Help us test the Steam version of Killer Instinct!

Things are happening, and we are getting mighty close to releasing Killer Instinct on Steam. This is where you come in.

We need YOUR help to test cross-network functionality in Killer Instinct on Steam and Xbox One, so naturally, we need some helpful volunteers who want to play KI a ton over the next week or so, helping us to determine if there are any issues in the “wild.” Oh, I should mention, this thread will be for users looking to play on Steam. There are plenty of Xbox One users out there.

What I need from you, first, is a verbal yes that you would like to participate. That’s it. I will be selecting names from a hat, if you will, for participants. Not everyone will be able to get in, but don’t take that as anything other than random chance. Still, want to present you, our most active forum users, with the opportunity.

Please only reply if you have an interest in participating, and playing…this weekend! Any questions feel free to ask, but again, operating at the speed of light here, so won’t have a ton of answers for you until we get rolling. Keep in mind, you will be signing an NDA. This is a test. There will be bugs. Currently, internal tests have been going too smoothly for comfort, thus the expansion. We will also ask that you share your experiences with us, helping us create the best game for everyone when it launches.

Thanks much!


i’m going to buy game anyway accidently i delete Ki Win10 version so let me play steam KI i will give feedback if i saw unsual things!


since i have nothing to do this weekend i would love to help you with it,
it would also be great to test out overseas connection (USA <-> EURO) (well i dont think that would be a problem since ki has a great netcode)

I’d be up for some testing.

Yeah i’m in.

I would love to help out with testing the steam version!

It could be cool.

I’m in.

I will say YES hopefully will get to put some time in on saturday

Yes, I will. I can stream it too. edit: won’t stream it unless told its ok due to NDA

I like this idea!

Yes, you can add me to the list of potential testers

Yes, I would be interested in participating.

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YES, I want to all my steam friends get blinded by the shine of KI glory.

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Count me in.

Yes please.

I whould like help. My steam id is: dudu_medina

Thanks guys!

I’ll help!

I already launch KI through steam, would be great for it to be official. So I’m happy to test.

Yes. I’d like to help out this weekend.

Being as I’m always on my laptop, and playing. I’d love to be apart of testing out the Steam version of KI. Whatever it takes to help the developers and of course the community I’m all in, so that’s a Yes from me!