Jago Matchup Thread: Hisako!

Inspired by Mr.@Marbledecker himself, I have decided to make a thread for Matchup thread for Jago, so everyone can get the Tech that they need! I started with Hisako, because the Onryo doesn’t like me too much and catches me in too many things. So! We will start with her! (Yes, I have gotten permission to use the Matchup Thread™ series name. :smile: )

First things first! The things I have learned from The Hisako Matchup Thread: Jago:

  • Hisako is weak to Throws. Since a good portion of her mindgames rely on her counters, throwing can put you in a good position for setups.

  • Jago is able to catch a jumping Hisako doing wall bounces. While some Onryos can cancel into her recapture, it’s such a momentum stopper, It can give you enough time to hit her with a good ol’ punch to the jaw. Cough DP Cough

  • Be a constantly moving target. While Hisako does have the better mobility, A Jago constantly moving can keep some of her shenanigans at bay.

  • Jago is fast enough to catch Hisako’s Teleport. When she appears behind you, a good love tap can keep her away from you and could be the start of a beautiful combo…

  • Stay close to Hisako, out of Grab range. While it would seem that most would want to stay away from the Onryo, Jago’s fantastic normals and some good fundamentals can catch any Onryo trying to destroy your face. No, Seriously, watch out for grabs

  • Use Endokukens Sparingly. While Hisako can and Usually will dash under fireballs, this is the only thing she Can’t wrath counter.

  • Bait the Onryo! Hisakos LOVE to catch you in everything, so baiting is a good way to open her up for combos.

  • Hard Knockdowns are good for Jago, as Jago can kinda “Bully” his way in.

@Marbledecker @STORM179 @MBABanemobius @R1stormrider

Please Tag any other Jago and Hisako players you know to help this thread! Thanks!

(And thank you Marbledecker! :wink: )


jagos can get me flustered if they just flat out disrespect hisako. dont give a damn about gettin catch countered, mix up with throws and neutral jumps, tick throws, hard knockdown into mix up, manuals. things like that will make me struggle and quite possibly lose the match. its also good to land that health regen juggle when you get the chance because hisako can erase an entire bar with a well placed reset, i know cuz ive done it lol. ill take more time to think on this!

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Thanks! Will definitely log this in my brain. :smile:

Since this isn’t getting the Help I was hoping for, that is perfectly Ok. I will link @Marbledecker’s thread to this post, and please, do visit, and learn from the amazing knowledge the community has blessed us with this matchup! :grinning:

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I’ve been meaning to contribute a “from Hisako’s perspective” post to this thread, but I’ve been mad busy and I’m still working on the TJ/Hisako matchup.

But I will. I promise. :smile:

Speaking of Hisako/TJ… @TheNinjaOstrich sir, we should have a lobby pow-wow on this one.

Lol From that, I read: My Hisako wants to body your TJ Ostrich!

Sure. Would you like some Hands on experience?

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I think a set or two and some discussion would definitely benefit the impending thread. :smile: Maybe some time later this week or the weekend would be sweet.

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Ok. When are you free to do battle @Marbledecker?

EDIT: Got it! I’ll check my schedule. I know today I’m free, but let me know what is better for you. :slight_smile:

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I hopped on my X1 not too long ago and noticed that you added me. You wanna run a set?

Me, or Marble? You hit my Reply post. :grin:

Can’t tonight - but I’m definitely down for sets in general! :smiley: I’ll look for you online.

Oops I meant marble srry ostrich lol.

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I meant this weekend. My work weeks are killer, pun intended lol.


I’ll just be over here…


Contemplating life…


Sounds good!

You know you’re probably going to be one of the first to play VS my Mira, yeah? That’s totally happening. Soon.

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It just might become a Mira Mirror, miraculously meeting…maybe.

I couldn’t rhyme! LOL

But yeah, that’s fine. I look forward to seeing if the Blood-Sucking Vampire can withstand the Wrath of the Dragon Spirit! l

But I call facing your Mira first, no one else!

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Well I need some Sako matchup exp so that’s why I asked. Don’t worry ostrich you’re still one of my favs (o^_^o)

@STORM179 care to join us this weekend and give him a go at another Hisako?

I’m game. Who do you play @SigmaAngelus?

Also: sweet picture Ostrich :smile:

Also also: @Marbledecker - Keits just confirmed that possession is “built in a really strange way…and it has some uniqueness to it as a result”. He implied that we should go to the bug thread with this if we “don’t like this behavior or think it’s a bug”.

I think I’d like to take him up on that - tired of getting tick throws blown up because the guy decided to get hit instead. Think you’d be up for some video work? :slight_smile:


Nice! Thankfully I already have recording of possession not working with Stagger on YouTube! I’ll post that in the bug thread :smiley: