How to make the game perfect

Im gona try and keep it short and apologize beforehand for bad eng. Anyways the game as it is mechanically i feel is all good, the learning curve is steap if you whana be real good at it but you can still get in to it easily. The only few things that are bothering me though is that this game has the potential to be freekin gold but falls just a litle short in graphics and feel. If you look at mkx, the moves and animations of the characters are horrible yet the game have these elements such as brutalities and x-ray attacks that makes you feel that you just beat the crap out of ure opponent. likewise does streetfighter, they have ultras and supers aswell as super slick char animations. Now im not sayin killer instinct has neither of this but they are missing that extra umph in the moves and ultras (not even gona talk about the stageultras… ugh…). I feel that many of the chars moves are quite flimzy and not rly that… how do i say this… athleticaly… physicaly realistic and smooth as for say streetfighter animations. The game has the mechanics and technical elements that makes it stand out, but its missing out on that little extra polish. Anyways, the things i feel could change for the better and make the game feel more complete and polished is as follows:

  1. I feel there is way to much particles and lightning effects flying around on hits, this only hides what is bad in the animations of the characters and makes the game look abit messy and confusing for the untrained eye. i feel this is a big deal and should be toned down just a notch. They are not adding to the feel of hitting heavy but instead only adds chaos to the animations.

  2. This game doesnt have x-rays, supers or streetfigher ultras, but it does have COMBO ENDERS. these moves are an awesome element in this game but they could be so much more! imagine if every level of finnisher had its own mini x-ray/ultra. Like, instead of just adding one extra punch or two in the different types of enders make them look realy cool. make sabrewulf shoot bats or something in that direction :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. The music on the ultras, im sorry but that only makes the ultra look less damaging and less impressive as a finnisher. the ultra studders forward instead of just fluently mess youre opponent up. I actualy think the ultras in ki gold or ki for snes looks better (minus the resolution ofc) and makes you feel better. if thats to much then maby you could bring back the ultimates for different variations of dangermoves

Dont get me wrong here i love the game as a whole (curent favorite fighting game), i just feel its missing out on its potential to be godlike. As i said, the mechanical and technical aspects are all there its just abit of tuning on the graphics and physics of the game that has to be done to make it feel more complete. Anyways this is all up for discussion and debate but give me youre thoughts about these changes and tell me if you like em or not.

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  1. IMO, the particle effects are perfectly fine.
  2. IMO, if shadow attacks and combo-enders were more cinematic, it would make the game more boring as we would likely have to wait for it to finish.
  3. IMO, the music on the ultras is pretty awesome because of how it’s different depending on what stage you’re on as well as which character you are using, which creates a large variety of combinations.
  1. perfectly fine you say, why? do you actualy think its better with this much particles, do you think they add to the feel of the hits or do you not realy care?

  2. well sure but im not saying they should be long i just say that they could add in som better looking animations to them instead of just adding in som flimzy lookin autodoubles with shaky camera and splashy particles. sabrewulf has some different cool looking moves on hes finnisher but i feel a huge bunch of the cast are left aside and i just feel there is some missed opportunitys to make them look more appealing to the crowd. Many people are stating that ki looks bad cus its so messy and even though i love the game (my curent favorite fighting game) i have to say i agree. it doesnt look to good to people who dont understand whats going on.

  3. well sure if you care for the music i understand. but IMO it would be way cooler if the whole ultra was different on each stage or something and instead of hearing some random metal riff i’d much rather have the ultra look more savage. But thats just me :smile:

The particle effects look neat to me. We’ve already got blood and sparks flying all over the place, as well as solid sound design for the impact sounds… not sure what else you could ask for in terms of bolstering the sense of impact.

I prefer the lack of in-battle cinematics. I think the match flows better without them. X-rays are straight up annoying to me, and SFIV Ultras are definitely pushing it. SFV looks to have toned it down a bit, but not by much. In my opinion, if there’s ANY room for cinematic in a KI match, it’d be in the Ultra… but I wouldn’t want to increase it’s duration. Perhaps adjusting the camera angles in dramatic ways while it happens would look cool.

The music in the Ultras is, to me, the best part. Without it they’d be much less interesting.

yea the sound is awesome, the way lights contra heavys sound is perfect but i feel the sparks and blisters are kinda overdoing it, i mean its almost hard to see whats going on from time to time. but i guess some like it and some dont :).

yea having a cinematic as an ender might be overdoing it, but maby add in some slick animation, lets take fulgore for an example, when he does a launcher ender how about he just grabs the hell out of the opponent by the throut or something and just fling him way up there and fire a missile or something. maby thats a bad example but somthing special for the effort you put in making that lvl 4 ender.

I cant agree with you on the Ultras in KI2 being better than KI xbox one Ultras…no way! KI2 ultras are the worst animations and part of KI ever!

I can agree that perhaps some of the LVL4 enders could use a little flair, or “oomph” if you will.

Except for Aganos… everything he does looks immensely painful :astonished:

Agreed! One of the most impressive things to me about KI is Spinal’s Skull how it turns and heads toward the player and “out of the TV”. When I seen that for the first time I was blown away!

Everything is fine as is. the ender maybe could turn up the zoom in and maybe follow the character into the air when they are launched. But I like everything the way it is.

I actually do. I love the particle effects in this game. If anything, I wish they’d go back to dimming the background a bit when projectiles came out and exploded against opponents.

For me, it’s not so much that they add oomph to the feel of the hits (though that might be a small part of it), it adds to the overall splendor of the move itself. It adds the flash that should come with being able to shoot a fireball out of your hands without going completely over the top like Dragonball Z or something along those lines.

Now HERE, you and I are definitely closer to being on the same page! I’ve been talking about something like this for months. Not a “cinematic” approach to enders, as I do agree that could make things a bit long or repetitive. Personally, I’ve grown to despise X-Rays in MK. I loved them in MK9 initially, but then grew tired of seeing them over and over. Now in MKX, I cringe every time I have to initiate one because I’m so sick of seeing them.

So while I wouldn’t want to see anything along those lines for an ender, I completely agree that enders should have more of a unique quality to them, with more going on as you move up in levels.

I’m not saying we change the properties of them, as a wall-splat ender should remain a wall-splat ender, but how about instead of punching or kicking them to the wall, Sabrewulf launches a few sizeable bat projectiles at the opponent that explode off of the opponent? Or maybe his eclipse ender finishes with an eclipse that pops the opponent up slightly and then a large, backward flip kick (complete with green aura) that launches the opponent in the air?

How about for Thunder’s wall-splat ender, he summons some glowing black raven projectiles instead of simply hitting the opponent with his axe? Maybe he could even yell “Phoenix” perhaps? Maybe? His ankle slicer (hard knockdown) ender could also use some flash, perhaps ending with him quickly lifting the opponent up by their neck, a quick lightning strike, then ending with him quickly slamming them to the ground for a hard knockdown.

I’ve also been saying for a while that Jago could have different DPs depending on the strength (LP, MP or FP) but depending on the ender would also be nice, adding little touches to each depending on ender level would be pretty awesome as well.

I think there’s room to add a good deal more flash and style on enders without changing what they do, especially for some of the season one characters, whose movelists tend to be a bit more Spartan, at least in appearance than season two’s characters.

I tell you what… I wouldn’t take even ONE tweak to improve animations if it would negatively affect the Netplay. I think that’s part of the tradeoff with KI… not as visually flashy, but totally reliable online.

hehe that is true of all the chars i feel aganos has the most oomph in hes attacks, even hes ultra looks cool, mostly because it flows so well with the cooping of all of hes special moves, walls etc.

ok i understand, you kinda feel that they actualy do have a place in this game in how they make the hits look esteticaly. I guess i could agree on that, but its just not my cup of tee, id rather have fluid fine tuned animations cooped with soundeffects (witch ki has done perfectly fine) that apears to work in real life instead of adding flashes and bolts to a single jabb. an example of this, in my point of view for looks in attacks and moves would be omens kicks and sadiras backflip. Again im gona compare this game to streetfighter cus i think streetfighter has done realy well in capturing fighting moves of every character in the game. Now lets compare chun-lis kicks with omens and guiles backflip with sadiras, even though these moves are totaly unrealistic in real life streetfighter still manages to make them look kinda physicaly correct and possible. Guiles backflip for example implies so much more gymnastics (dont know if that would be the right word for it), he starts by moving hes upper body backwards to then lift hes feets and flick hes entire body around in one “in real life” correct looking backflip motion. Sadiras move is escentialy the same except she just looks lika a stiff spinning character with her leg stretched out while sparks are flying. The same goes for omen, instead of raising hes leg like chun-li, balancing hes bodyweight apropriatly and perform the kicks he just stands there moving hes legs up and down from head to almost feets on hes opponent in one awkward looking motion. Now these two attacks/moves are just two of many moves and attacks i feel lack the “in real life” physicaly correct animations that would make the game look more awesome without all of the particles flying around strengthening or hiding the flaws of the moves. Im perfectly fine with particles on projectils and so on, but on regular hits i feel they are just hiding the truth about incorrect physics.

yes this is exactly what im talking about! im glad you understand me! a long cinematic would just be annoying in the long run and maby mess with the juggles or freedome a regular finnisher would bring, but they could add atleast some extra to it. Sabrewulf bats as you said would be an excelent sugestion! I feel this would make the game look more sexy and apeal to the crowd more. Also as a compliment to the ultras they should bring back the ultimates for more variations of finnishers :smiley:

i feel you there! The net code is ki’s ace in the sleeve, but i dont think these little things would affect the netplay in a bad way, infact i think it would rather improve it even further since particles is just one less ellement to worry about if tuned down and for enders im just sugesting different and more apealing moves

I’m with you on all of this.

just realised this after comparing some ultras to one another, there is even more particles and flashes flying around on every single hit in the ultra, so much that u can barely see where the punches connect.

Poor Orchid almost dissapears behind the flashes

also a quite good example of particle/flashy lights overload, almost feel im in danger of epilepsy after watching this (not an ultra though)

Yeah I think what you’re talking about here are animations though, and I agree with where you’re coming form on those, and on trying to make the characters movements look as real as possible. I’m with you 100% there.

But I don’t think that any of the visual flash is done to “mask” a lacking in animation or of realistic looking body movements. I think that those issues exist regardless of any particle effects. I honestly see those as completely separate parts of the move as a whole. Ideally, I want both of those things to be on point, but I don’t think that the absence of one makes the other look worse. I think the absence of one tends to make the move, as a whole, look worse.

Well, not always. I should qualify that. I’m not saying every move should have an explosion of particles. Far from it. But if we’re talking about enders or projectiles or something where I think a bit of flash could be used, then yeah, use it. For moves that don’t need particle effects, don’t use them. But all moves should have good animations regardless.

Yea im not saying they are deliberately using flashy effects to mask the moves from their imperfections. But, i do kinda feel that they have added them because without them the moves wouldnt look as good or maby atleast not give the same impact. And this indirectly makes it a masking of something they cant realy get the hang of, its like hiding a bad tasting cake under wipped cream, the cake will still taste bad but atleast it looks good. But then i guess they inputed the flashy lights for hitconfirms, but there are still games with less flashy lights in witch you can still hitconfirm just as well.

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I think the flashyness is all really intedned to add to the hype really. I don’t think I can see IG toning down the effects anytime soon.

and I hope you will enjoy those games with less of that flash for your taste : p

Is it possible to down vote a post? Because I disagree with everything the topic creator posted as it would surely remove this game’s identity. For the last time, this isn’t Mortal Kombat.

Ok so you dont whant better animations? you dont whant cooler looking ultras? you dont whant ultimates? you dont whant less flashes and more controll of whats going on? You dont whant better looking finnishers? you dont whant this game to apeal to the public more? You havent read the discussions in this thread and is there for IMO not eligetable to down vote anything on this thread. What you are doing is blaming this thread for promoting another game or something cus all the changes ive mentioned above has nothing to do with ki becoming mkx. This game will never be mortal combat and i would never whant that ever to hapen, this game is all about fast pace, clutch tight controls and footsies, which is as far away from mortal combat as you can get! what im saying is that this game needs abit of touch when it comes to apealing to other players, cus that is what in the long run is the most important thing, no players means a dead game and you wount have anyone to play with. Im not saying this is a dying game, im only speaking for my friends and other peaople who are not interested in playing ki because they think it looks messy and random. Now if you whana sit and talk about patching balance or what ever all day long that is not gona help getting in new players to the game. All fighting games has balance issues, that is never gona change. There will always be one character countering another. Im just trying to start a debate on things that could make this game apeal to new players not change tha game itself.