Witcher Gwent closed beta

Anyone else got invited to the beta?
Would be nice to play against other forum cats… or kittens…

So far I am liking this card game.


I’m down to play. Probably not tonight tho.

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I got an invite code but I’m out of town and I have no interests. If anyone wants it send me a DM.

Edit: just gave it away

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My code was apparently redeemed, lol.

That sucks.

Anyway, my Xbox One is now officially my Gwentbox One (until I start over on PC :))

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If you’re not into the Witcher card game I can understand. Just want to point out that they have upped the quality of the game and mechanics too.
In addition, they have added dialogue to cards and certain cards now have animations. New music etc, etc.

I’ve never played any of the Witcher games, actually. It’s not that I don’t think it’s awesome it’s just that I have really limited gaming time at the moment and I know I won’t use it to play the Gwent Beta…

So much for the KI booster I bought, I’ve been playing Gwent for hours now.

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Cross play with PC (win 10) and play anywhere (so I can transfer stuff to PC) confirmed. great.

PS4 beta this weekend only. I’m going to test it out too. Totally addicted.