spikes or have their throat slit on-screen would probably feel too much like MK to me.

I’m not exactly opposed to it, but I’d have to see it to be sold on it. I’m fine with the emphasis on poppy, stylish animations with a bit of blood and non-graphic executions (akin to a PG-13 superhero movie or comic book) that we have now.

Halfway? Describe to me the 50% of game content that’s missing from this game. Yes, a few ultimates could be added and some stuff could be fixed here and there, but that combined amounts to about 2%. If that. Where’s the other 48%? Obviously I’m not being literal with the 48%, but if you’re telling me that half of the game isn’t done or doesn’t exist, can you elaborate a little more?

Well, games still exist when sequels come out. Tekken 3 is still an amazing game even though Tekken 7 exists. So you can play and enjoy this game for another 15 years or 50 years if you’d like and I’m sure I’d like to as well. But that fact alone doesn’t make a sequel unnecessary. I’d like a new game with new stages, new characters, a new story and some new gameplay mechanics and modes. None of that takes away from how much I like and enjoy this game though.

Microsoft doesn’t own Iron Galaxy. I even asked Dave Lang on Twitter if he could see IG becoming part of the MS family at some point and he told me point blank that IG is going to remain independent for now. So there’s no studio to maintain KI 2013. IG stopped working on this game a year and a half ago. There are some great people that still work on upkeep though, and for that, I sincerely thank them.

If they do decide to make a new KI, they’ll either contract with IG again, they’ll get one of their new studios to work on it, or they’ll contract with a new studio. Hopefully one of those things happens! :slight_smile:

It’s not “falling for that shiny new stuff” to want a sequel to a game that you enjoy. Game sequels grow and evolve core elements and make for new, and sometimes even better experiences. Where would we be if Shiguru Miyamoto decided to stop with Super Mario 1 because it was a great game that didn’t need sequels? Imagine how many great games we wouldn’t have if all devs just stopped at their first effort. No Assassins Creed Odyssey, no Red Dead 2, no Mortal Kombat X… We wouldn’t even have this game if Rare and then MS decided that the original KI was it. So I’m not really sure I understand that mentality.

This game still exists and it’s still fun to play, but I’m at 106%. I have nothing else to unlock in the entire game. I still love playing it here and there, but I also want a new experience with these characters, this gameplay, this story and this world. I don’t get why that would be a foreign concept in any genre, much less fighting games.

I like him too, but based on the comic, I’m not sure how possible that would be. I put a way to rewrite him in to the story as a “new” character above, so I’m sure it could be done. I liked him too.

I think back in the 90’s there were token women in fighters and a lot of time (okay a VAST majority of the time), they were used primarily as sex appeal. I think some fighting games are finally starting to come out of that a bit and I think KI’s one of them. I don’t think she’s just the T&A anymore, nor should she be.

To me, she’s Jago’s sister, she has a history with her dad, a power she doesn’t overly understand, and she’s the leader of an underground resistance. I think there’s a lot to her background that can be explored, and I think she can be pretty compelling all around. I do agree that a lot of the women that came after her in the game are more interesting in certain respects, especially in terms of moves (just my opinion), but I think that’s something that can be evolved in the next game.

LOL too true, for sure! Yeah, I wouldn’t mind instinct being changed out for something else, though I’m not sure what that would be. I just like the idea of two instincts, where one has passive buffs and lasts longer and one is more outwardly offense and showy and what not, but doesn’t last as long. I think some characters in this game, while having useful instincts, kinda pulled the short straws when compared to other characters that got some really cool stuff they could use. Maybe this way, everyone gets some cool stuff and everyone gets some fun buffs?

But yeah, I’m not married to that idea by any means. I’d love to see what else they could come up with.

Wow, I didn’t even know that. I figured they just used largely blacked out areas and more or less went off-screen. No kidding…

What type of customization would you like to see? Just curious.

I think it’d be cool to have a retro stage pack as a preorder bonus or a higher tier bonus for a more expensive version or something like that. Maybe they pick four stages and let us vote on the fifth one? Definitely want to see Spinal’s from the original KI, Sabrewulf’s from the original KI, Kim Wu’s, Tusk’s and Gargos.

Not sure how feasible that would be, but even if it were only one or two stages, it’d still be cool to have and I know I’d spend a little extra or preorder for them!

I would put that with the caveat that I don’t really need to see the same guests again, but yeah, it’d certainly be nice to get all of the other characters in somehow.

Yeah, and I think that last part there is key. MK is the big purveyor of over the top violence. That’s kinda their shtick. KI may have copied that back in the day, but I don’t see any reason why KI would need to copy MK now. Let KI be it’s own thing. Sure, have it be dark, moody, dystopian and yeah, a little violent, but I don’t personally think it should be on MK’s level in this regard. I wouldn’t mind seeing them push the T rating a lot harder, if possible (and who knows, maybe it’s not), but I don’t personally need it to be MA.

Yeah I’m fine with that too. For me, KI has always been at it’s best when it’s showing off it’s style. It’s got the booming announcer, the awesome music, the long combos, the lightning fast gameplay, the exploding particle effects… To me, that’s the “soul” of this game, if such a thing can realistically be quantified.

I would like to see them add a bit more style in terms of the pre-match loading screen, the victory pose screen etc like they had in the original KI, where the characters were by themselves, doing something or posing or whatever. I think that those could be updated in some really cool ways to really show off who the characters are and also add some more style.

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Welp you can change the color of some of the costumes. More accessories ect.

I could just add in retro stages overtime if necessary,

I’d probabley leave out guests as a whole. I beleive a fighting game franchise shouldn’t have to sell out their identity. Not to mention it’d be sad for someone to call KI “that game with Rash in it” I’d like KI to be remembered when someone asks about one of the KI casts say thing slike “That raptor” or “Ninja with a sword” ect.

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But guest characters are awesome

Fighting games would get too dependent on them though. Before you know it that’s all people will remember that particular game for.

We’ve beaten this topic to death on these forums, especially me. There is no point in trying to market this game as exclusive to Xbox again, it’s a fighting game…they tried it already and it didn’t work. MS has been buying a ton of studios to make first party games, so from my POV they can afford to give up a single IP and make it multi-platform especially if the numbers can be a lot higher in terms of sales. Call me crazy but that’s what I believe.

Well I added this because it follows the idea it would be a multi-platform game, but they could still offer bonuses for playing the Xbox version like special costumes or even an additional stage or something. Obviously they couldn’t limit characters because of tournaments but it would be nice.

Killer Instinct was an amazing tournament game but it suffered from lack of entrants for blatantly known reasons. Now that the game would be multi-platform adding a huge pot bonus to tournaments would incentivise it even more and make the game worth entering.

Microsoft needs to show they are willing to support the game. We had community funds previously which is fine, but if that’s the route they want to take they have to do more of then and more often. Make special costume packs or stages to sell and some of those funds would go to tournaments. I still fail to understand why this wasn’t done more for KI2013.

I did an entire podcast about this topic and to be clear I don’t want KI to be ultra gory like MK. I want the game to be rated M to lift any and all restrictions they wanted to have creatively. Seeing Mira’s blood for example be grey instead of red or some of the Ultimates cut off screen because they can’t show what’s happening was saddening. Also the original arcade versions of the game were rated M as well, I don’t see the problem is taking KI back to how it started which is a bunch of funny trope characters with no limits.

I want a new KI game to be done right, I don’t want corners to be cut and make a bunch of the same mistakes that happened with KI2013. If Microsoft and whatever team that helps don’t feel like they can make the best game possible and do whats best for it then don’t bother. I don’t mean that in a bad way because obviously there are tons of fans who would love a new game but that’s just catering to the few snowflakes…we want the next KI to go somewhere and be the next mainstay like Street Fighter…the only thing that’s stopping that from happening is the companies willingness to invest in it.

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…that’s not blood. KI has blood in spades already. Mira’s grey “fluid” is something that comes from her gauntlet.
It’d be kinda silly to say that Mira has been censored in the blood color department when Sabrewulf since day one can paint the whole visible floor of the stage red with a few swipes.
But the blood effects is one of those things that does become visible white noise after you’ve played KI a few months.

Only if done right, and not screwed over by the license holder (e.g. Kratos in MK9 being ruined by Sony’s nonsense). To this day I’m still surprised characters like Leatherface (in MKX) and General RAAM (in KI) still turned out as good as they did, they were characters that nobody asked for when they were confirmed. On a side note I hope Namco can make Negan in Tekken 7 good, since Akuma, Geese, and especially Noctis turned out amazing IMO.

Which is sadly the case with Soul Calibur 2, even to this day people legit say the game is worthless if you’re not playing the Gamecube version with Link in it. Honestly disgraceful, even without guests SC2 is still one of the best games in the series, if not the best.

As I said in another topic, Sony was hard on the mentality of “We want nothing to do with our competitors” and similar talks over the years, and only allowed crossplay for Fortnite/Rocket League to escape the grave they themselves dug with the account lockout incident (and even then they’re still going “You didn’t win!” to everyone). The only way KI’s being anywhere near a Playstation system is for MS to completely sever ties with it, and let some other publisher get the IP instead.

With that said, if MS did go that route, I could see Devolver Digital or THQ Nordic being good fits for KI, in the fact that they wouldn’t let it die like other big publishers these days (like how EA had System Shock and did nothing with it for over a decade).

I agree, going M-rated is the only way they can ideally do that, but even then it should only be on the level of KI1’s violence (technically the most violent game in the series). Having a T rating for this game pretty much forced them to water it down like KI2, though unlike KI2’s “fall over and die” mentality for most of it’s terrible finishers they at least got some decent looking animations for this game, I’ll give it that at least.

Also the old games were rated T on their Nintendo home releases with the violence mostly intact (some stuff was removed since consoles couldn’t render all of it back then), just a sign of the times I guess.

Well the concept art for Mira shows blood on her gauntlets instead of liquid metal, which implies she was probably gonna be like Jedah in the old Darkstalkers games. Personally I don’t care either way, but I can see where he was getting at in regards to toning down certain aspects of the game for the T rating.

Also I agree that the blood becomes almost invisible when you stop focusing on it (which is not hard because of the MvC-levels of particle effects). Hopefully a new game would balance that better.

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That’s likley why SC-2 is looked at as the best game in the series too.

I’m kind of glad Mira’s attacks aren’t blood red. It would blend in a bit too much with current blood and would just be harder to see. The silver gray is much more visible.


This may actually be why it is silver. :thinking:

I agree that it’s a dead horse, but still… How do we know it didn’t work? It was a smaller budget sequel to a game that hasn’t been relevant for 20 years and it was released piecemeal, with the first piece coming at launch. What are the metrics for success at MS and how do you know they failed to reach their goals?

I mean, it’s not like you can go off of turnout at tournaments. That’s a miniscule portion of players actually buying and playing the game. Less than 1%, I’d wager. Plus there are other mitigating factors. The FGC isn’t overly welcoming to new games, especially by western developers. This particular game was always going to have an uphill battle regardless of which system(s) it was released on. Do you honestly think it would’ve been a much easier hill to climb if the game were also on PS4? I mean, what does that translate to? Some more people at tourneys? A small bump in sales? Is it really worth losing an incentive to join Xbox’s ecosystem?

Well, we don’t know what the sales were and we don’t know what the impact of the sales would be versus the cost of porting it to Sony’s system. As far as them being able to afford to give up an IP, again, why would they willingly lose an incentive to get people to buy their hardware (the first party’s number one goal) and to be in and spend in their ecosystem (the second goal)?

You really think sales on a competing system would mitigate those lost factors? It’s not like we’re talking about Minecraft here.

So in addition to losing potential revenue in the form of lost console sales and lost ecosystem ongoing sales, you want them to compound those losses by adding bigger pots… I mean sure, maybe people watch the game at EVO and decide to buy it on PS4 or whatever. That’s certainly possible. But will luring in the curious buyers on both consoles offset the amount spent? Who knows.

Agreed. I tend to wonder that myself. I assume that if it were possible, it would’ve been done, but who knows. It certainly seems like a good idea to me.

Fair enough. I can respect that. I don’t think that’s really the direction MS wants to go with this game, but I get what you’re saying. I don’t think we need to go back to old KI just because it was old KI. I mean, things grow and change and evolve over time. Assassins Creed Odyssey versus the original Assassins Creed, for example. Tons of differences. Mortal Kombat versus Mortal Kombat X. Same deal. It’s not like NRS should be stuck using digitized graphics just because that’s what they did in the old games, but going back to a 2D plane made a lot of sense and I’m glad they did that.

So yeah, some things seem like natural fits, while some things seem more likely lost to previous generations as things grow, change and evolve. I think some people are okay with all of this, some are okay with certain aspects, and some decided fairly early on that this wasn’t what they wanted out of KI and that’s fine too.

I just want a game that’s dark, foreboding and dystopian, with a serious and complex / compelling story to tell and yeah, I think there should be some violence. I’m with you on the interpretive ultimates. Some of them are great, and some of them maybe leave a little too much up to the imagination.

Maybe they could’ve pushed the T rating further? Who knows. Though I also agree that I don’t want KI to just be an MK clone, with organs exposed and all that stuff. It’s honestly one of my least favorite parts of MK and it’s kinda become jarring now; having this serious story with characters that behave in somewhat realistic ways and then oh hey, there are their organs and D’vorah is vomiting maggots in to Mileena’s mouth. Cool? lol

Gotcha. Do it right or don’t do it at all. I hear ya. I love the way KI 2013 ultimately turned out, even on a budget, so if they had to do a sequel on a budget, I’d be all for it and I’d hope that they learned from their unique experience making this game. Maybe that might help them avoid some of the pitfalls.

But yeah, in an ideal world, MS would see the potential in this franchise based on just how awesome and how unique this current game is and decide to really make it part of their elite family along with Halo, Gears and Forza. I honestly believe in the quality of the gameplay experience so much that I think it deserves to be up there, and I’d hope that the good will they gained throughout the life cycle of this game would propel the series on to future success if MS invested a bit more.

I would like a season 4. I don’t know what would be the meaning of resetting the game. Would it be for better graphics? I don’t think the graphics are bad right now and i do not believe that they would be so much better if there was a new game. Would it be for diffenent gameplay? I think that if the developers wanted to expand the gameplay, this could happen in this game.
I think that a reset would kill KI. You do not have to create a new game when people are still playing the existing one. There are about 500 killers now playing in ranked, one and a half year after eagle was out. People are still learning this game.
There are things in this game that could take so much expansion like SL. Resetting SL for what?
This game can be a great base for another 3 seasons of expansion. New moves, stages, characters. I think a sequel would only reduce the game. Less characters, stages, options for no reason.


While you guys are going back and forth about a Season 4 or a new Killer Instinct sequel, I’m over here waiting for this year’s KI Q&A like:

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PS. I’m on Team Season 4; there’s no reason not to expand upon the awesome foundation that we already have, we just got the latest patch in AUGUST, Shadow Lords has a galaxy of potential to expand the KI universe, and don’t any of you act like you’d be disappointed if Xbox announced that we’re getting another 8 or 9 fighters in 2019! Give me Sharkman, please! :skull::purple_heart::shark: