How to play Double Helixs Killer instinct season one (tutorial)

Have you ever wanted to go back and play the original season 1 ? Well heres how :

You will need a external hardrive and the physical copy of KI. The first thing you do is put all your KI saves onto your external hardrive. Once that is done create a new Microsoft account ( or use a account that has never played KI before ) . Unplug your external hardrive . Go offline on your new proflie and put in the disc. You will have to install the base game first ( it can be a bit glitchy but just keep trying ) Once the base game is downloaded you can play season 1 in all its broken glory. Once you are finished playing uninstall the game.

Below is a video I made showing off some changes/broken stuff in KI season 1 as well as comparing it to KI season 3 . Enjoy


My god. So much has changed. And it’s been 3 years!


I love the old Jago Shadow effects!


Just goes to show you how much effort was put in by ig these last 3 years


Whoa the main menu was so different back then lol I have never seen that before.

Spinal also looked really good with green skulls!


I wish his skulls were still green imo


I kind of do too. It would be awesome if his skulls were green to match his spectral manuals and then they could be purple during instinct or something. The green looks so good, plus that is what they are when they are floating behind him lol


Huh, that’s real neat! :smiley:
But of note:
Fulgore had auto-triples in S1, they just used a different (and IMO better) input. Holding the button down rather than double-tapping it.

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Well â– â– â– â– 

Wow, nice work on this! I haven’t played S1 but I used to watch videos and stuff very close to keep track on the game, but not that much because I was kind of sad that I couldn’t play it because X1 wasn’t available in my country =(

I would have loved to play Wulf back then, he seemed too powerful! look at that backdash! =O (well, S2 Wulf was a little too much and was overused by many players to get easy damage with unreactable combos like many other characters from s2 that were beasts).

BTW, what was up with the Red Dead Redemption GUI style? XD I still like S2 UI better than the last one. The last one have some details that I’m just not feeling. I think the choice of purple is ok , I just don’t like the green too much. S2 still was and amazing work on GUI. But the added animations on the select screen are cool. About the lighting, I have mixed feelings. I liked s2 aspects…s3 has too much contrast and everything seems at the same level, but when playing I think is not affecting me that much, but well, I usually play in stages without to many effects.

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OMG! That Jago Fullscreen Windkick, dude I genuinely love you for posting this.


No problem glad you liked it


After watching this I feel the purple shadow cloud was added due to laziness in the developers not wanting to make it work with all the newly added characters or because they couldn’t make the game run smoothly with it in after the graphics upgrade.

Dude. That’s all I had to say.

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They still had the ultra speed up still…eh…

This is what I miss from season 1. If you haven’t seen this video, you don’t know what an Ultra really is, Lol!

I personally love the Jago ultras the most. The Glacius Ultra juggle is also amazing. I love the way the music goes with it.


I miss the old ultra speed. But the post combos after the ultra ruins the whole thing. Like it does now.


Oh, how I wish Jago could get his full-screen wind kick back.

Other than that, what IG has done over the years has made me very happy.

Lmao, the season 3 lighting overhaul looks like crap compared to the vibrant season 1 coloring.


Except the purple shadow effect wasn’t added until after half of the S3 cast was revealed. If you look at Rash, Kim, and Arbiter’s trailers they all have the old shadow effect running fine, and with the new lighting upgrade as well so it has nothing to do with it not working on S3 characters or the upgrade. The purple effect was added for story reasons.

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