Gwent Witcher card game - Homecoming version

December 2018 Homecoming update released on PC and consoles.

A whole new game.

Old beta UPDATE
Gwent pro laddering coming soon.

Old trailer here

I just [insert whatever u like] myself

Oh, yeah, right… that.

I don’t even play Gwent in the Witcher 3.

Am I doing this right?


I finished the game without knowing what Gwent is until I started completing all side quests. I was hooked ever since.

Lol. Gwent was actually my favorite thing from the Witcher 3. Which is crazy, considering how great the rest of that game was.

Haha, here I was thinking you Killers only play KI and SFV covertly

Lol. I’m pretty bad about finishing games, but I’ll pick up something like the Witcher if it looks good. Still haven’t beaten it though :sweat_smile:

Well you should try Dark Souls 3. It’s like a fighting game RPG…

Strong enemies meaty you all the time.
Blocking, rolling and dashing are defensive options.
Pressing buttons gets you killed a lot.
There is frame data. :laughing:


I hope they bring Gwent into a physical form besides the limited addition purchase.

I put the requisite 200 hours into The Witcher 3. I have mixed opinions about things like mechanics, art direction, etc., but overall it was pretty great.

Gwent was a lot of fun. I got every card, completed all the Gwent-related quests, etc. It was pretty poorly balanced, though, so I hope it goes without saying that they need to pay game balance a hell of a lot more attention.

Also, I’m unlikely to play if they do the MtG thing of having high variance in individual card quality. I want every card to have a legitimate shot at being good, and I don’t want to gamble my way through booster packs or pay big money to some secondary market for the good cards. Playing MtG for a year before quitting cold turkey is a big part of the reason why I’m so appreciative and supportive of video games in value-for-money terms.

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They started sending out codes for the beta today, I signed up, but havent received one yet, anyone here signed up aswell?

Up for a challenge? The multiplayer is huge fun.
Still in beta phase though…

Would love to. I never signed up for the beta though :pensive:

@STORM179 I have a Gwent closed beta code to send to someone, they send it to me through xbox live I think a week ago, should still work, if you’re interested I’ll pm it to you.

Consider me interested :slight_smile:

Send you the pm :grin:

I have another code for whoever is interested, just let me know :grin:

I’m already playing the heck out of the beta :slight_smile:

Gwent…so…addictive :persevere:

It is, right?

Had some epic battles. Opponents revealing all my cards for two rounds and still being able to best them by one point. Wish their was a replay archive…

Also, I already spent some cash during… Beta :persevere:

I would love an Aganos or Kan Ra card //dreaming