How fast can you type?

I’m self-taught too… but I grew up in the age of the instant messenger. That ■■■■ is trial by fire.

@infilament, you didn’t post your own typing speed. This is an interesting thread - it’s a good showcase for self selection since according to the page the average typist is 36 WPM and the average touch typist is 58.

I scored a 73, (75-2). Actually, I can type much faster when I am making the words up rather than reading them, but I also usually make quite a few more mistakes so it’s probably a reasonably accurate score.

EDIT: Touch typing is by far the best mundane skill that I ever learned. I use it every day and it means that I can get quite a bit of work done much faster than my hunting and pecking colleagues.

I didn’t post it at first because I just wanted to hear other people’s speeds first. :slight_smile:

My max speed is about 140 WPM if I’m typing really easy texts, and my average speed is probably around 125-130 WPM.

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