How to make the game perfect

You’re talking to a group of people who have been playing tis KI for a long time now. the “lack of control” you claim does not exist for us. : p Maybe you’re having trouble controlling the game but I’m not. and any who have opposed you have indirectly stated that they have no problems with landing their hits and keeping their eyes on the timing.

Sure the character animations aren’t all good and they can use some improvement. But that hasn’t stopped any who enjoy the game from playing it.

To introduce players to the game, KI has a very good tutorial mode to walk people through the game. You may wanna try it out to if you happen to be new to the game. (If not you can disregaurd this suggestion)

We all started new when this came out in 2013. We’ve all gotten use to the animation movements and were able to see what was going on with “flashiness” we’ve gotten use to it. No need to “tone down” everything because you feel that some new players may not have any idea what to do right off the bat. Because of the modes I stated above, this game is way more friendly to new players than most other fighting games alone. MVC3 is probably the least friendly. KI also has a combo mechanic that is easy to learn and is also very flexible.

The game is not just about “tightness” and “clutch” sure spacing is important, sure precesion is important, but every decent fightin game follows this. KI’s about more than just that. It’s about crazy combos, awesome music, well-balanced cast compared to most fighting games. And a roster more diverse than any other fighting game franchise.

Once you get a handle on how crazy the game is it just makes playing that much more fun.

One more thing: Ultras may not seem cool to many ebcause Ultras are basically: a rapid series of normals the characters can already do. It’s at the end of the game really and you don’t have to do a damn thing because it’s automatic, you don’t have to do anything unless you have the meter to instinct cancel or use Ultra Cancel to end it quicly OR if the opponent gets sent into the air, you can continue it in a different way.(Go to training mode to practice this)

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You are also missing the point… do i actualy sound like im new to this game??? do you think i would actualy bother writing this topic if i was brand new to the game?? i ■■■■■■■ love this game, and i would hate to see it die out cus people cant see past mkx flashy fatalities or the “brand” that is streetfighter. you are talking from a ki player point of view and that is not gona help anyone who whants to get in to this game! i am not changing anything mechanicaly or esteticaly, realy, the only thing that would take away from the “ki” feel or what ever would be less flashes i guess, but thats just my oppinion EVEN as a ki FAN. Im just asking for a better polish, a better finnish to the game. Make better animations, cooler more unique finnishers, better looking ultras, more variations for danger finnishers… This has nothing to do with affecting the “killer instinct” feel, all it would do is attract other players. Heck the older ki games even had more variations to finnishers and combos. And im not talking about the freedome uve been given to this curent ki when it comes to cancels or juggles, but instead of animations and graphics. Zabrewulf as an example could shoot lasers from the ground if u performed a certain combo, but that was just one of many alternatives to how you could make the combo look.

yes ki has good tutorials and is easy to get in to. But that is not the problem! My friends wount even try the game because they dont think it looks good compared to other fighting games out there. They cant see past the annoying fatalities in mkx or the smooth controll streetfighter implies. But this is only cus they have no idea whats going on behind the messy combos or flashy lights in ki. good tutorials wount matter if ure not even gona try the game!

ofc i know about all the different variations you can do in the ultras as i said im not new (50/50 killer fulgore with manuals and all player), but i have never said you should take that away. I only whant the ultra to look more unique instead of just some random autodoubles connected with a bunch of longer lasting linkers. you are still only talking from a player point of view, im tallking to the players that dont play the game, not me but players who does not infact whana try this game cus they dont know nothing about it and only think it looks messy.

you people need to see past youre fanboy attitude and realise what could actualy benefit the game from none curent players point of view.

If you look in KI’s past Ulras have always been that way. They’ve always been rapid autodobles connected with longer lasting linkers.

I would also love Ultimates to come back as well. There’s alot of things you suggested I can pick out but some I can see not working for balance reasons. As far as animations though those can be tweaked and adjusted to be smoother and work better without removing all the flare and craziness. Your friend might be a little intimidated by all that’s going on. I have friends who want to get into KI because it looks like crazy fun. They just don’t have the money to buy an XBONE. : p

I reccomand you sit down with your friend and let him try it on his own. It looks crazy and out of control but trust me there’s focus involved when you play the game. I don’t think KI will be any real danger unless the PC port ends up not doing so well. But if it does we’ll be getting a slew of new players who want to give this game a shot. I encourage the idea of new players coming in but I don’t think all that makes KI fun should be sacrificed just because it just happens to look too zaney for some people.

Also: just cause we disagree with you doesn’t make us fanboys we can admit KI isn’t perfect but it doesn’t change what we love about it. Don’t get mad cause not everyone agrees with you.

im not mad cus people dont agre with me im just frustrated by the fact that my eng isnt good enough to make people understand what im saying :stuck_out_tongue:. cus there is nothing in my sugestions that would affect the game in a a bad way or change its gimic. if you look back on older ki games they have been about auto doubles ultras and such, but thats manly cus they where limited by stiff pixeled sprites, it was hard to animate back then. But that doesnt say a new game should follow the same pattern. Heck the new volvo doesnt look anything like the edged old models between 240-850. they evolved and applied a more aggressive look but still managed to keep some of the elements that still makes it a volvo.

its not just my friend… i watch twitch and read news about ki like every day and everyday i see comments about the game looking bad in many different aspects… and some of them i could actualy agree on, even though im a huge fan of this game i can see past that and understand what people are saying, but its only a matter of graphics and animations.

To some degree KI has been flashy sicne the first game.

There is one friend of mine who finds the game really awesome but they don’t like the Xbox One.

Well one factor you can look at from all the “negative factor” not everyone who hates on the game is always that accurate or credible, sure some may have a good arguments but others just spit and may be fanboys of other fighting games themselves. It’s not true for all of them obviously but you should take all sorts of negative and positive with a grain of salt.

Sure KI isn’t perfect and that’s true. However you should consider that KI has had trouble when it first came out. Why? because it was an exclusive and for some folks hating on MS was the “cool” thing to do in 2013. KI had a huge uphill battle but people who cared enough to support the franchise were able to keep it going strong. KI’s had a few torunaments it’s had alot going for it in the past 2 years since it’s launch.

You can’t expect everyone the like the game right off the bat. You will always have people who won’t like someting about the game and if they do so what. We may have just as many people who will love it. All game franchises will have folks who hate it and folks who love it. I don’t like the Tekken series but obviously some people do. And that’s perfectly fine.

Also the graphics and animation? sure the game isn’t the most graphically great but the gameplay functions really well. Unlike some games who’s had GREAT graphics but terrible game-play. I think the graphics can be tweaked a little to. KI’s been reelased in a way that it can be improved. It may be easier said than done but the bottom line is the gameplay works better than most fighting games. Even without all these “super ultra realistic graphics” the only good point you can possibly make with this argument: KI’s gameplay is good and straight, and now the graphics can be improved.

yes i agree to everythign you said, especialy the fact that xbox was the thing to hate back then. but that was then now is now and what im trying to do here is open up a debate of sugestions that could actualy bring new players to the game without them even trying it first. i mean why do you think mkx has so many players? Well yes they have allot of fans as do all games, but there are new generations of players out there aswell and they do like the fatalities and that makes them try the game. now i DO NOT WHANT FATALITIES IN THIS GAME but i would love to see the game polished a bit in the grapical department aswell as the x factor to the finnishers, i mean its the 3rd generation of the game and ultras still look the same, if not worse in my oppinion. I mean compare a fatality in mkx to mk2 holly shitt

That Godzilla game had good graphics but I’ve heard it was one of the worst games to date, if that’s something to consider.

Of course MK always had these large amount of fans and more then 20 games including the spin-offs and prequels (Correct me if I’m wrong) Besides that, MK was this big triple A game they were able to keep the graphics fantastic and still manage to make the gameplay good. Of course some characters are annoying to fight online especially Ermac.

MKX has alot of players for reasons beyond that. Unlike KI who hasn’t had a game in 20+ years MK’s has had more games expanded through the years. We have like what? 10! KI’s only had three. And this game did not come out until 2013 the last game in 1996. Not only has MK had more exposure younger kids not old enough to remember KI won’t have any idea what it is and some people tend to stick to familiarity. But I’ve met a few youngsters online. also budget is another thing to.

Midway was lucky to get bought by WB and advantages came with that. I would personally like MS to put more funding into KI and make it one of their big boy IPs the game clearly earned it. The team might be smaller to, but I think they did good on that.

If you want newcomers to try the game I suggest you let it be. KI will find it’s audience if it hits well on P.C. Only thing is minor tweaks to graphics and animation. The Ultras do look the same because that’s exactly what it was like in KI’s older games. That is what it is.

who cares if the game is good if people arent willing to try it. atleast that godzila game had people trying it out cus of the graphics. and thats my point… the game is good! Some people are just not wiling to give it a go because of the looks

But what if they do try it because the graphics are good? people ended up hating it and were angry, they felt like they wasted their money. I personally think it’s better to have people who are unsure to try the game and love it. Than people who want to try it and then feel like they got f*cked over.Which is a shame because I was thinking of buyin the PS4 to play it. But only cause it was freakin’ Godzilla even though the graphics were nice I was more concerned with the gameplay.

Good graphics don’t keep people playin for long and that’s where games with a focus on this fail after while. They’re just meant to look good when they have no real meat to them.

what is it that you are not getting! il make it simple. answer this, do you whant a good game with good graphics? or do you whant a good game with bad graphics??

People still play minecraft, It doesn’t have Class A graphics but people still play it.

So long as the game is good I don’t care how good the graphics are if they’re decent enough. KI just so happens to do that for me.

For me though KI is attracive also because of it’s diverse roster and gameplay. If a fighting game doesn’t have this I tend to leave it be. SF and Tekken are examples of this. The graphics can be their very best but if they don’t have any characters that stick out to me I don’t usually have any interest. to me diversity doesn’t count because some guy from Japan is gonna fight some dude from Jamaica, just not something I really care to much about) KI’s graphics are decent enough for me but the gameplay and roster and diversity really bring it home.

yes but this isnt about you, this is about the players who have no idea of what ki is. i asked you a question witch did you prefer?

I’ve met some who didn’t even know what KI was and they love it like crazy wen they played it. I’m sure KI will be fine. Also I just answered your question :U If the game with better graphics had weaker gameplay I would choose the one that had better game-play even if the graphics are inferior. There’s no way you can just put graphic decision on the table when you’re talking about a game, they go hand and hand.

He was stating what made KI to him.

We all have our own perspective on it. This isn’t the same as trying to making a movie where eye candy is important to a film.

yes i get that but as i said many times now this isnt about you as a player of ki. cus people that know nothing about ki are choosing other games cus of looks, and then stick with it cus the game isnt bat. killer instinct is a good game but people cant see past things like mkx fatalities. And this is exactly like making a movie with eye candy, holywood makes a ton of em to draw people in, its just that its only a few that stands out and win oscars, that is what ki could do. it has a good script, just a low budget (bad effects)

im sorry but you did not choose an answer you had two alternatives. a good game with bad graphics? or a good game with good graphics?

It should be noted that the graphics of any game being “bad” is mostly subjective.