How would you feel if Microsoft comissioned Netherealm for KI2?

LoL… yeah but wheres the fun in in that ? :wink:

I didn’t think until now…what if they weren’t coming back. Who would take their place? Who can live up to their amazing work?

Also remember people this is all hypothetical!!!

I don’t think NRS would really “get” modern KI, nor have they really given me any reason to believe they can make one that lives up to the smoothness and fidelity of game we have now. So I’m in the nay camp here.


I think it’s interes that people are only talking about NRS’s recent titles. But NetherRealm is actually the exact same studio as Midway Chicago. Just rebranded. I’m not entirely sure what they have developed in the past, but I know that they CAN make more than just “NRS Fighting Games”. I don’t know how well they would do KI. But it’s not like MK and Injustice style fighters is all they know.

My answer to that topic.

Tbh, Gameplay on this KI feels so good/smooth than NRS/IJass.

IJ/MKX have an engine mostly for realistic graphics, not comics such KI.
If NRS take this game, i gonna already say this would be a big mess.


I absolutely hate how NRS games play, so no.

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Nah, I’d rather NRS focus on making the next Mortal Kombat for now.
Besides, NRs is under the Warner Bros banner. Microsoft can’t commission them to make a game, because they don’t work freelance. Then Microsoft and WB had to team up to make some collaborated project, but since Microsoft wants their games to be for exclusive platforms (Xbox and PC), I doubt it would ever happen.

The game would most likely play a lot like MK and Injustice then, which would change the direction of the current KI a lot, and I don’t think that’s something people would want. I love MK and Injustice, but I don’t want KI to be like them. Variation is the spice of life, after all.

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I’ll just leave this here

Unless they fire their animation team then no thanks.


It’s true, though they improved a lot of things in MKX, the animations kinda lacked. Hopefully that will be improved upon in the next game.

The weird thing is, NRS Studios have resources and equipment to make top notch animations, but they just seem to not know how a fighter character should behave and move.

Like, why Jason can stand still with intimidating posture, but the ruler of Outworld Kotal Kahn waves his hands, fingers and upper body as if his butt was itching.

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Perhaps NRS is more concerned with Making the games they wana to make and everybody elses vision be damned.

Similar to From Software and the Souls Games…

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Im not a fan of nrs fighters as a whole. So if they made the next ki I’d pbly not like it


No… nrs make a game and drop it. Unless ms forces them in contract to put forth the effort ig and dh did. The game would be ■■■■

Agreed, I’ve always felt that their animations were clunky and rigid. I’m also not a fan of NRS’s combo system. It’s pretty much dial a combo with no fluidity.

I’ve never been a big fan of NRS games, the gameplay always felt “clunky” for lack of a better term. While their games do look great and their story and single player modes are fantastic I can never stick around long enough to care. If they were to make the gameplay the same as it is in KI or improve on it then sure but if all we’d get is KI MK edition then I’ll hold on to my money.

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You do know that this is a matter of OPINION! Stop lording yours around like they are facts! It’s annoying. I don’t come to the forums to feel bad for liking the games I like! So, please stop.

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Why do so many people hate NRS? They make good games. And games that I like. The stuff I see people complaining about feels like they are just looking for things to complain about. Considering this “animation” problem hasn’t come up in ANY critical reviews I’ve read… you can understand why I grow suspicious.

Usually fanboyism.
Some people like one fighting game and then hates on all the others, because they’re “just not as good”. Thing is, Street Fighter fanboys would say the same about other fighting games, so will NRS fanboys, etc… Personally I like fighting games overall and I appreciate the differences.

As for the animations in NRS games, if you watch the video above, you’ll see why some people dislike them. I find it understandable.


Agreed. The idle animations in NRS games make no physical since. They create them because they look cool, but nobody moves that way.

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I couldn’t get through it because his legitimate critique was overshone by things like “the characters have no character” and stupid opinion ■■■■ that was just making me mad. If you want to make a genuine critique, you cannot and MUST not do stuff like that. Because anyone with a different opinion than you who you MAY have swayed just feels insulted and leaves.