How fast can you type?

Just curious how fast people can type! If you don’t know, you can take a 1 minute typing test at You can get easier or harder texts there, so your max WPM on an easy test won’t be the same as your average WPM on a harder test, but feel free to give the highest number you can manage, or give an approximate number from tests you’ve done in years past.

If I take the test, does it give any indication of how good I can use a fight stick? :smile:

~65wpm, but I’m hitting above 80wpm fairly often and my average of past 10 is often above 70wpm.

I started learning to touch-type properly lately, before which my typing style was maybe typical of a programmer who started with hunt-and-peck and just developed muscle memory ad-hoc and ingrained a lot of bad habits. Whilst I’d like to say that cleaning up my typing was purely a self-improvement thing, it probably has a lot more to do with spending some time of late watching Majora’s Mask speedrunner streamer fniure, who passes a lot of the longer cutscenes with typeracer races.

I’m not too good at the typing…

Maybe this video could help challenge how fast can you type…

Courtesy of Freddie Wong:

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I got 45 wpm. That’s not bad I guess.

I’m at 70 wpm, but that’s with this annoying pop-up that keeps happening that freezes the screen and makes me have to click back on it :unamused: I’ll try again when I get home.

But all in all that’s probably pretty good. All that Mario Teaches Typing back in the day apparently paid off :joy:

Seriously though…does anyone remember Mario Teaches Typing? :slight_smile:

I have been close to 90 in the past (official test for a temp job). I have no idea where I am at now.

The fun metric is the 10-key since it is done by 5 minute intervals, the numbers are huge. I was at like ~10000 or so.


My jam was Typer Shark.

Used to type at upwards of 70wpm, but I’ve purposely slowed down now.

I write a face-melting amount of JavaScript for a living and I was frequently getting tendonitis on my hands and wrists.

Now I’m at about 50wpm.

Also, ZType is my favorite typing measurement. Fun little game.

104 WPM. can thank my old quake 2 CTF days and counter strike before voice chat was put into multiplayer. you learn to type “THAT ■■■■■ IS BEHIND THE BOX ON THE RIGHT. LOOK OUT.” before you get shot from behind lmao

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47 WPM …ehhhh

Just tried ZType… you’re a jerk for mentioning it. There goes the next few hours…

I took it twice and got 84 the first time (90 minus six errors), then 92 (93 minus one error). I’d say I’m probably in the 90 range.

Dang man… 104? Nice!!

Honestly…I have no idea. Every time I do type in front of people they always look at me like I’m a crazy person or sme magic typist…so…I guess I’m kinda fast?

48 WPM but I backspace a lot.

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77 WPM but I’m about ready to fall asleep so I made a handful of typos. I’ll give it another shot after I’ve had some rest.

I was going to say 90, because that where I tested last, so I retested using this link and… yeah its about 90. Also Zinac was talking to me while I was doing this.

40 wpm. I type with two fingers and looking at the keyboard lol

edit: 59 on 3rd try! lol

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Taking it again after waking up I got 89, a bit closer to what I expected. Still, I tend to peek at my hands while typing since I’m not the best touch typist.

I got 45…not bad for someone that is self taught…