Guesses on the Unrevealed Content?

What in the world does the team have up their sleeves for Season 3? Costumes all around? Some new type of finishing moves? Color 11? I feel like there is a surprise coming that I think is going to blindside everyone. Just my two cents. How about you?

  1. totally redone dojo/training - ie. 10-15 “courses” for each character (OR select character and the ENTIRE dojo is redone for that character -starting lessons would be the same, but mid-later lessons would be totally unique)

  2. 9 characters (3 guest +6 KI)

  3. shadows for all other characters



  1. Updated training /dojo that isn’t insanely picky on juggle combos.

  2. Real story mode. Just read SFV isn’t selling well. The hardcore fanbase will follow SFV to the death but without casual fans to buy the game, the game will never get sequels. MK is good at catering to casuals so I hope KI follows their trend.

  3. New accessories/colors, nobody remembers that season 2 had IG bring a bunch of new color 10’s.

  4. Updated rank system. The current one is cool and all but I really don’t think I should be in killer ranked. I don’t even know how to break shadows, do manuals, or even counter break often. Feels like their should be two more tiers before reaching Killer.

5)Shadows mode might actually let you watch as shadows fight each other so that you can do a virtual tournament before a real tournament. It would be cool to see who’s shadow would win before a big event. Fantasy sports or something. Searching for shadows would be nice too.

  1. Not exactly S3 but we all know the community fund is going to be another Shadow Character. [Rolls eyes].

No mercies…

Yeah, I said it…


Those are ambitious ideas. Accessory packs feel plausible too. I feel like less characters this season though.

Wow your Number 5 would be REALLY cool. I would love that, tbh.

You could send your shadow to play a friend or someone from the forums, see what happens, study the matchup, and improve your gameplay from there… though you could just play their shadow in the first place… But then again it lets you be “removed” from the action, and since you aren’t playing, you could focus on analyzing.

In short, would be cool.


New single player mode, Dancing Instinct! Use your Kintect to dance as the KI characters!


I’ll just take a guess here:

-Kim Wu
-Shadow Mira
-Guest: Skorge from Gears or Joanna Dark
-New Wise Sage Character

Outside chance: New Vampire or New MMA Grappler.

Story Mode:
-Like season 2, but with actual cut scenes for the endings and an overall longer road for each character.

New modes:
-New Additional survival mode: Killer Survival

Like regular, except you stay in one background for five matches and opponent drops down. In this mode, you get loot drops in match for completing certain tasks. Loot includes:
-Score multipliers
-Health regen of various sizes
-XP bonuses of various sizes
-Unlockable profile pieces
-Special bonus item for playing a certain number of matches for each character

Honestly, that’s all I have as far as guesses. I could say stuff like more colors for Omen or anew match ender, but I don’t think we’ll see any of that. I think we’ll see a new single player mode, maybe a new online mode, though I tend to doubt that, and something else. Something fairly big that I don’t think anyone will see coming like Shadows.


My anticipation is high. I am just trying not to have super high expectations. I wonder if a brand new mode is coming or if they really beefed up what we already have.

Forgot Rash. (15 chars)

Ah, thanks! Much appreciated.

I’m thinking that they are doing something big with dojo like they did with shadows maybe they’ve done a few already but will add more to it as they can. It’s either that or the story mode got a major overhaul with interaction between fights and for the new fighters I’m guessing that we may see Eagle actually bring rescued from UT and maybe a vampire because werewolves and vampires usually follow each other in some way

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The tease is real :smiley:


And Colt post picture from “Annie”…

I wonder what’s he try to tell us?..

Annie guest character confirmed? Will her Retro be the white Annie??


I’m thinking we get another guest character


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I was reading it in the “Remember, remember. The 5th of November manner”.

I have a feeling Master Chief will make it. But I am still rooting for Joanna Dark. An updated Dojo would be nice since that was made back in Season 1.

For the teaser, my guess is Tusk! But, it could be a new character.

[quote=“GreenHawk84, post:19, topic:5150”]
have a feeling Master Chief will make it
[/quote]we already have a character from Halo, so master chief seems really unlikely

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