How would you feel if Microsoft comissioned Netherealm for KI2?

Kinda off-topic but I’ll give my opinion about MKX, the one game I played from NRS. The first FG game I had on my Xbox One was MKX. I played it for a month maybe and stopped for good. Yeah, very good story mode. IG could improve this part of the game - Shadow Lord could have more video scenes, and S1 and S2 characters have story with just images. I love KI’s story and characters, the characters in particular are awesome! MKX has good graphics (KI has good graphics in my opinion as well), but I don’t know. I didn’t like the way the fights were. KI I’m always taking a break from, but I’m always watching stuff from this game. The battles are much more enjoyable to watch, and the narrator from this game omg. “C-C-Combo Breaker”, “C-C-Counter Breaker”, “ONE - TWO - THREE!”, these are some of the things that excite me when I watch a match in KI. My opinion: KI >> MKX

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Nobody actually can make fire from their hands or teleport.

Lmao what a meltdown.

Most of FGC claim KI dead and won’t even try it out, and I don’t pester them that they bash my favourite fighting game.

MK4 was my first fighting game, and I was MK die hard fan until 2015. I have 400 hours on MKX. Thought of it as best thing on Earth since invention of sliced bread. Then tried 3rd Strike and KI and I liked these more. Stop lording me around for disliking certain aspects of a given game. If you like it, what do other people’s opinion have to do with it?

Id like to see KI with Iron galaxy as we are custom too with the budget and story modes/ game modes of NRS.
IG can do the combat and character development with MS and NRS can do the story mode/ cut scenes.


Now, don’t take this the wrong way, but that may be your fanboyism that prevents you to keep an open mind and listen to his criticism. When you like something a lot and people say something bad about it, people tend to feel it kinda personally. That’s called bias, and it’s natural to have towards things you like, but because of that it’s hard to be openminded and stay objective.

You can be a fan of something and acknowledge its flaws and want it to be improved.


Yeah the 50/50’s are egregious, for sure. Maybe it’s just what I’ve seen, but online it feels like “open someone up, do your biggest, most damaging combo… repeat.” I could be wrong though.

I think the animations look good, they just seem to happen too fast, so maybe I’m wrong (again) because it does make everything feel choppy.

As for the music though, I couldn’t agree more. I’m trying to remember if it’s Vogel that handles the music or if he has a team or what the deal is, but MK hasn’t had anything even close to a decent soundtrack since what… MK2? MK1 on the Genesis had an awesome soundtrack, but I don’t think that was even handled by Midway. I think Probe or whoever ported it redid the soundtrack because the Genesis allowed for more than what the SNES and arcade versions could handle in that department.

At least up until this point, I don’t see a ton of NRS bashing. Some, but not a lot. I like NRS games too. I think most people simply don’t like the inherent flaws that come with the stuff NRS is really good at. Some simply don’t want that trade off. I’d personally rather have a game that looks worse and maybe doesn’t have the cool style of an NRS game if it means having more uniquely designed characters, better overall gameplay and less gimmicks.

That’s not a slight on NRS, even if it looks like it is, believe me. It’s just that in my opinion and in the opinion of others here that I’ll try not to speak for, there are certain things that NRS is good at and there are certain things that IG is good at, and I tend to prioritize what IG is good at.

For what it’s worth, I don’t play the game at a high level either. I think most here don’t, though some do, of course. This feels a little like reverse snobbery to me though. Don’t just assume that because someone’s really good at the game that they automatically think everything’s crap.

Honestly, if you’re trying to decide who should develop the next game, you’re going to list some cons along with the pros. That doesn’t equate to spreading negativity. I know some had a kneejerk reaction like “oh hell no, I don’t want NRS on this game.” But some are explaining why and I think many of us know what NRS does well.

Also, I for one LOVE the story of MK games! They’ve also created some really cool characters over the years, especially the newbies in MKX. Can’t wait for MK11. But if we’re talking about developing a whole game, then there’s obviously more (a lot more), than story. I think that’s the stuff some are taking in to consideration.

Yeah, I personally want more Mortal Kombat above NRS’ take on Killer Instinct.

Some flawless logic here. Agree 100%.

C’mon man, he’s entitled to his opinion. If you don’t like it, that’s fine. He’s not trying to make you feel bad for liking the games that you like. A lot of people on here like Mortal Kombat and Injustice and for those that don’t, that’s fine too.

Personally, I’m not a huge Street Fighter fan. Never have been. I hate charging moves, I hate a lot of the character designs, the story doesn’t do it for me, and the overall gameplay never really felt fun to me. That’s not to say that I hate SF. There are things that I like about it. Things that I appreciate about it. But no one should feel bad for liking SF, nor would I expect them to simply because I’m not as in to it as others are.

So don’t worry if someone disagrees with you. It’s okay. :slight_smile:


I think NRS makes very good games. That said, I want them nowhere near the next KI.

NRS games have a very unique feel and style to them. I think that style works for both MK and Injustice, but it’s not a style I want to see in Killer Instinct. Their character animations are often clunky and awkward (see Sith’s video above, 9:37), the juggles just look off, and there’s a lack of fluidity to things that just doesn’t work for me if we’re talking about applying it to KI.

Again, I think NRS makes good games. But their design choices (both stylistically and as a matter of gameplay) just aren’t something I’d ever want to see applied to Killer Instinct.

Random pet peeve of mine: people who request character interactions before the fight are asking the team to either remove considerable personality from the characters (Thunder and Eagle losing their Nez Perce language to converse in English) or make utterly no sense at all (what does Riptor say to Glacius exactly?). I love the character interactions of MKX and Injustice 2 - but they do not make any sense within the context of modern Killer Instinct.


NRS have a cinematic approach to music. And fans have every right to enjoy it, and it works in certain aspects. But I prefer when music in fighting game is upbeat headbanger to set me in a mood to fight. The closest to this style IMO was MK2 (Living Forest, Kahn’s Arena) and MK4 (Goro’s Lair remix blows me away to this day, The Well and Ice Pit are also honorable mentions).

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Flights of fantasy have nothing to do with actual body physics. Watch Scorpion’s idle animation. The positioning of his arms and legs has no physical purpose. There was a youtube video that went into detail about this. And it’s true, almost all the idle animations, movements, and such are physically implausible. They make no since. It’s as if the animators have no real idea as to how the human body works.

Has this problem spread to Injustice 2. Just curious.

Yes actually.

Honestly this isn’t a BIG problem, as most of the time your character isn’t standing there, and there is generally so much going on that it’s hard to notice, but once you do, it’s hard not to see it.

thung idle

Midway/NRS games were always like this. I think Ed Boon thinks it’s cool when characters bounce around and everybody in the office is scared to tell him otherwise :grin:

It’s supposed to look like a cheesy over-the-top kung-fu Movie. The Mortal Kombat Movie May have many many problems, but it reflects the intended tone of the source material. It’s not supposed to be serious. At least, in the actual matches. The story mode cinematically have a completely different tone and it’s confusing.

Ragnarok’s point is not that people can throw hadoukens. His point is that if someone is going to chuck a fireball, there’s a way to do it that makes sense physically. Look again at the timestamp I gave above, where Kitana throws that awkward-■■■ down+1. Now, all fighting games have animations that, strictly speaking, just don’t work. Hisako’s cr.LK has zero power behind it, for instance, ditto most low pokes in most fighting games. As it turns out, there aren’t really a lot of ways you can crouch and kick someone in real life and make it accomplish something. But the MKX down+1’s are something special, even in that rarefied space. Out of all the possible ways to kick someone in the shins, that is quite possibly the worst. Not only does it not even have the appearance of power, but it looks like the character should be falling over from the attempt.

The “clunky” animations that people talk about when referencing NRS games usually fall along that line, where something not only wouldn’t work in real life, but doesn’t even look like it works within the context of the game. In Wulf’s cr.LK he bites you in the shins, in Aganos’ he projects his face at you like a punch. These both look like they actually have impact within the context of the game, but also would probably hurt in real life if a golem or werewolf hit you with it. For Jago’s cr.LK, he extends his foot out from his crouch and quickly retracts it. If someone ever hit you with that in real life you’d probably go “:confused:”, but within the context of the game the motion is fluid, balanced (in the sense of how he supports himself throughout), and perhaps most importantly, it is quick. A really good animator once said that the most terrible thing you can do to an animation is to slow it down - all animators cheat to some extent, and slowing things down tends to reveal those cheats. The problem is that NRS games’ paces are generally slower to begin with, so those cheats become noticeable even without any outsider frame stepping through. Jago’s cr.LK takes something like 10 frames from start-up to recovery. Kitana’s down+1 looks more awkward to begin with, but also takes like twice the time. Enough time for a viewer to notice “wow…shouldn’t she be tipping over or something?”

It’s not like NRS’ animations for everything are terrible, mind you - some of their stuff (particularly in Injustice 2) actually looks really, really good. But even that game has some really awkwardly animated things. KI does too of course, but I’ll personally take KI jank over MKX/Injustice 2 jank any day of the week.

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I can’t remember who, but someone described the MK team/NRS perfectly by calling them “A bunch of white dudes who like kung fu movies”, and that sums up the entire MK franchise pretty well.

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Heh. I won’t knock NRS over having nonsense fighting poses. Have you ever seen how Vegeta squares up? :joy:



Honestly, it’s been difficult to put my finger on why I have a harder time playing NRS games after playing KI, but I definitely feel it. The timing just feels off on a lot of things, especially jumping attacks, cross ups, timing in combos…

I think that the timing windows just feel a bit too small, and since the animations don’t come out quite as responsively as I’m used to, well: Smaller window plus longer / slower animation tends to lead to lead to unintended consequences for me: Dropped combos, whiffed attacks or punishes, etc.

The weird part is that everything feels speedy in MK and Injustice, so to have these combos that can go off so quickly, plus the characters near spastic movements, I dunno. It just creates this sort of “hurry up” sense, but then that’s almost offset by how imprecise the timing windows feel, so for me, it leads to some frustration.

Mind you, I’m not saying that this happens all the time. I’m just saying that for me, I’ll mess up more often in MK then in KI. It also makes certain button combinations a bit more difficult than they might normally be in other games. It just leads to an overall feeling like I’m not always able to do what you want, exactly when you want and that’s crucial for a fighting game, even as a low level player.

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Uh no.

I like Tekken 7, KI, and even Marvel.

I just don’t like the way some devs are going on some games.
I will ALWAYS remember how WB and NRS “solve” Jason’ update on MKX…
I will always remember how Capcom just ignore his community by non-adding X-men characters on the new marvel.

I don’t feel NRS will be a good idea to reboot KI because KI and MKX are just too different gameplay, graphics and even mechanics usuals.
NRS are good for realistics graphics (Look IJ2. it’s badass), but not for some comics games such KI and Marvel.

It’s jsut too different, and adapting a game to another genre will kill the magic inthere

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There are some exceptions to the rule, but they are few.