Hisako Matchup Thread: Jago

2nd thread in the Hisako Matchup Series!

Jago matches seem to be close to 50% of my online multiplayer experience. I’ve definitely had mixed results.

I could definitely stand to learn a whole lot more about this match up. I’m hoping to gain some insight from both Hisako and Jago players alike!

I’l start with what I’ve managed to suss out thus far:

  • Hisako can not only dash under Jago’s fireball, but also Jago’s Wind Kick. This includes Shadow Wind Kick, and can be done as a reaction to the freeze (verified 9/13/15).

  • Hisako is ironically weak to throws, which this matchup really makes apparent.

  • Hisako’s Naginata normals have adquate range to harass Jago at his most effective range (half-screen-ish); any time you see him stepping within that medium wind-kick range, slap him around with your wood.

  • Opponent consistently throwing DPs on wakeup? Remind him that you’re not going to stand for it by tossing out a catch-counter on his wakeup. Once he feels unsafe about wakeup DPs, bully him with throws and meaty normals. But be careful… he can bait your catch-counter the same way you can bait his DP.

  • Jago can get really frustrated by Hisako’s excellent mobility. Make yourself a consistently moving target.

  • Some less than stellar Jago players jump way too much; that being said, jump mixups can really get you in trouble in this matchup. Keep him grounded if possible with consistent anti-airs.

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Feel free to tag any Jago or Hisako players I’ve missed!


I only have general tips from Jago’s perspective.

Fireballs aren’t a good zoning tool in this match up. With meter Hisako can obviously react from around 2/3rds of the screen with shadow on ryo zan, but even without meter it is a poor tool. AFAIK Hisako’s forward dash low profiles right up to the last frame which means you can block any fireball that you don’t quite clear.

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Tips from Jago’s perspective are perfectly helpful and welcome! :grinning:

I was not aware of this! Now that’s something to take into training mode. Thanks again, as always Mr. Bane!

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One thing I do think is that as Jago, this can feel like a tough fight but it’s not. You just have to rethink your approach, bbl with more

Jago sometimes has a hard time getting in, due to Hisako’s mixup potential. Try and stay on the offensive, because if you do, Jago becomes limited in what he can do, and good blockers can be hit with a surprise grab, making it harder for Jago to move. As long as Jago has space, he’s a threat.

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Jago doesn’t have it too difficult, he has to have patience. Lose that patience, Hisako builds momentum quick.
Jago gains advantage when he knocks Hisako down, Hisako has the advantage as long as she’s standing and with over half a Wrath Meter.
Have yet to see either be used in a dominating manner. Seems a lot of RPS-actions to lead into combos. The ability to break a combo seems be what keeps things from steam rolling on either side (which seems on par for the KI system).

Hisako can catch-counter all but 1 move and it is up to Jago to use that FB as a fulcrum to all neutral actions. When you can, build Shadow and chip health. Force her to make up pixels worth of health as a pixel is all you need to win.

Either putting one’s Jago in the corner purposely for FB spamming to control Hisako’s movement, or right up close for throw-combs and Wrath Meter draining baits are the zones to be in. Mid-screen seems too advantageous to Hisako as she has room to crawl, tele-crawl, wall jump and normal-poke with her range.

In the corner, fast FB’s are best as Hisako can avoid them 4 ways (5 with Shadow) and they need to get off screen quickest to toss more. Shadow and slow FB’s are there to catch incoming players that get cocky with avoiding the fast FB’s and lose space awareness.

It’s best to bait block-strings so that Hisako uses up Wrath while Jago builds Shadow for a Counter itself or a throw-combo (usually a Shadow Laser Sword followed by a juggle-jab into DP).

Hisako has the awareness advantage when you’re at max Neck Cutter range but is equally in the 50-50 guessing game when right in throwing distance. Yes, Hisako’s Command Grabs mean it’s very risky to bait Wrath draining block-strings… Doesn’t mean you should allow respect to turn into fear.
Jago has to bait ways to lower that Wrath Meter!

A lot of times the moment to move in is when Hisako is trying to regain composure from a poke attack. Whiffed Double Roundhouses into light DP’s or FB’s are great at preventing Wrath from regenerating, even starting a small block-string for mo’ baiting.
Neutral and random jumps are both good and bad up close. Shouldn’t be used mid-screen as you can get swatted more easily, but up close it’s important to mix those in to avoid the Command Throws that can come out of nowhere and keep the opponent guessing instead of reading. Cross-ups with the Med. Kick or Heavy Punch are your pressure friends.

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i think in this mu hisako dominates jago. You cant zone with fireballs, i think jagos only chance is a hard knockdown then bully wake up. She can wake up counter so it gets random. You can beat the best hisakos with a supreme if you get knockdown and some good reads. I think this is jagos only chance…cl mk meaty is what i rely on in this mu. I personaly hate this mu from jagos side. Also theres the whole breaking the rekka string which the risk goes both ways. Lots of 50/50 elements

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OK, took this into training mode and yes, she can block FB’s that she doesn’t quite clear with her dash.

Also verified that she can dash under Shadow Wind Kick, and updated the OP to reflect such. I was delighted to discover that it can be done as a reaction to the freeze.


Interesting find. Two questions then:

  1. can she duck under shadow fireballs?
  2. can she do 1) on reaction to the freeze from point blank?

If both are yes, it means she low profiles from frame 1 to the last frame.

Currently at work so can’t test myself.

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Likewise. I’ll check this out when I get home! :grin:

jagos beat me as hisako if they can get in alot of throw mix ups. stack that up with them being able to pull off the juggle heal too and if my life is way too behind it becomes a real uphill struggle.

-jagos love to safe jump FP cross up after you are knocked down. doing the catch counter with high will not work. i find that catch countering LOW, stops that BS

-on knock down jagos love to just empty jump throw, neutral jump with a delayed medium kick, or do the jump FP cross up. if you’re calm, just AA that ■■■■. if they do it and you’re in instinct oh man you can recap and they will panic combo break so counter break works alot of the time

-some jagos love to think they are smart by doing fast low attack pokes. i catch counter low against jagos most of the time. even catches DP! (i hadnt known that, im behind i know)

-do the OS that paulB taught against jagos, it ruins them

pretty much all i got vs jago atm. ill lose to really good ones who just do manuals all day everyday and there are some who are very smart to hisako’s antics. just have to stay on your toes and do your command grabs and fake them out with ORZ. they start getting that habit of just throwing you after blocking the first one, then just start doing feints and hit them with somethin else

Hmm… I seem to recall countering that with PPP just yesterday… I’ll be checking this out this afternoon along with the Fireball questions!

ahem, PPP is for every overhead attack, so if Jago attacking from a jump, P P P is the catch counter you need.
Also, there is two things to know:

1- After a knockdown, you may be out of wrath and the catch counter will not be a 0 frame move. So you may be not able to catch counter an overhead attack with P P P (or K K K) even if you’re correct.

2- With Full wrath, it doesn’t matter if you P P P or K K K, it will catch counter anyway.

PS: Why is triple K censored???

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You can’t safe jump against a hisako counter as it comes out on the 1st frame. If the j.hp will hit it can be countered and has to be countered high.

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Like I said just above, it depends of how many wrath you have. And Wrath doesn’t charge during a knockdown

Yeah I was working on this yesterday in training and PPP worked as intended.

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