How can we get Big Youtube stars to advertise this game?

Call me wonky but this game could sure use some more advertisement. We should convince PewDiepie, Angry Joe, TotalBiscuit, Alphaomegasin, Markiplier, Boogie2988 and many others to try this game out and give their thoughts/concerns with the game. I honestly would love to see Angry Joe review this game.


I can already see the nitpicking from Joe. But, TotalBiscuit, AlphaOmegaSin, and Boogie2988 would be dope.

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Check out H20 Delirious. He got a thousands of views through his KI videos. Button mashing though…

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Joe would probably tear the sale model apart, along with the micro transactions. But he did say he was interested in trying to game out in one his videos a few weeks ago.


TB already has and put it on his top 10 list in 2013

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interesting to know.

Well he needs to review it again! :slight_smile:

Honestly there’s no point for them to cover the game at this point since it doesn’t fit there viewer demographics. Better off having channels like Max, Best Friends and Cross Counter to push it.

And how is that coming along?

What ?

I would love to see jack septiceye and Markiplier play it. If I could play them that would be even better

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max covers ki whenever new content comes out, although he has expressed that he doesnt want to put out alot of ki content because it may seem like he has bias since he worked on the game. he finished his contract working on the game around 5 months ago so maybe he will make more videos but i doubt it because there are alot of videogames coming out that he wants to cover like resident evil 7 and tekken, injustce and etc.

im not subscribed to the other two o i dont know about them

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I may not be a big youtube but part of the reason I do my KI stupidity videos aside from trying to amuse the community here with ridiculous entertainment, it’s also getting some folks who subscribe to me something to chew on while also advertising the game in some odd way lol.

That works.

But just imagine if we had more youtubers playing this game like Overwatch!

I’ve been doing that already and it’s already gotten one friend of mine curious about the game.

I have SIX episodes so far, already got clips for the first quarter of Episode 7

In the mean time keep on topic about other things.

Game Grumps and Two Best Friends Play as well as Cryaotic and The Bowlingotter Show :wink: :slight_smile:

I want to see The Completionist tackle this game. Not just because Shadow Lords is very hard to 100%, but also because he is one of the people bellyaching over Microsoft buying Rare. He says that ruined everything, but I don’t think Killer Instinct as it is now would have ever come to pass under the iron grip of Nintendo.

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I Hate Everything and GradeAUnderA even