Guest characters don't have to be from MS IPs

thats a bit of a poor arguement as to why a character cant be a guest, by that logic, Rash isnt from a fighting game, so he doesnt fit either. (well Rash ACTUALLY doesnt fit in KI so i’ll give you that one)

Link and Ezio dont fit in Soul Calibur because they’re from adventure games

Kratos doesn’t fit in MK cuz hes from a Hack and Slash.

were IG and MS to put Joanna in, i feel like they’ll make her work, honestly shes the only character i could accept as a guest in KI imo


He got put into Soul Calibur as well!


According to crazylcd, it’s actually a good argument. O_o

well hes got his opinions, it doesnt make him right, right and wrong are just words, what matters is whats done, if MS ans IG put her in, they put her in, dont judge a characters gameplay and placement in the universe based on gameplay genre’s

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just because a guest doesnt look or feel right, like how rash is cartoonist, or scale bound guy is japanese, or how someones from a beat em up, or an fps… its about their gameplay in the end, alot of the fgc fails to realize that just because someone doesnt feel right means they ruin the game or is a waste of a slot. like how link and ezio are in soul calibur, well thts self explanitory they are sword wielders, therefore sword fighting game, rash is capable of hand to hand combat so he feels right at home, just because he looks stand outish doesnt mean hes different ( the outcasting in ki is way too real lol) hes a guest so hes gonna have KI mechanics but the “blood of battletoads”.


That’s not racist. Lol That’s like saying Mortal Kombat X is an American game, and saying that’s racist.


…Hisako… Jago… Kim Wu… Aganos… Tusk… Sabrewulf… All of these characters have foreign culture inspired costumes and art. Even then the game was never Murican, it was British made. One of the best appeals of fighting games is that they host many characters of different backgrounds. Different ethnicities attract a broader audience and even small hints of foreign culture like Orchids “Itch ni san” attack points towards a diverse cast. KI would be dull as heck if it was just white muricans fighting each other.


I’d love this, but my problem still is what much good could that do? unless MKX starts bringing Fulgore in, I don’t see why Scorpion should be in KI. Granted that would be totally freakin’ sweet as I am a fan of both.

Honestly I just only want one more guest, because I don’t want potentially new characters and even a returning character slot taken up by more guests.

The thin about guests is true. Whether they are right for KI’s style is irrelevant because they ARE guests. and thus should retain what made original fans like them in the first place. I share in your concerns as well dude.

At anyrate just one more guest is all and that’s it.

I can actually understand the cocnern though. Joanna is known as a gun user, and gun using characters are usually hard to balance so…I can understand people’s concerns. So long as she can be balanced to where we don’t an online matches full of just bullet spam I think she’ll be fine. I know some jago’s have done fireball spamming but…uh… most of those projectiles are easy to see and avoid. Bullets in fighting games are not.

I was worried I would have to explain myself with my comment, which is why I stated in parethesis that I was referring to the art-style. I’m NOT referring to their culture or background or whatnot, simply the art-style of the games itself. If you look at certain games that are made in Japan (e.g., Final Fantasy), the art-style is VERY different from most games made over here - those games are usually very flamboyant in their style exaggerating a lot of things (such as big swords, very flashy magical attacks, weird hair, scantily clad women, men that can oftentimes look very feminine, etc.) Scalebound shares this kind of art-style, which is a style that I don’t generally like, hence why I mention not wanting that particular character. In contrast, many American-made games are very down-to-earth and more realistic in design - for example, the men are more often then not shown with facial hair and being very gruff looking (and don’t look like elves). A good example of this would be the recently released Fallout 4 game - that’s definitively American-made and is worlds apart from say, Final Fantasy, which isn’t.

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I think Auron from Final Fantasy X would be a freaking amazing addition to KI, though that would obviously never happen. It’s certainly not every Japanese character, as I don’t think everyone went to the Amano school of art design, but I get what you’re talking about in terms of the general character art style @GalacticGeek.

I don’t think that Scalebound shares the more, I dunno… Eggregious (typical?) examples of a Japanese art style. I’d say it’s more Devil May Cry than Final Fantasy. But if that’s not your thing, then more power to ya.

As for Scorpion and Sub-Zero, I just can’t envision either of them fitting KI’s gameplay style while maintaining their signature moves. I feel like Liu Kang would make a lot of sense just based on how fast he moves, his signature move set, etc. He’s not in my top ten of favorite MK characters, but he’s still an iconic MK character.

Liu Kang can easily fit. Bicycle kick for linkers. His forward jumping kick can cause a wall bounce. Ultras can be a bunch of bicycle kicks into a uppercut,

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Yeah I’m sure his flying kick could work similar to Jago’s wind kick. They could use his bicycle kick for linkers (as you said) and maybe have his MK1 fatality roundhouse (without the uppercut at the end) as another opener. Couple that with some fireballs, maybe flaming fists, etc. I think he’d be a pretty fun character in KI. Or at the very least, one that would be able to translate over more easily than some of the other characters.

If that happens, I have one friend that would probably play KI a whole lot more.

The Maxx

Athos (The Last Musketeer-Jason)

Sam (Sam & Max)


Eddie (Iron Maiden)

Morigan (Dark Stalkers)

Earthworm Jim

Vulvatron (Gwar)

The Demon (Kiss)

Taffy (Clay fighter)


Dallas 13 (Vigilante 8 2nd offense)

Dave (Vigilante 8)

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude yes. That would be totally bananas.

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Again, look at the current characters, all of them are diverse in art styles. Aria’s instinct is a perfect example that even anime inspirations are in KI. I mean the devs even shouted “Anime!” when they first showed it off. I know what you mean, and Scalebound guy is more American centric than Japanese if you actually look at his facial design. You mention Fallout but have you seen how buff the default character looks? If anything American games don’t focus on realistic design and focus on the “Macho” badass type. Heck look at MK, that game had several scantaly clad characters and still has Macho personas. Look at characters like Cortana, MC, Marcus Fenix, Kratos, and many more. They all aren’t realistic or down to earth but they are favorites of the west.

KI is a clash of styles, saying you don’t want scantaly clad and want realistic characters is exactly the opposite of KI where you have Women like Orchid wearing shorts and a Native American huge and ripped like Thunder. I think KI unlike most other games can capture any art style and incorporate it in the game and it doesn’t take itself seriously. Aganos end pose should be proof enough and if it isn’t just look at Jago’s Vultron accessories and Keybord piano sword, how is that not flamboyant.

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While you make an excellent point regarding the Americanized macho-men, there’s a reason I don’t really like ARIA as a character. As far as any style fitting into KI, you only have to look as far as Rash to get a lot of people to disagree with you on that sentiment. Numerous people don’t think he fits in for similar reasons (being too cartoony and all).

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I also don’t like Rash and Aria. Aria because she could have been so much better and her design is pretty generic. Fulgore, her minion, looks way more advanced than her. Rash, is meh. I don’t care about his cartoony nature but visually he could have looked better and the reflection on his glasses are a bit much. Hopefully his alt outfits are better like TJ’s alt looks.

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I don’t see MS throwing out the money to get guest characters owned by other publishers. I think MS working with Netherrealms or some other studio on a joint crossover fighting game being more likely to happen than that.

That said the only non-MS owned character I can think of wanting in KI is Spawn. I think MS IPs already have a nice amount of diversity in terms of character who could fit in KI.