Gwent Witcher card game - Homecoming version


Glad tou like it :grin:

Really liked it in the Witcher 3 and had the beta for a while now and enjoyed it a lot, had a bunch of big games and a Nintendo Switch take my attention away for a while now though.

Hope to get back to it soon, havent tried out the Nilfgaard faction yet.

Started it up a bit earlier, bit didnt have a lot of time and was a bit overwhelmed by all the cards I had…


Yeah, I loved gwent in Witcher 3 too, but since I never got very far in the game I only got to play a few hands of it. Realized I’d be super addicted to it though immediately, and found myself heading to towns and new areas just to find new cards and opponents :sweat_smile:


That was exactly what my first 10 hours of the Witcher were, looking for new opponents/cards, with the accidental storymission in between :sweat_smile:


So far, I am playing against various decks and players with varied strategies. It allows you to know the various cards and characteristics.
In ranked I am 10-5 not bad but not enough to say how good I am. Casual matches have been a blast so far.

I am afraid to go higher in ranking because the cards used by opponents will converge more and more. But seeing all the new cards appear is very interesting. I never ever want to play CPU even though it’s quite fair to battle the CPU.

Unfortunately, the top echelon of players uses the same type of tactics or have similar decks to win. Even in casual you’ll run into opponents with exact same strategy, which only works if you have the same deck, and that is exactly what they have: a deck that does the work. ppl go for the win without much thought. :slight_smile: I like pushing these players but you still end up losing most of the time.


Anyone playing? Would love to spar against forum members…


Can we actually play specific people in the beta? I couldn’t figure out how to send invites.


Good question. I failed to realize that this functionality might not be enabled yet.

Currently, 13-12 on ranked with a nilfgaard spying deck. Every match is a war. I’m so hooked.

My leader, Jan Calveit, can call back spies on the opposing side :slight_smile:


I found out that the PC version has an “invite a friend” option. So I guess it’s just a matter of time for the xbox version to have it. Not sure if they’ll add it during beta phase though.


I want to try this but…

I don’t want to become addicted :sweat_smile:


I’ll just leave this here for whoever is interested :sunglasses:


I’ve been playing nothing but this game. I’m so hooked.


If they end up releasing it on Switch, I’d be playing it a lot. Havent fired up my xbox in a while except for Netflix.


Open beta starts from May 24.

Game is now totally different from what we played in closed beta. Totally reworked in 6 months.



Ooh. Do tell :hushed:


Must…resist…hype addictive game… :persevere:


A few examples…

Card Factions and unique abilities
Up until now, each card faction has perks and a leader card with unique capabilities. During the closed beta it became apparent that at the highest levels certain decks combined with a certain leader would generate a lot of points quickly using less cards through combos that could not be countered consistently by other card decks and leaders (for example decks that revolve around reducing opponents’ points or decks with cards meant for more intricate, situational combos/ strategies we’re not as effective).

In the open beta, factions no longer have perks. For example Monsters factions would leave the last card played on the board at the end of a round, win or lose. This remaining card would be used in powerful combos in subsequent rounds. Now this is no longer the case, as all factions lost their perks.

Leader cards
Leader cards used to be just triggered without being an actual card that you put on the board. Now leaders have points attached to them and can be played by putting them on the board.

More agile cards
Agile cards are cards that can be placed on any row. If you remember, there are three rows in Gwent: siege, … Lol, I forgot myself :smile: oh yeah, siege, range and… One more. Anyway, a lot of cards now have become agile which allows for more variety, both defensively and offensively, with the same cards.

Almost all cards have new abilities
This is probably the biggest reason everything feels so different now. Cards that did nothing before have new abilities, cards that had a high strength now have low strength but inherited some of the (removed) faction perks.

Removal of specific strategies

One of the Northern realms’ leaders could promote cards to gold status. Gold status increases a cards point total and makes them immune to cards that can reduce a card’s strength. Combined with cards that could spawn multiple cards, using this particular leader could easily overwhelm other decks. This has been removed as a strategy as the gameplay became too one dimensional.

My favorite deck, had a leader that called back spying cards laid down on the opposing side of the board for huge momentum swings. This no longer exists in the game as a deck “Archetype”.

That’s just a summary of what I think are the biggest changes. Basically, it feels like “early KI season 2 compared to middle/end of season 3”-type of change…

Lastly, the cards have full animation now, just gorgeous. Also, friend matches are still only on PC for now.


Sweetness. I think I’m going to play Gwent on PC :slight_smile:


You should. :smile: and you too @TheNinjaOstrich :smile:


Is it cross-play?