How would you feel if Microsoft comissioned Netherealm for KI2?

Their art direction is fantastic. Their engine is top notch. I have a feeling they would be expensive. But I question whether they can implement KI’s fighting system, since it differs a great deal from NRS games. Thoughts?

For some reason it just makes sense to me. NRS is THE fighting game studio right now that just does fighting games. Why not pay them to make KI2?


Hell nah


Let me see if I can express this as delicately as I can:
If NRSwas making the next game… then its I’d wait and see first.
If IG was brought back to make it then it would be an instant PreOrder.

Hope that was Helpful. :wink:


Couldn’t have said it better than that.


I love Mortal Kombat. It’s my all time favorite franchise going back to the first game’s arrival in arcades. NRS makes some truly beautiful games with fantastic facial animations, cool individual select screen movements, great writing (from intros to the story mode)… They’re excellent at making a game look cool.

That said, I wouldn’t want them anywhere near Killer Instinct.

The recent MK’s, for all they have going for them, still feel really choppy to me. The jumping always feel off, whether it’s hit detection, speed… I honestly can’t explain it. Characters can do really cool moves, but the combos and the sum total of what makes an MK game just isn’t as fun for me to play as this version of Killer Instinct.

I love how IG makes the characters feel so different, and how the systems work together flawlessly without feeling like tacked on gimmicks or relatively pointless graphical showcases. I get it, MK’s next game will be its eleventh mainline title, while KI only has three, so KI can rely a bit more on doing more of the same and improving upon what it did before than MK can.

But from a pure gameplay perspective, I just think that this version of KI is deeper, more fun, more cohesive and more rewarding then most MK games I’ve ever played. NRS does the surface stuff brilliantly, and I’d love to see a KI game look as streamlined and as gorgeous, from the UI to the characters, etc, and to have a dark, foreboding, consistent style. But I’d never sacrifice what IG can do with character designs and overall gameplay to get that.

Hopefully, if there’s a new KI, IG is at the helm, and this time they have the ability to build their own engine and code / create the game they want to make, from the ground up, with more graphical polish, more of a consistent style, etc, rather than having to take over someone else’s game and use their engine as best they can.


Hell no. Their music and animations departments are wack. Also they would make like three more monks alongside with Jago, five Disavowed agents, 4 dinosaurs, and 3 African American boxers. Also metagame would revolve around rushdown 50/50’s.





I have a feeling that the people who will respond to this post are the ones who hate the idea, and the ones who like the idea will just be content with liking the post and moving on. This is the problem with internet communication.

Also, I’m sick of people NetherRealm bashing. I really like Mortal Kombat and Injustice. I also really like KI. I like Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom, but not that much. I don’t play any games at a high level. I think that playing a game like that ruins it because you become a super nitpickey player who overcriticises every little thing about the game. I could go on and on with every problem I have with the games I don’t like, but USUALLY I don’t. I’m sure I have at some point, but I try not to make a habit of it. Spreading blatant negativity is not helpful to any ongoing game discussion. People like NeatherRealm’s games. And some of the complaints i’ve Seen can only come from people who don’t even know anything beyond the surface of the game’s story and characters. If you don’t like it, then that’s fine. Just hit dislike and move on. Don’t be a jerk about it.

Also, is there a way to block certain responders from your feed like on Facebook. So their posts just don’t show up unless you seek them out. I feel like that would be a good quality of life thing for the forums.

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I’d buy if the visuals were Injustice 2 quality. The gameplay has to stay true to what Double Helix started. Those are the two requirements. Without them no buy. Also Mick Gordon or Atlas and Celldweller need to come back.

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Personally I don’t feel like it would be a good idea, sure the visuals are great and all but NeatherRealm games have never really stuck with me…I have both injustice 1 & 2 and played a lot of Mortal Kombat but I’ve never had that much connection to the system as I did with KI. It’s combat feels…just off to me. Could be the slower nature of the game. If NeatherRealm went the same direction in creating KI as they did the other games, I would be extremely hesitant that I would fall in love with the game.

Now NeatherRealm isn’t bad. Just that the products do not show promise that they can make a faithful and innovative successor to KI (many seem to agree with this.) Now they can make a good game, but who knows it’s all hypothetical.


Well, maybe it’s just the fault of the supporters to not share their opinion on the matter. The only ones who’ll get their voice heard the most will obviously be the ones who respond, and it seems that a majority disapproves of the idea.

Also…I don’t like the idea of muting others solely due to the fact that they spread their negativity towards a subjective question. All the responses really are a voice of the majority at the moment. It’s better to take their opinions then just muting them out. As long as there is no rude comments or trolling then you shouldn’t mute others.

Maybe you can base the discusssion on why people don’t like the idea if you’re not able to talk about the opposite


There are just certain people who only post negative non-constructive feedback. They just say “this is ■■■■ and you should feel bad” not “I don’t like this and this is how it could be better”. That’s not helpful, and I don’t want to give them the time of day.

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Ehh… I don’t know what to say. But I don’t want to see new KI with NRS combat for some reason.

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This is something I absolutely do not want. KI does not need that sort of gameplay.

Ig there are the cases on non-constructive criticism. But as long as there is no insults it’s all good for me.

nah that was MKX, the metagame would be zoning and abusing gimmicks

I’m fine with if NRS make horror movie fighting game or other game like Injustice with NRS combat. But I think KI with NRS combat is bad idea. I prefer IG create new KI game.


Pass. Let NRS do their thing. It’s like hiring Brazzers to shoot a wedding.

There is a distinct distance in "game feel"s between NRS and traditional 2D fighters, ala KI or SF. I don’t think a KI via NRS would play or feel remotely familiar, and thus would warrant a hard pass.


stick with IG frpm the ground up this time if they want it, they know KI and community inside out by now and are FG gamers (Keits got top 8 in a major)

This is all assuming NRS only knows one way of making a fighting game… There’s a whole lot of talent working at NRS, many with years of competitive fighting game experience and at least a casual understanding of the competition’s titles.
It’d be fun to see what they can do given the base skeleton of KI’s combo mechanics and ideals. I don’t think IG should be taken away from the project just yet (give them the chance to work on KI from the ground up, not work on something started by someone else), but it would definitely pique my curiosity.

Killer Instinct 2? Sure!! Would love to see one of my fave games remade with new graphics and lore! (Including character interaction a la NRS style!).
I like KI2 mechanics, a lot! So,I would suggest they’ll keep that and work on some balance and getting rid of some glitchy stuff.

New KI,third edition, has a strong SF base. Now I see why the game also feels so different from the originals.
No idea what will happen with a fourth edition,and even I do like how KI3 (or KI SL edition) looks like and style, I don’t expect it to be a copy. I would like something different.

PS: I’ve been playing the old ones these days. Gosh,I really missed them.
Also played a bit of Darkstalkers, saw and confirmed it shared a big deal of things with new KI. It’s not wrong to say that last KI it’s more an anime fighter than the originals. Still, it’s sad ir didn’t get more ppl in Asia u.u

Killer Instinct Rebirth!!!? (Ki3)