Guest Character Skins For Regular Cast?

Would anybody like to see these? For example, TJ Combo could have a Crackdown agent skin. Glacius could have an Arbiter skin. Maya could have a Kameo skin.


I think it’d be a pretty cool idea. :slight_smile:

That’s an awesome idea! Orchid could have a Joanna Dark skin or maybe Jago could have a Lost Oddysey Kaim skin?

I’d be curious to hear some more character skin ideas, but either way, that’d be pretty cool.

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This would be cool, I think Glacius color 2 is already Spawn.

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Aria could have a cortana skin and fulgore could have a master chief skin.

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Somebody mentioned a Dark Queen version of Orchid. I like stuff that fits well but not overly goofy stuff like giving someone a Master Chief helmet.

Maybe a MASK for everyone.

YES YES YES So Much Yes!

This is the perfect / obvious solution.

No worries about over dedication, while still satisfying the hype.

I just hope they dont go too far with it. It should ONLY be done if the skin is a really good match for the Character.

This has come up before and, honestly, I think it’s baffling that they haven’t done more of this already. If I was going to get Tomb Raider as a 2015 exclusive for Xbox I would immediately run down to the KI team and beg them to make a Lara Croft skin for Orchid… Probably I just don’t get how this all works, but I am completely in favor of it.

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I actually haven’t seen this been suggested before, but from the reaction of this thread Im also surprised its not a thing.

Fulgore could have a Guyver skin. Guyver has the Mega Smasher and Head Beam which match Fulgores Devastation Beam and Eye Laser.

Seems legit. I know that some characters already have outfits/colors that reference other works (Voltron Jago, Tonto Thunder, Divekick TJ, Tron Maya, Spawn Glacius, Primal Rage Riptor, Gravity Guy Fulgore, Ultron ARIA, Benny Wulf, Tank Girl Sadira, Dark Souls Spinal, Holy Diver Cinder, Baby Metal Hisako, etc) so it would only make sense to see some more direct references to other Microsoft/Rareware properties.
As for ideas that haven’t already been suggested in this thread…
Maybe Banjo’s backpack for Sabrewulf, or a Banjo head accessory for Thunder? I dunno. -shrug-

Kim could get a Gogo Yubari skin!

I think Fulgore could get a skin based around the Gypsy Danger from “Pacific Rim”, or a Mazinger Z skin.

Orchid could have a Lightning skin, Riptor can have a Dinobot skin, and maybe, just maybe, Kenshiro will show up as a guest fighter, and NOT an alternate skin.

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I really dig that “Voltron/GoLion” Costume Set for Jago!

Orchid could have strawberry shortcake or Barbie lol
She Ra
Sadira Evil Lyn
Hisako what

Strider or Ryu = Jago

Jon Talbain = Sabrewulf

Dormammu = Cinder

Hakkumen = Fulgore

Jade = Orchid

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meh… Ghost Rider is perfect for Cinder’s new costume!

Maybe they could give Sabrewulf a costume where he looks like a Wretch from gears

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