So Steam beta test for today?

last week @rukizzel open this topic Help us test the Steam version of Killer Instinct!

we need some helpful volunteers who want to play KI a ton over the next week

The beta started last weekend. It’s been going all week.

u sure cuz its says “the next week”.

Yes, I’m in the beta, I’ve been playing the steam version all week.

dayuuuum lucky guy i haven’t see the game in sadly also there is no clear date too i felt empty now.

Because the Beta is still a “secret” so it doesn’t appear in listings, and those of us in the Beta are under NDA


just release the game or let us pre-load and pre-order @developers

Indeed. All we’re allowed to say is that we’re testing it out…you know, because it would be obvious when we get online to test out cross-play anyway.

actually it is listed but with a unknown name :stuck_out_tongue:

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