Gwent Witcher card game - Homecoming version


Yes but only for Xbox and PC players.


to the 3 people @Draigh @STORM179 @TheNinjaOstrich …kind of… sort of… interested in Gwent :slight_smile:

Gwent pro laddering (I have been laddering for months now. I am hooked lol)

(and tagging @TempusChaoti if the devs need any inspiration for what to do with KI rank leagues in the future)

story mode is coming


All looks good, still waiting (hoping) for a Switch version, since the de ice has taken over my gaming life.


New patch, live today, introduces friend matches on consoles… finally. And a game that’s just as new to you as me due to major gameplay changes. @STORM179 @Draigh @TheNinjaOstrich


Read your tweet. Yes, there used to be three rows but after the beta the devs used 6 months to overhaul mechanics, rules, cards and visuals. Now one row is gone. But to be frank the entire game is different from what was played during 17 months of beta.


Huh. That’s a shame - I rather liked the beta.


Something is wrong with this game’s matchmaking… it keeps pairing my starter deck with people fully decked out scrub killer decks.


A bit of a long answer:

During the first beta, it became clear the devs had to introduce new mechanics that would improve cards replayability. Because at the end of the first beta, there were too many cards that once you put them on the board that was it. These cards had a one-time effect. This in combination with a limited set of viable archetypes (about 15 in total but only 5 at the top of the rank ladder) had made the game quite stale and predictable.

Near the end of first beta time, devs introduced random effects on cards but reduced the amount of conditional card effects (this is the start of the second beta phase). The result was that some randomness caused some new excitement at first, but the lack of options due to the lack of conditions on cards, ended up making the game feel even more stale once the meta had settled after 3 months. The number of archetypes or gameplay strategies had not increased.

The CD project Red devs announced that they would stop development on current beta version to rethink the game’s gameplay and vision completely. They instead started development on a new engine and new mechanics and would aim to release this without beta after just 6 months of development time. This version was released on consoles this month: dubbed the “Homecoming” version indicating the end of the beta version, which people could access while devs created a new Gwent game in parallel.

Sadly, big name streamers and players left as Gwent Homecoming is the start of another year of testing and introducing mechanics as the game is far from complete (understandably so) after just six months of development, despite their experience with the actual beta game.

@Lulekani those are people that played through the beta and kept their full card collection. I also own all cards despite only playing the public release for five games or so…


Well… I mean… its got to reward the beta dudes but they shouldn’t be pairing any who just started the game with people who have Card not from the Starter Decks.