Hopes and Expectations for a new KI

There was the debate if there should be a fourth Season or a new KI Game.

I would like a new game more than a new season because the technical/graphical side of KI is outdated, for example muddy textures on some characters like Sabrewulf, or in general how bad his fur looks or the character shadows which don’t adapt to the position of the sun.

These are the things a want for a new KI Game:

  • a new Engine, for example Unreal Engine 4
  • a real Story mode, like SF or MK (there could be unfinished characters in it like in MKX or SFV)
  • (if they keep the season style) double the amount of characters at release (I hope Riptor would be one of them but everyone would hope to have their favorite at the start)
  • battle damage, nothing extreme like MK9, more like MKX, torn clothes, scratches and stuff like that
  • tag team, I have friends who would like to play KI with me, but not against me
  • customizable colors, customize the color of the clothes and the armor independently, choose a pattern and so on
    -rework the free version, have a permanent Selection of starter character of every type, for example: Shoto (Jago), Rushdown (Sabrewulf), Zoner (Glacius)… and if you like the game you can buy the full version.
    -story/alternative stages
    -Soundtrack by Mick Gorden or with Celldweller and Atlas

And to make all that possible Microsoft has to realize the potential KI has and needs to give Iron Galaxy more Money!

What are your hopes for a new KI? Do you agree or disagree with me? Or do I just expect too much? (I probably do)

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Well, it also depend son if the engine can empliment the kind of combos the current engine can. Not saying its impossible just being abit skeptical.

and a sLogn as we get Riptor, Sabrewulf, and Glacius in the new KI, I’ll be much more for it.


Riptor, Sabrewulf and Glacius are some of the characters I enjoy playing.
Can’t wait for the Riptor figure!

New game for the sake of new graphics, let’s just hope that Riptor will come bacl cause we know that’s gonna be up in the air : U

personally I don’t wanna wait another three years for Ultimates but a season4 would be good to keep us busy until they get around to and IF they ever do make a new game.

However if/when we do get a new KI sometime I hope all the cast of the original two games (understandable if Gargos and Eydol don’t return) comes back and Ultimates will be a standard along side Ultras as finishers.
Beyond that maybe a slot for your own custom colors.

I also must heavily isnis that the new game has to follow the same combo standards as the original if not try to keep the speed and pace of the gameplay flowing. Only fighting game I’ve seen made with unreal is a tad clunky. but I’vew not seen any good example of fighting games in unreal yet.

it isn
t like they cna’t IMPROVE the current state of the character ucmaps though. They did improve the stages why not do something with the character models in the future?

This is going to sound more harsh than intended, but there have been several threads about this exact same topic with people wanting a 4th season for largely the same reasons (better graphics with Unreal Engine 4 and a better MK style story mode).

Did this really need a new thread?

Sorry, again, don’t mean to be rude here, I swear.

Regardless, I’d say that they can still do more story stuff in Shadow Lords, which is great because they’ll likely never have the budget to do the type of story mode some of you are looking for. As for the graphics, they’d be nice, but I still think this game looks good enough to where that being the biggest reason to scrap everything we have and start over doesn’t really work for me, but if it works for you, no problem.

As for everything else… Most of that can be done in this game. Except for the battle damage, I guess.

I dunno, I’m biased here, as I want a 4th season. But eventually, once this game runs its course, I like where you’re at on what would be cool to see in a new game, OP. Although doubling the number of characters per season to what, 16? How many seasons would you want to have then… Two? Just curious. Some think that there are enough characters in the game with 26. I personally want more though. :slight_smile:


Even though I perfer a sequel, I wouldn’t be mad or surprised if there is a fourth season.

It took us 3 years to get the entire cast back, I honestly don’t want a new KI anytime in the near future.

I guess if I had to pick… I’d say better graphics, better animations, better everything really. More consistency, more attention to detail, higher quality production overall.


OMG YES! Bring Mick Gordon back to KI. Sorry but i love every song Mick did back at season 1 and 2. Season 3 theme songs are very good btw.

yes! Shadow Lords online multiplayer co-op. That would make KI online really big. As much as Rocket League.

no way they’re going to change the shadow lords role/lore. Just give us a complete arcade mode with all characters avaliable with that classic pre-sequel of Spinal, Fulgore and Eyedol before you face the final boss Gargos.

impossible. Unless they rebuild the game from scratch. Not gonna happen. No more seasons means let us dream with new KI game. Btw I’ve been watching some people talking about reboot KI again wtf?!?

It’s okay. I understand why annoys you.

No, I just meant that the game would be released with around 16 characters, but seasons after that could have less.

Why rebooting a Reboot?

People talk about a sequel like it’s going to happen any time soon…
Look, if the sequel is going to be anything worth a damn, it will be at least a few years coming. In the mean time, let’s keep this KI going strong. There’s obviously new content on the horizon, with all the new customization content being implemented and hints of new stuff on the way.
Also, graphics outdated? They look fine. Sure, some of the hair models could use some touching up, but really? It’s fluid, every character is distinct and recognizable, the color palate is great, there’s particle effects out the wazoo, and probably the coolest stage designs in any FG I’ve ever seen. The lighting engine was even just updated earlier this year (for better or worse).

There are plenty of games that have made graphical improvements later in their life without releasing a sequel or remaster. World of Warcraft did it in Warlords of Draenor. Skyrim released an update with HD textures on PC. League of Legends freshens up their in game models and even hero art frequently. KI’s modular design means that a lot of the improvements people are asking for in a sequel can be feature creeeped in like they already have been doing.
And besides, KI shouldn’t have to swan about in its prettiest dress to prove that big daddy Microsoft loves it the most. All the resources that’d be spent boosting graphics could be spent on something actually important, like features that expand what we can do with the game play. Substance>Style.


I’m not saying that it’s going to happen at all!
These are just my hopes IF there is a new KI.

I agree with you. To start over from the begining like this for pretty graphics is ridiculous. I’d much rather that after season4 they just update the character graphics.

I can agree.

I agree!

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? Why, UT’s not going anywhere. Riptor is only gone is Ut is gone. Which isn’t gona happen anytime soon. I can assure you.

“What about KI2?” Different time period we lived in.

If ultratech is some how destoryed in the story I doubt it.

Personally I’m not gonna wait another three years for Ultimates. Nor have to wonder wheter Riptor or Cinder are in the next game or not. No need to be concerned with that for the next few years.

Then that would mean the end of the series. Which I don’t think IG is foolish enough to write off anyway. Besides…noone in the story can stand up to UT anyway. The only way Ut goes down is because of plot reasons.

If Maya returns her dreads better move with the wind not all clumped together. What gel she use? Lmao

No one could take down UT except an invasion from gargos.

LOL no, you crazy?

my point is simple: To want a new sequel so soon; some folks are giving up ALOT for prettier graphics.

Those are some good points. I know graphics are what can help a game get pushed further, but graphcis arn’t everything. MKX while a good game is abit clunky. I wondor how much some of these folks in our community know what would it would mean to get those graphics they want.

That beeing said, It’s not wrong to ask for those kind of graphics, heck some people wanted stuff that just doesn’t seem possible even crazy during Season 1’s development and most if not all of them backed out before season 1 was even finished.

Agreed, we worked hard to make sure every one who had a favorite character got their wish. (Not everyone was pleased with the new designs but I think plenty are okay with it) Ironically getting a KI4 means trying to defend my favorites so that they can keep showwing up in future games.

Indeed, and the hair from what I can guess, they used something like a fiber-mesh which isn’t like applying hair or fur in Maya or 3Dsmax.

fiber-mesh is a tool in zbrush that allows polygons to simulate hair. But if you were working with something like a game, you would have to lower the hair’s poly count to where it would look like a bunch of planes, then you apply the diffuse for the hair and the opacity map to hide areas around the air.

An example of fiber mesh in action.

Weather people believe it or not, low-ploycount is what can help a game and not cause lag. If they applied hair or fur like they did in films, I guarantee you it may not work as well. and thats jus ta few examples.

but weather it’s film or gaming, Optimization is important.

Also, here is a tutorial that can explain it better with optimization than I can.